Top 10 Books of 2021 For Me

5 out of 5 stars

When I saw that Brian Freeman had another book out I had to check it out. The first book I read from him was Thief River Falls and it knocked my socks off (that’s literally what I titled my review). What’s amazing is that this one did it even more but for different reasons. I hate saying that a book is going to be in my top 10 books of the year as early as March – but good god was this book great.

Just like with Thief River Falls, Infinite is one of those books that I can’t talk a lot about what actually happened in it without spoiling it. It was full of twists and turns and I want to compare it to something but if I do to a popular movie but that would do two things – it would take away from the “feeling” of this book but it would make you think about things in another way throughout.

Infinite was one of those books that I couldn’t walk away from. Freeman wrote a character that wasn’t even that likeable but as things progress you learn that he’s flawed but you learn how much because you’re able to see things worse and better. I can’t imagine how anyone could live in a world like that. I read another book recently that had a similar “how do you live with yourself” premise, The Mirror Man, but just that part – these books had nothing else in common.

I feel hyperbolic because of how much I enjoyed it but Infinite really had a hold of me and made me think about a lot of stuff. It also had me going until the very end. I had maybe 10 endings guessed and I’m not even sure I was right about any of them.

If you like books that absolutely mess with your head and have you questioning everything, then you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

Book Description:


From bestselling author Brian Freeman comes an explosive new psychological thriller that pushes the limits of reality as we know it.

One rainy night, the unthinkable happens: Dylan Moran’s car plunges off the road into a raging river, his beautiful wife drowning as he struggles to shore.

In the aftermath, through his grief, Dylan experiences sudden, strange visions: wherever he goes, he’s haunted by glimpses of himself. Dylan initially chalks it up to trauma, but that changes when he runs into a psychiatrist who claims he’s her patient. She says he has been undergoing a unique hypnotherapy treatment built on the idea that with every choice, he creates an infinite number of parallel universes.

Now those parallel universes are unlocked–and Dylan’s doppelgänger has staked a claim to his world. Can Dylan use these alternate realities to get a second chance at the life that was stolen from him? Or will he lose himself…to himself?

Infinite by Brian Freeman
Narrator: Andrew Eiden
Length: 9 hrs and 47 mins
Published by Brilliance Audio on March 1st 2021
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Format: Audiobook
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Also by this author: Thief River Falls, I Remember You


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