Sometimes you just get tired of running

4.5 out of 5 stars

Every year, the Cloud comes down.  Every year people run away from it.  Sometimes, you just get tired of running.

Nick Thacker is the master of short stories.  He is able to bring more to the table in 20 pages than some others can bring in their first few full-length novels.  Instinct was no different.  A slight change from his normal technothriller genre, Thacker steps out of his comfort zone and writes an atmospheric thriller with a kick.

I know some people have a problem buying a short story for $0.99, but honestly, the amount that Thacker can make you think and feel in these short pages is crazy.




“When the Cloud came down two years ago, he decided to stay back at camp instead of run into the hills like the rest of us. We couldn’t find his body when it was done, which is obvious since we’ve never found a body. But it still stung. One minute Granddad was there, and the next minute he was gone forever.

Most people can’t trust their own instincts, and I’m not sure if I’m different or if it’s just my instincts trying to play a trick on me. Granddad told me stories about people long ago who used drive vehicles — apparently everyone had one — and he told me that the main problem with them was that people couldn’t trust them- selves enough. He said they used to crash into each other, just because people would hesitate or second-guess their decisions.”


Nick is a writer, but you already knew that, so he won’t waste your time.
If he were to describe his work (which is exactly what he’s trying to do here), he would say it’s a mashup between Jurassic Park, National Treasure, The Da Vinci Code, all of James Rollins’ stuff, some of Clive Cussler’s stuff, a little of Michael Crichton’s stuff, with a side of adrenaline, testosterone, and the good parts of the Michael Bay movies (but only the GOOD PARTS).

His soon-to-be-written Wikipedia page says that he lives in a cabin on a mountain in Colorado with his wife and daughter, and enjoys being terrorized by the three dogs and tortoise that share his life and do nothing but eat food and cost him money.

He would love for you to hang out with him on Twitter or on his website,


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