3.5 out of 5 stars

The Lazarus Protocol has Herron jet setting all over the world in search of The Master (who he thought he’d already killed).  He wants to put an end to the Enclave but The Master is seemingly the only one standing in his way.

I was hoping while reading the other two (which kind of just ended) that Vincent was going to wrap up book three with a neat little bow.  Unfortunately, he didn’t.  That’s not to say that this book or even this entire series hasn’t been damn entertaining, it’s just a little bit of a bummer.  I assume that just means that we still have some more Herron waiting in the wings… maybe?

Lazarus was definitely the most action-packed book of the series to date.  It had Herron almost lose out numerous times and there were a few times I thought “is Vincent really going to do that!?” but then only to prove me wrong.  I do enjoy when a book has me so into it that I don’t know what’s going to happen next.  The Herron series has felt that way from the beginning.

The fact that the trilogy now is lacking some sort of finality of the arc (or really of each story) I still wonder if there are more books waiting to come out.  Vincent is an awesome writer and I hope that he’s able to devote some more pages to Herron if he ever decides to write a book 4.

Overall, some hits and some misses – a book and a series that I enjoyed but didn’t love to death.  Not every book is going to get that distinction!

Tom Jordan nails it with his narration though.  He definitely made these books jump off of the page!

Book Description:

The Lazarus Protocol (Mitch Herron #3) by Steve P. Vincent (Narrated by Tom Jordan)three-half-stars
The Lazarus Protocol by Steve P. Vincent
Narrator: Tom Jordan
Length: 3 hrs and 35 mins
Series: Mitch Herron #3
Published by Self Published on October 24th 2018
Genres: Thriller
Format: Audiobook

The return of a nightmare.

Is the most dangerous clandestine organization on the planet really gone?

Mitch Herron thought he’d destroyed the Enclave’s leaders, who had no qualm sending their contract killers after innocents. But only hours after the victory that cost him so much, Herron finds out some enemies just don’t stay dead.

The Master is alive, and he has his sights locked on Herron.

In Washington, Paris, Amsterdam, and London - Herron finds the loyalty of allies and enemies can turn on a dime.

Will Herron survive the battle royale for control of the shadows? Or will the Master’s guile be too much to overcome?

You’ll love The Lazarus Protocol, the third explosive thriller in the Mitch Herron series, because some bad guys just won’t stay dead.

Also by this author: The Foundation, State of Emergency, The Omega Strain (Mitch Herron #1), The Shadow Enclave (Mitch Herron #2)
Also in this series: The Omega Strain (Mitch Herron #1), The Shadow Enclave (Mitch Herron #2)


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