United Nations Frontier Service 2 The First Generation Ship by John A. Wells

Science Fiction with a lot of Fantasy thrown in

2.5 out of 5

After successfully building a colony on Mars and finding artifacts of another species.  This group of six settlers/colonists set off to the “ends” of space to find the source of these artifacts.  The trip will take half of their lifetime (which is why the ship is named Generation).  Follow them on their journey to the edge of space.

I do not like to speak ill of anyone or anything.  People work really hard at their selected craft and I don’t like bashing them for doing what they enjoy.  With that being said, the narration in this done by John Paul Nicholas was rough to sit through.  Normally I can sit and listen to an audiobook for hours on end.  I could only take 15-30 minute spurts with this narration.  The problem was I could hear every…. inhale…. breath…. that the narrator…. took.  It drove me mad after listening for a few minutes.  I cannot give you a genuine review of the quality because all I could hear was breathing in between sentences.

Half of this rating is because of the narration and the other half is the story.  Maybe because I jumped into the series at book two, but the first few chapters were just science fiction (we’re in space on a ship) with a lot of fantasy elements mixed in.  Something this can be done well, and others it just feels tacky and not well thought out.  This was a case of the latter.

I really thought I would enjoy the story, I’ve been reading and reviewing some awesome new science fiction lately — but this just seemed to fall flat.  This is a take it or leave it story.  There was nothing in it that I felt like I had to continue the series because of.

This review was originally written and posted to AudiobookReviewer.  I was given a free copy of the audiobook in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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