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Role Playing by Cathy Yardley

Role Playing by Cathy Yardley
Narrated by Chris Brinkley, Elyse Dinh
Brilliance Audio

Review Coming Soon!

$1.99 Whispersync Deal with Kindle PurchaseKindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

From Cathy Yardley, author of Love, Comment, Subscribe, comes an emotional rom-com about two middle-aged gamers who grow their online connection into an IRL love story.

Maggie is an unapologetically grumpy forty-eight-year-old hermit. But when her college-aged son makes her a deal—he’ll be more social if she does the same—she can’t refuse. She joins a new online gaming guild led by a friendly healer named Otter. So that nobody gets the wrong idea, she calls herself Bogwitch.

Otter is Aiden, a fifty-year-old optimist using the guild as an emotional outlet from his family drama caring for his aging mother while his brother plays house with Aiden’s ex-fiancée.

Bogwitch and Otter become fast virtual friends, but there’s a catch. Bogwitch thinks Otter is a college student. Otter assumes Bogwitch is an octogenarian.

When they finally meet face to face—after a rocky, shocking start—the unlikely pair of sunshine and stormy personalities grow tentatively closer. But Maggie’s previous relationships have left her bitter, and Aiden’s got a complicated past of his own.

Everything’s easier online. Can they make it work in real life?

CharacterScan by Douglas Kruger

CharacterScan by Douglas Kruger
Narrated by Douglas Kruger
LAPA Publishers

Katrina Hunt is a journalist with a secret. From her early days growing up in the poverty of a trailer park, she has been able to detect the sour notes of corruption in others. And she’s never wrong. It affects her friendships, her dating, her sex life. She turns her talent to the work of sniffing out the unprincipled and the amoral in positions of privilege and power.

On the far side of the world, a morally ambiguous scientist working in the unfolding field of genetic profiling has cracked an algorithm that will forever change law-enforcement. His new ‘scan’ will be able to detect a person’s genetic propensity for wrongdoing, even before they act. The legal and ethical ramifications are staggering. But what if the most corrupt man in the world, a political figure assuming ever higher-office, was able to beat the scan? What if he could hide his true darkness? What if he was not quite human? Could Katrina sniff him out? And if she did, how might she stop him?

A Witch's Sin by Daniel B. Greene

A Witch’s Sin by Daniel B. Greene
Narrated by Inés del Castillo
Podium Audio

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

What would you do to keep your dreams ad-free?

Bruised, stoned, and still adjusting to her latest wear implants, apprentice enforcer Taya Mint plunges into the darkest depths of Megastructure Seven Zero Three, challenging everything she thought she knew about life within the walls she has never stepped beyond.

With only one assignment left to earn her full license, Taya finally stands a chance to rebuild a life wounded by grief. But she quickly discovers that the kidnapping she’s investigating is just one piece of a puzzle—one that leads to grisly death and the greedy heart of power within the structure. When evidence points to a supernatural threat as the culprit, Taya finds herself needing to rely on cold-blooded allies just to survive the hell that is Seven Zero Three.

To save an innocent life in a world polluted by zealots, Taya will have to learn just how much it costs to face the monsters that occupy humanity’s artificial Eden.

Doomsday Match by Jeff Wheeler

Doomsday Match by Jeff Wheeler
Narrated by Kate Rudd
Brilliance Audio

$1.99 Whispersync Deal with Kindle PurchaseKindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
Check out my reviews of other titles written by Jeff Wheeler
Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Kate Rudd

A vacationing family becomes pawns in an ancient ritual designed to bring about the apocalypse in a riveting thriller by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeff Wheeler.

A prophecy has waited for five centuries to be fulfilled. That time has come. Sacrifices will be made. Let the games begin.

When Jonathon Roth and his family are invited by their neighbors, the Beasleys, to join them at a luxury retreat in Cozumel, who can refuse? It’s the perfect winter getaway. Relaxing on the beach, gourmet food, sightseeing, and free accommodations. But if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Villa Sara de Calakmul, owned by mysterious tycoon Jacob Calakmul, is more isolated compound than private resort. Armed guards patrol the jungle perimeters. Pictures of previous guests—long disappeared—adorn the walls. And there are whispers of something coming called “the game.” Even in the sweltering heat, the Roths feel a chill—and the fear that they haven’t been invited to Villa Sara. They’ve been lured. But for what purpose? And to what end?

From the ruins, a death cult is reborn. A prophecy to bring down Western civilization is being realized. As a legendary blood sport is engaged, the Roths themselves may need to call upon ancient powers if they’re to survive, escape, and save the world from annihilation.

Fear the Silence by Robert Bryndza

Fear the Silence by Robert Bryndza
Narrated by Jilly Bond
Raven Street Ltd

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

“Do you believe Will took his own life?”

The question echoed off the white tiles in the hospital’s cold, cavernous morgue, and I studied my husband in peaceful repose. I leaned down and put my forehead against his. Silent tears ran down my cheeks. They felt hot, and he felt so cold. It was five days since his death, and my grief felt heavy, like a vast, dark mass pushing down on me.

When Maggie’s husband, Will, is shot dead in their London home, she thinks he is the victim of a burglary until the police tell her the shocking news that Will was the one who pulled the trigger.

Maggie is consumed with grief and questions. Will wasn’t suicidal. He had so much to live for.

After the funeral, Maggie travels to their holiday home on a small Croatian island to escape London. She finds a disturbing letter written by Will, containing clues to a dark secret.

As Maggie puts the pieces together, she discovers Will’s death is connected to someone from his past…. Someone who will go to extreme lengths to keep Maggie silent.

Three can keep a secret…if two of them are dead.

The international multimillion best-selling author of The Girl in the Ice is back with his first stand-alone thriller, a heart-racing, hold-your-breath listen that will keep you hooked until the very end.

Fresh Start by Nicole Pyland

Fresh Start by Nicole Pyland
Narrated by Melissa Moran
Nicole Pyland

$7.47 Whispersync Deal with Kindle PurchaseKindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
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Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Melissa Moran

The book is an introduction to the Chicago series.

Alyssa Masters had been accused of a horrible crime she didn’t commit and was now the most hated woman in America. She’d lost people she’d loved, her credibility, and a part of her life. To get it back on track, she returns home to live with her mother, and has all but given up on any hope at a normal life.

Hannah Granger had been off exploring the world and finding herself, only to return home to lose her mother and a lot of what she’d found out about herself while away. When the two women meet, they discover they can help find what they’d lost and uncover more of what they could have in their lives as they attempt to navigate a complicated situation and deal with the baggage they both bring with them.

Business or Pleasure by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Business or Pleasure by Rachel Lynn Solomon
Narrated by Hathaway Lee
Penguin Audio

A ghostwriter and a struggling actor help each other on the page and in the bedroom in this steamy romantic comedy from the New York Times bestselling author of The Ex Talk.

Chandler Cohen has never felt more like the ghost in “ghostwriter” until she attends a signing for a book she wrote—and the author doesn’t even recognize her. The evening turns more promising when she meets a charming man at the bar and immediately connects with him. But when all their sexual tension culminates in a spectacularly awkward hookup, she decides this is one night better off forgotten.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Her next project is ghostwriting a memoir for Finn Walsh, a C-list actor best known for playing a lovable nerd on a cult classic werewolf show who now makes a living appearing at fan conventions across the country. Chandler knows him better from their one-night stand of hilarious mishaps.

Chandler’s determined to keep their partnership as professional as possible, but when she admits to Finn their night together wasn’t as mind-blowing as he thought it was, he’s distraught. He intrigues her enough that they strike a deal: when they’re not working on his book, Chandler will school Finn in the art of satisfaction. As they grow closer both in and out of the bedroom, they must figure out which is more important, business or pleasure—or if there’s a way for them to have both.

The Prometheus Effect by David Fleming

The Prometheus Effect by David Fleming
Narrated by Lyle Blaker
David Fleming

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

Deep in the Nevada desert…

…lies a secret futuristic world.

Would Jack’s technology save humankind?

It started with Jack’s epiphany, but he feared it was a power too great. All around the globe, the oil reserves are dangerously low. Superpowers brace for battle over what remains.

Should Jack share his energy solution?

He thinks it’s too dangerous.

The power potential is as important as Prometheus discovering fire and giving it to man. There must be a way to use what he knows, but he’s conflicted. Maybe the brilliant mind of Mykl can solve the puzzle?

Mykl is five.

Is the answer worth the cost?

You’ll love this Dystopian Science Fiction, because the world building is brilliant, the technology is fascinating, and the story keeps you turning pages. And don’t be fooled…

…This isn’t for kids.

Get it now.

Immortal Cost by Levi Werner

Immortal Cost by Levi Werner
Narrated by Ryan H. Reid
Aethon Audio

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

Immortality comes at a steep price.

Faced with a heartrending loss, Lox walks down a dark path. He knew there would be a cost for immortality, but he didn’t know he would have to face it so soon.

He must make decisions he never thought he would face.

A darkness is lingering in the world. Maybe what it needs right now isn’t a hero to save it, but a monster to hunt the bigger monsters threatening all of existence.

Rage guides Lox’s path. But will that be enough to hold off the coming darkness? Or will consume him first?

Don’t miss this epic LitRPG/GameLit series that features leveling, advanced magic systems, dungeon crawling, world exploration, and much more. It’s perfect for fans of books like Emarilia, World Tree, and Ascend Online.

Echoes Fade by Jeff Carson

Echoes Fade by Jeff Carson
Narrated by Sean Patrick Hopkins
Self Published

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
Check out my reviews of other titles written by Jeff Carson
Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Sean Patrick Hopkins

A mountain lion attack. A brazen robbery of a billionaire’s restaurant. Two unrelated incidents become one with explosive revelation in this brand-new harrowing thriller from the international bestselling author of The Como Falcon.

Detective David Wolf’s slow winter in the Colorado Rockies is interrupted by two events: a mountain lion attack in a remote trailer park, and a wealthy man coming into headquarters to report the robbery of three valuable paintings.

Leaving the big cat incident to animal control, Wolf follows his duty and pursues the two thieves, even if the victim is a cagey billionaire with his hands in the pockets of an equally shady newcomer in town running for sheriff. The investigation starts off slow, crawling to a halt as the winter ends. But as summer heats up, bones are discovered in a local abandoned mine, and it turns out the story Wolf and his team has been fed is more complicated, and deadlier, than originally thought. Killers are near and in plain sight. It’s just a matter of figuring out who. And why?

As Wolf gets closer to solving the mystery, a shocking revelation will bring clarity to all that came before. But danger has wrapped its claws around the team, and this time it may be too late, because out in the Colorado wilderness a scream’s echo can fade long before reaching the ears of any help.

The brand new thrilling installment in the international best-selling David Wolf series is a white-knuckle, whiplash-inducing trip to the high country of Colorado, keeping you devouring until the final word.

Don't Hang Up by Benjamin Stevenson

Don’t Hang Up by Benjamin Stevenson
Narrated by Luke Arnold, Sibylla Budd
Audible Studios

“You and I are going to have a chat. If you hang up, this girl dies.”

Adam Turner works the mid-dawn shift at his local radio station. From 12AM to 6AM, it’s his job to fill the airtime with old songs, inane chatter, and the occasional talkback caller. It’s a long way from his prime-time slot from over a decade ago, when he was a star in the making. Now there’s no producers, no billboards, no stakes, and, crucially, not many listeners. His frequent callers are drunk college students headed home from a night out, or long-range truck drivers. He is completely alone in the studio from midnight until dawn every night.

And then one night at 12:45AM, he gets a different kind of call, with higher stakes than he could ever have wanted. The caller’s rules are simple–stay on the line, live on air, until dawn, or the woman they are holding captive will die.

The night wears on and Adam is tormented by his caller, forced to answer increasingly personal questions, exposing his fall from grace for all to hear. He must try to figure out just who is calling him, what they really want, and how he can stop them. All while staying live on air, and keeping the psycho talking.

But as the conversation gets deeper, is Adam willing to broadcast his darkest secrets to the world in order to keep a stranger safe?


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