Hold Me Closer Toni Danzig

Hold Me Closer Toni Danzig

A Funny and Witty Rom-Com…

4.5 out of 5 stars

I just posted about Hold Me Closer, Toni Danzig in my “Free With Audible Plus” post and I knew at 3 hours it was going to be the perfect palate cleanser-style book to help me out this time of year. While not a Christmas story at heart – it takes place around the holidays and that was all I needed to read it in my December “for fun” reads (usually revolve around Christmas Rom-Coms).

I’ve never heard of Laura Henry before this book and that’s because this is their debut book. And for a debut, I thought it was pretty darn good. Early on I was a bit worried because they kept repeating the same phrase over and over. But once that epic scene was over (and I mean absolutely epic, I was cracking up), it was over and the book had a nice flow.

The closeness between Toni and Audrey was palpable and the different scenarios that they were thrown into felt realistic and honest. I think that as the book progressed, especially once we got to the drama-filled section that should have caused some rifts – it felt like things were settled up pretty quickly. BUT I will say that sometimes I think that these scenes can be drawn out too long in some books. I think it comes with the territory of the novella-length story. There’s just less time to throw wrenches into the love story.

Overall, for a debut book, I thought that Henry really nailed the premise, the characters, and the overall feel. I wanted them to be happy and I wanted to root for them from the beginning. It was an easy book to fly through. And throw in a great performance by Lori Prince and an unexpected (only because I don’t know them) performance by Suehyla El-Attar and I found Hold Me Closer, Toni Danzig to be the exact book I needed. A funny and witty Rom-Com full of cute moments with great characters.

Book Description:

Hold Me Closer Toni DanzigFall in love with this funny, festive queer rom-com brimming with heart and holiday magic!

Toni Danzig is a dirt bag—literally. There’s nothing she enjoys more than being out in the mountains leading adventure tours. On a well-deserved break over Thanksgiving weekend, she’s DJ-ing karaoke at the Dew Drop Inn when Audrey Adams takes the stage to sing the greatest middle finger break-up song ever, dedicated to her ex-girlfriend. It’s a perfect night that culminates in a transcendental experience in bed…before Audrey rushes out in the morning.

Monday morning, the holidays are in full swing when Audrey’s worst nightmare comes true. After the most memorable night of her life, she’s thrust together with the one woman who she hasn’t been able to forget—on a strictly-professional consulting project for her family’s business.

Meanwhile, Toni can’t believe her luck. Now she has the unexpected chance to win Audrey over, and she sets a goal to be someone worthy of this woman’s love and respect. Will they crash and burn like a bad karaoke performance—or will they be singing a duet before the holiday season is over?

Hold Me Closer, Toni Danzig by Laura Henry
Narrator: Suehyla El-Attar, Lori Prince
Length: 3 hrs
Published by Audible Originals on December 2nd 2021
Format: Audiobook
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