Burnout is real – especially when you read a lot of books.  That could be 20 books or 200, it doesn’t matter.  Reading for a review can cause you to lose focus and get burned out.  I asked some other bloggers how they dealt with it and provide some other ideas I’ve heard before.

I’m currently burned out and considering taking another week off of blogging. I took a week off when I went on vacation but still posted every day (thanks to Ryan and Natalie’s reviews).  I set a goal to blog every single day and it is exhausting.  I also might be looking to add another reviewer to my squad to take some of the pressure off of me.  But, I’ve been burned out lately and I was searching for the best ways to spring back into it.  Here were some suggestions on twitter:

Other’s I’ve heard or done before are:

  • Find a genre that you don’t read often and read that instead.
  • Read for yourself (BookLoversLife covers this one) but in all honesty, it doesn’t have to be an old book – read a book you want to read – whether that be an older book you’ve always wanted to get into or a new release that isn’t on your review schedule.

How do you deal with review burnout? I’m curious – reply to my tweet or share it below.  I’ll do another post featuring some other ideas if you think they’ll help!



One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday: How To Deal With Burnout

  1. Burnout is 100% real!! When I first started blogging, I blogged every day and sometimes twice a day, but it was unfeasible and quickly became a chore. I started taking time out from the blog every so often and now, nearly 6 years later I blog when I want and don’t feel pressure to do it. Remember, we all started a blog to share the book love, not for it to become a full time job that you don’t get paid for!!

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