Max Tucker meets Barney Stinson and “Real Sex” in this weird/wild plane ride.

Where to start.  Well, the author is a pig — no really, I understand that these are his thoughts and he’s entitled to them, but the “conversations” that he chose to include were almost all sexual in nature.  And he turned every story into sex.  Some people may find his point of view funny or interesting, I just felt he was showing off how he always flew business or first class, and how he was this well known “nomad” businessman.

The stories would teeter on being interesting, and then plummet into some weird sexual story (whether the person he spoke to talked about it or we got a glimpse into the authors mind).

There is really no way to know if these stories are really “true” but some of the things that happened or that people just openly talked to a stranger on a plane about were borderline unbelievable.

The redeeming factor of this book was its length, very short.  I finished it in one sitting and I’ll be glad to get this bad taste out of my mouth by starting another book ASAP.

I was given a free copy of this book by NetGalley and in return for an honest review.

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