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Joe Ledger: Secret Missions, Volume One and Two by Jonathan Maberry
Narrated by Ray Porter

Check out my reviews of other titles written by Jonathan Maberry
Check out my reviews of other titles narrated by Ray Porter

Joe Ledger is back! Joe Ledger: Secret Missions collects some of Ledger’s most dynamic and bizarre short-story adventures – classic reprints as well as exciting new material! From the icy wastes of the Antarctic to the Gate of Hell in Turkmenistan, Ledger and his team are the last best hope that stands between the unsuspecting public and unimaginable dangers!

Stories include crossovers with Maberry’s many fictional and best-selling worlds, including V-WARS (Netflix), the Pine Deep Trilogy, the Sam Hunter Case Files, Dead of Night, and Rot & Ruin. If you’ve never listened to a Joe Ledger tale, this is a great jumping-on point; and if you’re a longtime fan, you’ll encounter old friends and enemies – Mr. Church, Echo Team, Havoc Team, Malcolm Crow and Mike Sweeney, Violin, Toys, and more!

And there are special treats! An insightful introduction by best seller Peter Clines (The Fold, 14), a collaboration with author Marie Whittaker, and a brief glimpse into Mr. Church as he takes a rare day off, penned by “the voice of Joe Ledger”, audiobook reader Ray Porter. So buckle up, lock and load, and go rolling into action with Joe Ledger! Hooah!

Peak by Eric Sparling

Peak by Eric Sparling
Narrated by MacLeod Andrews
Podium Audio

Check out my reviews of other titles narrated by MacLeod Andrews
$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

From Eric Sparling, author of Tantramar, comes a novel of horror that pits one man against nature…and against something wholly unnatural.

Phil Truss is a dead man walking. An inoperable brain tumour has sealed his fate, and there’s nothing he can do about it, even with his substantial fortune. But he can decide how to live his last remaining days.

What he wants most is to achieve a feat few ever have: summiting the dreaded mountain K2. It’s the second highest peak in the world — and one of the most treacherous and deadly ascents known to man.

Guided by a team of world class climbers, Phil soon finds himself scaling the slopes, his dying wish in sight. However, his dream quickly descends into a nightmare as a series of mysterious and lethal events plagues Phil and his party, and he begins to sense they’re not accidents.  At first, Phil believes his tumour is twisting his perception of reality.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

Because he’s slowly coming under the thrall of an ancient, malignant presence that has haunted K2 for years.  But this entity doesn’t want Phil dead. It wants something far more terrifying…

Includes a special note from the author.

Chloe Cates Is Missing by Mandy McHugh

Chloe Cates Is Missing by Mandy McHugh
Narrated by Hillary Huber, Jesse Vilinsky, Eileen Stevens, Alex Boyles
Blackstone Publishing

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Check out my reviews of other titles narrated by Jesse Vilinsky

The disappearance of a young internet celebrity ignites a firestorm of speculation on social media, and to find her a detective will have to extinguish the blaze.

Chloe Cates is missing. The 13-year-old star of the hit YouTube series CC and Me has disappeared, and nobody knows where she’s gone – least of all ruthless momager Jennifer Scarborough, who has spent much of her daughter’s young life crafting a child celebrity persona that is finally beginning to pay off. And in Chloe’s absence, the faux-fairy-tale world that supported that persona begins to fracture, revealing secrets capable of reducing the highly dysfunctional Scarborough family to rubble.

Anxious to find her daughter and preserve the life she’s worked so hard to build, Jennifer turns to social media for help, but the hearsay, false claims, and salacious suspicions only multiply. As the search becomes as sensational as Chloe’s series, Missing Persons Detective Emilina Stone steps in, only to realize she has a connection to this case herself. Will she be able to stay objective and cut through the rumors to find the truth before it’s too late?

Told from multiple points of view including Jennifer, Emilina, and pages from Chloe’s lost diary, Chloe Cates Is Missing is a suspenseful novel of a child pushed to the brink, and of the troubled family that desperately needs her back.

Lucky Leap Day by Ann Marie Walker

Lucky Leap Day by Ann Marie Walker
Narrated by Cady Zuckerman
Dreamscape Media, LLC

Up-and-coming screenwriter Cara Kennedy has the biggest meeting of her career in two days — but for now, she’s on vacation. Her short trip to Ireland is all planned out: 1. See the sites around Dublin. 2. Don’t think about the jerk of an ex she was supposed to spend this trip with. 3. Relax with some Irish whiskey. 4. Propose to a sexy Irish musician on Leap Day. 5. Wake up married.

Wait, those last two things weren’t on her list….

A whirlwind trip to Ireland is supposed to end with a suitcase full of wool sweaters and souvenir pint glasses — not a husband you only just met! Now, her flight is in four hours, and that meeting is in exactly two days — nothing she can do except take her new husband (and his adorable dog) back to LA with her and try to untangle the mess she’s made of her life….

The Smuggler’s Chase by Cap Daniels
Narrated by P. J. Ochlan
Anchor Watch Publishing, LLC.

Check out my reviews of other titles narrated by P. J. Ochlan

Out of time…out of options…out of nowhere.

When a United States Supreme Court justice is abducted by an international cartel of terrorists, American covert operative Chase Fulton and his team of tier-one operators are ordered to find and rescue the victim, but that’s only phase one of the mission that may change the landscape of international diplomacy forever.

In a tropical paradise where vacationers see nothing less than perfection in every detail, from the Bahamas to South America, Chase and the team are forced to dive beneath the flawless surface and into the depths of terroristic depravity to unravel a web of unthinkable atrocity and infiltrate and devour an evil like none they’ve ever faced.

When the US military isn’t an option, and the FBI is shackled by bureaucracy, only the invisible forces capable of operating beyond the limits of civility and front-page exposure can crush the tyranny overshadowing the American geopolitical scene and restore order to the highest court.

Join the warriors as they once again stare evil in the eye and refuse to blink. Stretching their capabilities and their very souls to limits like never before, five men hold countless lives and the foundations of freedom in their hands. But as they face a fearless enemy with nearly limitless resources, the team must wage a war like no other while racing against the relentless clock and the horrific consequences of failure.

From the shallows of the tranquil Caribbean, to the depths of the soul-wrenching unimaginable, let Cap Daniels take you on an adventure you’ll never forget and leave you questioning if freedom could stand without men like Chase Fulton and his team.

Always by Kris Bryant

Always by Kris Bryant
Narrated by Melissa Sternenberg
Bold Strokes Books Inc

Check out my reviews of other titles narrated by Melissa Sternenberg

Peri Logan’s first client is dead, but not in a morbid way. When her great-grandmother passes, her estate bequeathed Peri a piece of jewelry, a stack of cash, and a note that simply reads “find her”. As a newly licensed private investigator, Peri travels to Italy to find the mysterious woman whose photo was perfectly preserved in the heart-shaped locket. What she doesn’t expect is to be given the runaround from a beautiful stranger who offers to help and does anything but.

Camila Barnes is bored. Nothing exciting ever happens in the small town of Sequina, Italy. When a pushy American shows up demanding to meet the woman in Camila’s artwork, instead of introducing her to her great-grandmother, Camila decides to lead her on a wild goose chase all over town. Nobody messes with her family, especially people who won’t tell her why.

When the truth is finally revealed, Peri and Camilla realize they are a part of something greater than they ever expected. Attraction is fleeting, and true love touches only a few. Do they take the easy road home, or do they fight the odds and give love the chance to last for always?

Love & Other Disasters by Anita Kelly
Narrated by Lindsey Dorcus

$12.99 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

The first openly nonbinary contestant on America’s favorite cooking show falls for their clumsy competitor in this delicious romantic-comedy debut “that is both fantastically fun and crack your heart wide open vulnerable” (Rosie Danan, author of The Roommate).

Recently divorced and on the verge of bankruptcy, Dahlia Woodson is ready to reinvent herself on the popular reality competition show Chef’s Special. Too bad the first memorable move she makes is falling flat on her face, sending fish tacos flying – not quite the fresh start she was hoping for. Still, she’s focused on winning, until she meets someone she might want a future with more than she needs the prize money.

After announcing their pronouns on national television, London Parker has enough on their mind without worrying about the klutzy competitor stationed in front of them. They’re there to prove the trolls – including a fellow contestant and their dad – wrong, and falling in love was never part of the plan.

As London and Dahlia get closer, reality starts to fall away. Good-bye, guilt about divorce, anxiety about uncertain futures, and stress from transphobia. Hello, hilarious shenanigans on set, wedding crashing, and spontaneous dips into the Pacific. But as the finale draws near, Dahlia and London’s steamy relationship starts to feel the heat both in and outside the kitchen – and they must figure out if they have the right ingredients for a happily ever after.

The Primus Initiative by Robert Davies

The Primus Initiative by Robert Davies
Narrated by Wayne Mitchell
Scribd Audio

Check out my reviews of other titles narrated by Wayne Mitchell

A war that began 20 years ago has arrived at last, and humanity will join the fight to save five civilizations from extinction.

After a 20-year journey across space, the mysterious and dreaded Namadi fire ships are arriving. Their mission to destroy five civilizations will cost the lives of billions across the galactic sector if the ships can’t be stopped in time. The only hope to defeat them hinges on the success of a daring operation.

In a desperate race against time, Darrien Norris and Onallin Rantara must lead a team of commandos to a remote world in search of crucial information to destroy their enemy. The Namadi are drawing closer and where their foe is scheduled to emerge is the most prized secret in galactic history — one they are prepared to kill for.

With surprises waiting at every corner, Darrien and Onallin have no choice but to trust new allies before it’s too late.

Time is against them, and the race for survival has begun.

How High We Go in the Dark by Sequoia Nagamatsu

How High We Go in the Dark by Sequoia Nagamatsu
Narrated by Julia Whelan, Brian Nishii, Keisuke Hoashi, MacLeod Andrews, Jeanne Sakata, Greg Watanabe, Kurt Kanazawa, Matthew Bridges, Kotaro Watanabe, Brianna Ishibashi, Joe Knezevich, Micky Shiloah, Stephanie Komure, Jason Culp
HarperCollins Publishers

Check out my reviews of other titles narrated by Julia Whelan
$12.99 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

“Haunting and luminous, How High We Go in the Dark orchestrates its multitude of memorable voices into beautiful and lucid science fiction. An astonishing debut.” (Alan Moore, creator of Watchmen and V for Vendetta)

“Epic. … Sequoia Nagamatsu is a writer whose imagination is matched only by his compassion, the kind we need to light our way through the dark.” (Chloe Benjamin, New York Times best-selling author of The Immortalists)

For fans of Cloud Atlas and Station Eleven, a spellbinding and profoundly prescient debut that follows a cast of intricately linked characters over hundreds of years as humanity struggles to rebuild itself in the aftermath of a climate plague – a daring and deeply heartfelt work of mind-bending imagination from a singular new voice.

In 2030, a grieving archeologist arrives in the Arctic Circle to continue the work of his recently deceased daughter at the Batagaika Crater, where researchers are studying long-buried secrets now revealed in melting permafrost, including the perfectly preserved remains of a girl who appears to have died of an ancient virus.

Once unleashed, the Arctic plague will reshape life on Earth for generations to come, quickly traversing the globe, forcing humanity to devise a myriad of moving and inventive ways to embrace possibility in the face of tragedy. In a theme park designed for terminally ill children, a cynical employee falls in love with a mother desperate to hold on to her infected son. A heartbroken scientist searching for a cure finds a second chance at fatherhood when one of his test subjects – a pig – develops the capacity for human speech. A widowed painter and her teenaged granddaughter embark on a cosmic quest to locate a new home planet.

From funerary skyscrapers to hotels for the dead to interstellar starships, Sequoia Nagamatsu takes readers on a wildly original and compassionate journey, spanning continents, centuries, and even celestial bodies to tell a story about the resilience of the human spirit, our infinite capacity to dream, and the connective threads that tie us all together in the universe.

“Wondrous, and not just in the feats of imagination, which are so numerous it makes me dizzy to recall them, but also in the humanity and tenderness with which Sequoia Nagamatsu helps us navigate this landscape. … This is a truly amazing book, one to keep close as we imagine the uncertain future.” (Kevin Wilson, New York Times best-selling author of Nothing to See Here)

The Good Sister and Her Flying Monkeys by Alexa Blye

The Good Sister and Her Flying Monkeys by Alexa Blye
Narrated by Cheryl Cross
Crossroad Press

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

Inspired by a true story

Elena Lacosta, a paranoid, take-no-prisoners drug trafficker turned FBI fugitive, marries a cop and fights her inner demons. Her new life depends on it.

When Elena’s oldest brother Gabriel is killed, she listens to what seems like endless accolades about him at his memorial service, held in a packed church with standing room only, and before the dirt on his grave can settle, she is scheming to reinvent herself in her dead brother’s image to launch her new life.

Elena plants rumors about another brother, Tomas, a college professor with Asperger’s whom she views as a threat to her new image and life. When she falsely accuses him of pedophilia, Tomas turns into a family detective and unknowingly crosses paths with an undercover FBI agent who is hot on Elena’s trail for the murder of his half-brother 12 years earlier – and Elena’s carefully constructed mask begins to unravel.

The DeChance Chronicles Omnibus: Books I-IV by David Niall Wilson
Narrated by Corey M. Snow
Crossroad Press

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$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

Donovan DeChance is a collector of ancient manuscripts and books, a practicing mage, and a private investigator. This omnibus collection includes books I, II, III, and IV of the series. Included are Heart of a Dragon, Vintage Soul, My Soul to Keep (the origin story of Donovan DeChance), and Kali’s Tale – book IV of the series. If you enjoy this book, you should listen to Nevermore: A Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe, which follows on Kali’s Tale, has a cameo from Donovan DeChance, and leads into Book V – A Midnight Dreary, also available in unabridged audio.

Heart of a Dragon: When a local houngan begins meddling with powers she may not be able to control, a turf war breaks out between the Dragons motorcycle club and the Los Escorpiones street gang – a war that threatens to open portals between worlds and destroy the city in the process. With his lover, Amethyst, his familiar, Cleo – an Egyptian Mau the size of a small bobcat – the dubious aid of a Mexican sorcerer named Martinez and the budding gifts of a young artist named Salvatore, DeChance begins a race against time, magic, and almost certain death.

Vintage Soul: When, despite the finest in natural and supernatural security, a sexy and well-loved, 300-year-old lady vampire is kidnapped right out from under her lover’s nose, Donovan is called in to investigate. There will be no ransom for the kidnap victim, and if Donovan doesn’t prevent an ancient, forbidden ritual from reaching its culmination, far more than a single vampire’s undead existence will be at stake.

My Soul to Keep: Donovan DeChance is a very private man, and he is in love. When he invites his partner and lover, Amethyst, for a quiet dinner, she has no idea of his true intention. Donovan has planned a sharing – a vision that will give her the keys to his early life – the origins of his power – and a lot more than she bargained for. Join young Donovan as he fights to keep his soul, save a town.

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