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One Last Bullet by James P. Sumner

One Last Bullet by James P. Sumner
Narrated by Gary Bennett
Self Published

Review Coming Soon!

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Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
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Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Gary Bennett

A deadly assassin wants peace. But first, he must find closure.

Confucius says: “If you seek revenge, dig two graves.”

Adrian Hell will need a lot more than that.

After the traumatic events in San Francisco, Adrian feels his time as a hit man is coming to an end. But before he can put this life behind him, he must confront the man who killed his family: Wilson Trent—a powerful crime boss, considered untouchable by both sides of the law.

With his best friend, Josh Winters, by his side, Adrian embarks on a crusade of violence to tear down the empire Trent built on the bones of his wife and daughter. But his increasingly reckless behavior makes Josh question whether he really wants to bury the past…or if he simply no longer wants a future.

This gritty, violent tale pays homage to classic revenge thrillers like Kill Bill and John Wick. It shows you how far someone is willing to go to avenge the people they’ve lost. When it’s over, you’ll find yourself asking: How far would you go?

Grab this unmissable thriller today.

Broken Beyond Repair by Emily Banting

Broken Beyond Repair by Emily Banting
Narrated by Angela Dawe
Self Published

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
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Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Angela Dawe

An age-gap celebrity ice-queen romance that will pull at the heart strings—even the icy ones!

Sydney MacKenzie, personal assistant to the rich and famous, is looking forward to a well-earned break to go travelling in her beloved VW camper van, Gertie. That is, until Gertie cries off sick. When her boss calls in a favor, one that will pay Sydney handsomely and put Gertie back on the road, she can’t refuse.

Internationally renowned actress Beatrice Russell—adored by her fans and despised by those that know her—is splashed across the tabloids, all thanks to her broken leg. She limps back to her palatial English country estate to convalesce for the summer, where she finds herself in need of yet another new assistant.

Enter Sydney, who doesn’t take kindly to the star’s demands, attitude, or clicking fingers—much less her body’s own attraction to the gorgeous diva. If not for that and Gertie’s worn-out engine, she would leave tomorrow. Or so she tells herself.

As the summer heats up, the ice queen begins to thaw, and Sydney glimpses the tormented woman beneath the celebrity bravado, drawing her ever closer to the enigmatic actress—sometimes too close.

Can Sydney reach the real Beatrice and help heal her wounds before the summer ends and she returns to filming in the States, or is the celebrity broken beyond repair?

Love Among the Ruins by Catherine Maiorisi

Love Among the Ruins by Catherine Maiorisi
Narrated by Abby Craden
Tantor Audio

Review Coming Soon!

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Romance writer Calliope DeAndre’s heart was buried with her wife, Abby. Plagued by anxiety attacks, Callie hasn’t left her house since Abby’s funeral. Callie’s publisher is pressuring her for the travel romantic suspense she contracted to write before Abby got sick. But her writing process requires experiencing the thirty-day Romantic Italy tour leaving in two weeks. Encouraged by her friends but hoping the tour is fully booked, Callie calls and is told “we just received a cancellation.”

Dana Wittman’s heart is broken when she discovers the plot to oust her from the multi-million-dollar firm she built. Then her heart is shredded by her girlfriend Sandy who, thinking Dana is broke, dumps her. Now Dana’s planned surprise for Sandy, the Romantic Italy tour ending with a proposal, is no longer an option. So just two weeks before their scheduled departure Dana cancels Sandy’s reservation but decides to go on the tour alone.

The first morning of the tour, Dana helps Callie through an anxiety attack. Callie wants to leave. Dana promises to be there for her if she stays. Callie feels safe with Dana, and Dana enjoys helping her. As the month progresses, their friendship and their feelings grow. Callie feels guilty for caring for someone other than Abby. Dana’s damaged ego doesn’t trust that she’s lovable. Will they allow themselves to love?

Secret Sanctuary by Nance Sparks

Secret Sanctuary by Nance Sparks
Narrated by Keira Grace
Bold Strokes Book Inc

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Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Keira Grace

Alexandria Trenton is tired of living alone, but keeping secrets comes with a steep price. After growing up in witness protection, Alex is now a US deputy marshal specializing in protecting those awaiting trial. It’s a life that she simply can’t share, especially not when omitting the truth feels so wrong.

Alex’s world is turned upside down when her mentor passes away and his granddaughter, Elina Hawkins, shows up at the ranch the marshals are using to hide witnesses. Will the ranch be able to continue the sanctioned work? Or will she get a new assignment and be pulled away from the only place that feels like home? If she stays, can she resist the attraction she feels for Elina?

Even love has to wait when danger threatens everyone at the ranch. It’s the fight of Alex’s life to defend the secret sanctuary, and most importantly, protect Elina.

After Death by Dean Koontz

After Death by Dean Koontz
Narrated by Edoardo Ballerini
Brilliance Audio

$1.99 Whispersync Deal with Kindle PurchaseKindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
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Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Edoardo Ballerini

A modern-day Lazarus is humanity’s last hope in a breathtaking novel about the absolute powers of good and evil by Dean Koontz, the #1 New York Times bestselling master of suspense.

Michael Mace, head of security at a top-secret research facility, opens his eyes in a makeshift morgue twenty-four hours following an event in which everyone perished—including him and his best friend, Shelby Shrewsberry.

Having awakened with an extraordinary ability unlike anything he—or anyone else—has ever imagined, Michael is capable of being as elusive as a ghost. He sets out to honor his late friend by helping Nina Dozier and her son, John, whom Shelby greatly admired. Although what Michael does for Nina is life changing, his actions also evoke the wrath of John’s father, a member of one of the most violent street gangs in Los Angeles.

But an even greater threat is descending: the Internal Security Agency’s most vicious assassin, Durand Calaphas. Calaphas will stop at nothing to get his man. If Michael dies twice, he will not live a third time.

From the tarnished glamour of Beverly Hills to the streets of South Central to a walled estate in Rancho Santa Fe, only Michael can protect Nina and John—and ensure that light survives in a rapidly darkening world.

Tough Crowd by Andi Osho

Tough Crowd by Andi Osho
Narrated by Andi Osho
HarperCollins Publishers Limited

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Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Andi Osho

Don’t miss the laugh-out-loud novel from Andi Osho, the bestselling author of Asking for a Friend!


Aspiring comedian Abi has always been told that she’s too much, but never felt like enough. Until she meets Will, who changes everything she’s been made to believe by men, the media and her mum. He loves her just the way she is.


But Will is a package deal and comes with two daughters from a previous relationship. Suddenly Abi finds herself thrown into the spotlight, and not just on the stage…


Abi is used to playing to difficult audiences, but step-parenting, and winning over the girls, is going to be her toughest challenge yet. Can she finally prove her critics wrong and triumph at her biggest gig to date?

A fun and feel-good romantic comedy about love, friendship and family for anyone who’s struggled to feel like enough and find their place. Fans of Beth O’Leary and Ruth Jones will love this warm and witty story.

Next to You by Hannah Bonam-Young

Next to You by Hannah Bonam-Young
Narrated by Jenn Lee
Tantor Audio

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

Two friends (who are totally not in love) work together to renovate a school bus into a home.

Lane is in the middle of an identity crisis. Her friends are all partnered up, her career is leading nowhere, and simply put, she’s not happy. So after a night out celebrating (drinking) on her birthday, she makes one hell of an impulsive purchase. A giant yellow forty-eight passenger school bus that she intends to make a home.

With little-to-no renovation experience but a large sum of inheritance money, Lane enlists the help of her friend Matt—a mechanic by trade, handyman by practice, and hottie by nature.

While their mutual attraction is undeniable, Matt and Lane have silently agreed that a friendship is the only thing that can ever exist between them. Matt’s a total family guy with “settle down with me” tattooed across his forehead, whereas Lane is entirely commitment-averse.

So when Matt offers to help her with the bus and in the bedroom with no strings attached, Lane’s feelings evolve faster than you can say “just good friends.” But she soon discovers that in order to build something new, she has to first heal her past.

The Rain by Joseph A. Turkot

The Rain by Joseph A. Turkot
Narrated by Lily Ganser, Charlie Thurston
Blackstone Publishing

Perfect for fans of the hit TV series The Last of Us and novels like Camp Zero, this riveting novel set in a postapocalyptic America brings us a chilling look at survival in the face of a catastrophic climate disaster and the collapse of civilization as we know it.

The rain began nineteen years ago, and it never stopped: more than a foot of rain per day until almost the whole of North America was underwater. Those who survived the first year were forced to take drastic measures, and those who held to the veneer of civilization were few and very far between.

Seventeen-year-old Tanner grew up after the rain began. She and her adoptive caretaker, Russell, have long sought a fabled Colorado refuge, a dream that has kept them going through years of brutal trials as they try to stay one step ahead of the “face eaters”—people addicted to a mysterious drug that drives them to murder and cannibalism.

When the rain began, Rook Wallace was a meteorologist who joined a company called Yasper that, years after its emergency funding dried up, continues its stated mission to help survivors by maintaining a trade network among isolated island communities. But when Rook learns the insidious truth of what keeps the Yasper mission going, he is forced to risk everything that remains of his former life to try to stop it.

As Tanner’s and Rook’s stories converge in time and geography, listeners will be thrilled by this postapocalyptic tale for fans of Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven and Josh Malerman’s Bird Box.

Nix by Eddie Knight

Nix by Eddie Knight
Narrated by Stephen Dalton
Self Published

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

Following the global wave of innovation on artificial intelligence, machine learning tools, and every possible variation of GPT driven chatbots, Ishmael has been propelled to Chief Technical Officer of Paragon Logic, the most ambitious technical organization of the 21st century.

But no one can anticipate the trouble that will come from the aspirations and momentum the company has gained on the international stage. When cyber attacks and infiltrations start hitting Paragon Logic from every side, Ishmael must find a way to protect his company, himself, and his family from the repercussions of both corporate greed and political competition.

Nightstalkers: The Extinction Event by Jasper T. Scott

Nightstalkers: The Extinction Event by Jasper T. Scott
Narrated by Roger Wayne
Podium Audio

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
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Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Roger Wayne

Everything changed the day they arrived…

Adam and Kimberly Hall are enjoying a quiet suburban life with their daughter, Crystal, and their dog, Bowser, when an emergency message flashes on their phones: meteor impact imminent, seek immediate shelter.

Minutes later, the shock wave rages through South Austin like a hurricane, and they’re left to pick up the pieces. As dusk begins to fall and horrific creatures come crawling out of the impact craters, they realize they’re under attack—and the attackers are not from Earth.

After the initial encounters turn deadly for his neighbors, Adam realizes that they can’t stay in the city. He has an old Army buddy with a ranch in Texas Hill Country. They have to get there before it’s too late.

Nightstalkers is a post-apocalyptic invasion story for fans of The Last of Us and A Silent Place.

Hunger: The Complete Trilogy by Jeremy Robinson

Hunger: The Complete Trilogy by Jeremy Robinson
Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
Podium Audio

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
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Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

Desperate to solve a global food shortage, ExoGen scientist Dr. Ella Masse oversees the creation and release of RC-714, a gene that unlocks millions of years of adaptation and evolution, allowing crops to use long dormant junk DNA to rapidly adapt to any environment.

The world’s food supply grows aggressively, occupying every inch of earth, no matter how inhospitable. World hunger is averted. Humanity flourishes. RC-714 is digested, absorbed…and passed on.

The Change affects small fast-breeding mammals first. They multiply with the same aggressive speed as the ExoGen plants, but an insatiable hunger drives them to violence. A war between species breaks out. When RC-714 reaches humanity, along with every other large creature on the planet, civilization implodes. Every living thing that consumed the ExoGen crops begins to adapt to a world full of predators, accessing genes dating back to the beginning of life itself.

Peter Crane and his son Jakob survive the Change, living in their family farmhouse and eating non-ExoGen food from a biodome, one of many provided by Ella Masse, who discovered the ramifications of her breakthrough too late. The pair ekes out a living in a world full of monsters, surviving until Ella shows up on their doorstep with her daughter, pursued by desperate predators and men alike.

As the farmhouse falls under attack, Crane learns that the end of humanity, of life on Earth, can still be averted—if Ella Masse and her daughter survive and if they make it to the other side of the country without being captured…or consumed.

Jeremy Robinson merges the science of Michael Crichton with the horror of Stephen King in this fresh take on the post-apocalypse, creating a true worst-case scenario for GMO crops that will have people reading labels before eating their next pepper, tomato, or kernel of corn.

The Complete Reset Series by Kellee L. Greene

The Complete Reset Series by Kellee L. Greene
Narrated by Heather Costa, Aaron Shedlock, Devon Sorvari
Podium Audio

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
Check out my reviews of other titles written by Kellee L. Greene
Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Heather Costa, Aaron Shedlock, Devon Sorvari

In a shattered world, the test of true strength begins.

Unforeseen and catastrophic, the Reset unleashed a series of events that destroyed the Earth in unimaginable ways. Amidst the ruins, the resilient few must wage a desperate battle for survival, while others hunger for dominion over the remnants.

In a relentless race against time, who will emerge triumphant in the ultimate struggle for survival?

The Reset series is a six-book, pulse-pounding apocalyptic series about ordinary people facing the end of the world. This complete set is perfect for listeners who love post-apocalyptic, dystopian survival stories and natural disaster fiction.


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