Hidden Allegiance Audiobook Cover

Hidden Allegiance Audiobook Cover

Excellent Thriller. Pure Action.

5 out of 5 stars

Hidden Allegiance is the third (and final) book in the Jackson Quick series – one that I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. I already loved Abrahams’s post-apocalyptic books, but it was fun to get to read his journey into thrillers. These have all been excellent and have lots of references to other characters that Quick is like (that Jackson usually shrugs off saying he’s nothing like those characters). The other thing that Abrahams is able to do in these books is mention Marcus Battle of The Traveler series fame (I think he’s done it in all three books) but joke about how much of a character he is. Every time it happened I found myself laughing and smiling.

This was one of those books that I kept thinking “okay, this is it”. I couldn’t believe the gamut of things Abrahams had Quick and Bella deal with. Every time things would settle down or seem to get quiet – another thing would happen and they’d be back on the run. I also liked that when they were hiding out at one point that Bella ended up watching the series that this most reminded me of (the Bourne series) as almost a “how-to” guide. I had to pause the book I was laughing so hard.

I wish I could say that at this point I was surprised at how well Abrahams is able to write a book like this, but I’m not. He’s a fantastic author who is able to write compelling stories with realistic (if not a bit overzealous) characters thrown into extraordinary situations. Every book of his that I’ve read follows that sort of the main feeling but they all read so amazingly different. This couldn’t be further from The Traveler, or The Alt Apocalypse, or The Watchers. Each one of those deals with what I said above but in completely different ways. Just fascinating that he’s able to jump around into different genres and write such great stories. Now, that being said, as much as I LOVE his PA books – this series has that “airport thriller” feel to them that I know a lot of authors would kill to be able to write – I think if these books get into the right hands, we’re going to be seeing a lot more Thrillers from Tom.

Book Description:

Hidden Allegiance Audiobook Cover

Jackson Quick thought he destroyed the secret formula that could lead to nuclear war. He was wrong.

Jackson thought he understood his own past. He was wrong about that too.

To get the answers he desperately seeks about who he really is, he embarks on one final mission to find the lone remaining copy of a powerful, earth-changing formula and hand it over to the man he despises most.

Somehow he must find his way to the formula – and deliver it without losing control. But as Jackson learns along the way, he’s never been in control. His life, from the day he was born, was a conspiracy against him.

Hidden Allegiance by Tom Abrahams
Narrator: Jay Snyder
Length: 9 hrs and 41 mins
Series: Jackson Quick #3
Published by Audible Studios on July 9th 2021
Genres: Thriller
Format: Audiobook
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Also by this author: Home (Traveler #1), Canyon (Traveler #2), Wall (Traveler #3), SpaceMan
Also in this series: Allegiance, Allegiance Burned


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