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2 out of 5 stars

I was so looking forward to listening to this! The reviews are all mostly positive so I dived in eagerly, but oh my word, the narrator was awful. Maybe it was this fact that had me disliking the book too, I don’t know for sure!

The world is separated into two different factions as such, the below ground dwellers who are waiting till the world is habitable again, and the mutations, people who live on the surface but have some form of mutation. Isabella is a below ground dweller and has never been outside in her 16 years. Her grandfather tells her that the mutants are dangerous, not really human and would kill and eat you if they had the chance. But Isabella is curious and when she sees some mutants swimming in a pool above their shelter (don’t ask me why they have a see-through pool above them anyway) she needs to investigate. Night after night she puts on her grandfathers’ safety suit until she is caught by one of the mutants, Malcolm. She soon learns that he isn’t like her grandfather said and she decides to leave with Malcolm and his tribe and step into the outside!

Sounds good, right?? It kind of was, but also wasn’t. Isabella was annoying at times and I couldn’t connect with her. She literally falls in love with the first guy she has ever seen, (that wasn’t related to her) and is completely focused on him. I really wish she would have experienced some of the outside first and then met Malcolm and fallen in love. I think it would have made it more real, instead, she wants to marry a boy she only just met and knows next to nothing about. Plus she has no problem leaving her family behind, she didn’t really hesitate! It felt too unreal.

The overall plot was slow. Not much happens for ages, only Isabella fawning over Malcolm, and I felt like giving up then, but I kept listening because I had to give it a fair chance. And while I finished it, I really don’t think I’ll keep on with the series. I didn’t connect with the characters or care what happens to them, unfortunately.

Now onto Carlo Libertini. I rarely give a one star to any narrator because they put a lot of effort into their work, but this narrator read the whole book as if he was reading it to a young child, He read it in a happy, uplifting tone the whole way through and it really, really grated on my nerves and I had to speed up the narration to make it any bit bearable. He made the story extra hard to get into or like.

Book Description:

Audiobook: Into The Outside by Lynda Engler & Henry Dixon (Narrated by Carlo Libertini)two-stars
Into The Outside by Henry Dixon, Lynda Engler
Narrator: Carlo Libertini
Length: 6 hrs and 54 mins
Series: Into The Outside #1
Published by Self Published on July 22nd 2016
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic
Pages: 256
Format: Audiobook
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When the mutants' survival is threatened, will Isabella risk it all for the man she hardly knows, or stay underground protected?

Fifty years ago, the Earth died. The Earth is now a fertile but dangerous jungle world. Wildlife has prospered, although often in oddly altered forms. Survivors live in underground shelters waiting generations for the environment to become safe enough to emerge. Above ground, the radiation and poison has mutated the few humans that are left, but they do their best to survive for the 20 to 22 years they might live before the toxic planet or disease kills them.

Sixteen-year-old Isabella has grown up believing mutants are sub-human, stupid, and would eat every shelter person if they had the chance, until she spies a wandering mutant tribe through the glass bottom swimming pool that is her shelter's only light source. Isabella is fascinated by them, but it's their 17-year-old leader, Malcolm, who truly captivates her - ebony skin, straw-colored hair, rippling muscles, four fingers on one hand and six on the other. Night after night, she sneaks out of her shelter to watch the tribe, dressed in her grandfather's chemical/radiation suit. When Malcolm discovers her, they are wary of each other at first, but eventually become friends, and then lovers. Isabella finally leaves the safety of her shelter to follow Malcolm into the perilous Outside.

Isabella knows the government plans to exterminate the mutants once it is safe for the shelter-folk to come Outside, and she expects radiation and disease, but no one in the tribe is prepared for cannibals!

Isabella's family mourns for their lost child, knowing she will die Outside, but Grandfather refuses to search for her. Luke defies him and leaves the shelter to track down Isabella and warn her of the threat she knows nothing about. But he is no more prepared for the dangers Outside than she is. Hunted and finally captured by the military, Luke must escape their grasp, find Isabella, and save her life.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


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