A Sci-Fi Adventure

4 out of 5 stars

Kangaroo Too reads like a Sci-Fi Adventure book that mates with a Mystery.  And it didn’t feel all over the place either.  Chen was able to write in a way that had me laughing throughout, but also wondering what was going to come next.  I couldn’t figure out what was going to happen or how this book was going to end and I loved every second of it.

The character building, plot, and overall storytelling ability of Chen is what I liked the most about Kangaroo Too.  It was just a really well-told story that was easy to follow, enjoyable, and overall a blast to read.

A few times I thought this would take a nose dive into the “caper” or spy-thriller aspects of Kangaroo – but it didn’t.  It kept it right on the edge where it wasn’t a “typical” spy thriller or caper book – but had more Sci-Fi and Mystery added keeping it fresh and unique.

P.J. Ochlan is perfect for this book – his narration is exactly what Chen’s writing and secret agent Kangaroo needed.  The production value and just overall ability of Ochlan really ratcheted this book up a notch.

Overall, a blast of a book that I enjoyed from beginning to end.

Book Description:

Audiobook: Kangaroo Too by Curtis C. Chen (Narrated by P.J. Ochlan)four-stars
Kangaroo Too by Curtis C. Chen
Narrator: P.J. Ochlan
Length: 12 hrs and 4 mins
Series: The Kangaroo Series #2
Published by Macmillan Audio on September 5th 2017
Genres: Adventure, Science Fiction
Pages: 317
Format: Audiobook
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Set in the same world as Waypoint Kangaroo, Curtis C. Chen's Kangaroo Too is bursting with adrenaline and intrigue in this unique outer space adventure.

The latest Audiobook in The Kangaroo Series is sure to grip listeners — whichever planet they happen to call home.

On the way home from his latest mission, secret agent Kangaroo's spacecraft is wrecked by a rogue mining robot. The agency tracks the bot back to the Moon, where a retired asteroid miner—code named "Clementine" —might have information about who's behind the sabotage.

Clementine will only deal with Jessica Chu, Kangaroo's personal physician and a former military doctor once deployed in the asteroid belt. Kangaroo accompanies Jessica as a courier, smuggling Clementine's payment of solid gold in the pocket universe that only he can use.

What should be a simple infiltration is hindered by the nearly one million tourists celebrating the anniversary of the first Moon landing. And before Kangaroo and Jessica can make contact, Lunar authorities arrest Jessica for the murder of a local worker.

Jessica won't explain why she met the victim in secret or erased security footage that could exonerate her. To make things worse, a sudden terror attack puts the whole Moon under lockdown. Now Kangaroo alone has to get Clementine to talk, clear Jessica's name, and stop a crooked scheme which threatens to ruin approximately one million vacations.

But old secrets are buried on the Moon, and digging up the past will make Kangaroo's future very complicated...

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