A Surprising Gem

4.5 out of 5 stars

As a seasoned audiobook reviewer, I’m always on the lookout for hidden gems, and Jett Jamison and the Secret Storm certainly fit the bill. What started as a casual listen turned into a deeply moving experience that left me pleasantly surprised (and sobbing a bit).

At first glance, I expected a light, YA/middle-grade-style story, but Jett Jamison had far more depth and complexity than I anticipated. The issues Jett faces (internally and externally) are heartbreaking, yet the story is ultimately one of resilience and growth. Kenna skillfully weaves a narrative that tackles censorship and the idea of appropriate reading material, adding a layer of irony that I found both clever and thought-provoking.

It’s hard to write a review about a book that I don’t want to spoil. I don’t end up talking about the book itself much but the themes and how it made me feel. But know that the things covered in this were sad and hard to read but are also real and honest. I love when a book can leave me feeling raw like this one did. All I wanted to do was swoop in and save the day, but Jett had other plans. Mainly saving herself.

Fitzgerald’s narration truly brought this story to life. Her voice not only drew me in but also added a richness to the darker moments of the book. And as for the ending, well, let’s just say it left me in tears.

Overall, Jett Jamison and the Secret Storm is a standout audiobook that I would highly recommend – especially to teens and young adults. Kenna’s storytelling and Fitzgerald’s narration combine to create an unforgettable experience that transcends age barriers. I’m way beyond the age this is aimed at but it still left me feeling like a changed man. I always think to look beyond the genre or the age and this audiobook definitely proved me right.

Book Description:

All Jett Jamison wants is a little peace and quiet.

What could be worse than living in a tiny house in the tiny town of Wisteria with twin brothers who believe they’re superheroes? Answer: the voices in Jett’s head. They buzz with bits of a bad memory, and they’re getting louder every day. A friend recommends a book sure to unscramble her confusion, but it’s disappeared, and nobody wants to talk about it. Enraged, Jett and her friends rally up a team to fight the censorship, even enlisting her clever pet bunny, Felix, one-eared Grey Cat, and the ghosts of a few authors known for shaking things up.

They plan a peaceful protest, but it backfires big time, and the town goes berserk. Now Jett realizes that peace isn’t always quiet, and she’ll need to heal herself before she can restore calm to Wisteria.

Jett Jamison and the Secret Storm by Kimberly Kenna
Narrator: Candace Fitzgerald
Length: 3 hrs and 55 mins
Series: Brave Girls
Published by Black Rose Writing on March 8th 2024
Genres: YA
Format: Audiobook
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