A Romance Short Story With Some Suspense Added

2.5 out of 5 stars

Hurricane Crimes tells the story of an unlikely pair who meets under incredible circumstances. Beth is forced to ride out Hurricane Sabrina at her home in Florida. While riding out the storm she happens to find a man knocked out in his car near her house.  She saves him, brings him inside and finds out that there may be more to him than meets the eye.

First and foremost – this is right on the cusp of being a book that I wouldn’t normally read and review.  The cover (and the script-y font of the publishing company) tell me that this is going to be a romance novel. I went into it figuring that it wasn’t going to be for me. But I was surprised at the amount of tension that Fey was able to build in just over an hour.  There were at least three of four times that you thought something was going to happen and ether the other did or the suspected bad-guy would talk himself out of.

I may have unfairly judged this book by its cover – but at its heart, it is a romance novel with some thriller aspects and a little mystery. (Spoilers ahead)  Strangers meet, they shouldn’t get along, but they do.  They fall head over heels for each other due to the dire circumstance that they’re in and.. they do it. Sure, there is an over-arching story of a murder and a cover-up, but the heart of this novel is romance.   There weren’t any super dirty or blushingly bad parts to this (I’m not a romance reader, so I don’t know what’s in those books).

Overall, not for me, but if you enjoy quick hitting short story with some enjoyable suspense parts (and you enjoy Romance novels) then Hurricane Crimes if for you.

Book Description:

Audiobook: Hurricane Crimes by Chrys Feytwo-half-stars
Hurricane Crimes by Chrys Fey
Narrator: Craig Long
Length: 1 hr and 17 mins
Series: Disaster Crimes #1
Published by The Wild Rose Press on March 12th 2018
Genres: Mystery, Short Story, Thriller
Pages: 43
Format: Audiobook
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*Hurricane Crimes is a novella.*


After her car breaks down, Beth Kennedy is forced to stay in Florida, the target of Hurricane Sabrina. She stocks up supplies, boards up windows, and hunkers down to wait out the storm, but her plan unravels when she witnesses a car accident. Risking her life, she braves the winds to save the driver. Just when she believes they are safe, she finds out the man she saved could possibly be more dangerous than the severe weather.


Donovan Goldwyn only wanted to hide from the police, but the hurricane shoved his car into a tree. Now he's trapped with a beautiful woman while the evidence that can prove his innocence to a brutal crime is out there for anyone to find.



As Hurricane Sabrina wreaks havoc, Beth has no other choice but to trust Donovan to stay alive. But will she survive, or will she become another hurricane crime?

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


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  1. I’ll pass, but it’s cool that the author was able to create a lot of tension in the novella. That can carry it a long way especially if it’s not really normally your cup of tea.

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