A fun space cowboy/pirate/revenge story

4 out of 5 stars

Banished from Earth, the team of Alpha ship one awake from stasis not knowing where they are–or when.  They quickly realize this and a new adventure begins.

Narration done by Michael Gilboe was really good — the sound effects, not so much.  I’m not really sure when he chose to do these between each and every chapter.  They only really “worked” in chapter one and one other chapter where there was pounding in the ending scene before.  Every other time it almost pulled me out of the story.  My recommendation to Gilboe is to just leave the random audio notes unless the author specifically asks for them.

I read some of the reviews and people are upset about the science not being accurate.  Isn’t that one of the bonuses of writing in the Science Fiction genre.  You can bend the rules and even break them if you give a reason why or how (you don’t even have to tell the how — just make it believable).  I guess people are too stuck in the here-and-now to just enjoy a futuristic tale.

The science in it was fun to me, especially how fast the ship was able to go.  I just found it enjoyable, like an evening comedy after a long day at work.

The characters were very well explained and thought out.  The ones you were supposed to like you liked (but not unequivocally, he had to earn it a little).  And the ones that we were supposed to hate — earned that hate as well.  The other outside forces (both the alien race and the backstory of what was going on) were also interesting to me and added a lot of depth to the book.

Overall if you are looking for a fun and fast-paced science fiction book that won’t make you think too hard (or make you Google something to understand it).  Stasis Alpha Ship One is the book for you.  Gilboe’s narration helped with the pacing and the overall enjoyableness of this.

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They say that in space no one can hear you scream, but the question is: Can they see you coming?

The Alpha Ship One crew are famous for two things: making Earth heaps of money and doing it under the cover of deep space. The mercenary ship is commissioned to run missions on dangerous planets, to reap great rewards from unsuspecting alien races and to take minerals, precious metals, and invaluable resources for Earth’s galactic expansion.

They do the work that no other ship in Earth’s fleet would dare consider. Why? Because if they get found out, then Earth abandons them; leaves them to rot in the middle of the universe, unaided and unheard of until the very end of time itself.

For Captain Flynn, he never imagined that day would come. He and his crew were more than happy with the way things were going. That’s until one day they wake up from stasis not knowing how they got there. One minute they’re back on Earth, relaxing after another hair-raising, highly-illegal mission, and the next, they’re waking up from a six-year slumber, in the middle of a galaxy they don’t recognize.

But not all is as it seems. They are not alone. Aliens are aboard their ship. And unfortunately for Captain Flynn and his rag-tag group, they don’t come in peace. Earth has sold them down the river; banished them from the blue planet with no return ticket home. Now the aliens have them. And they plan on using them against their enemies.

They take them prisoner on their home planet. Shackled and bound, the crew fear that their fates are sealed. But unfortunately, it is just the beginning for them. The aliens that hold them captive have far greater plans for them than death. Plans that will undoubtedly shake Earth to its molten core.

Prepare yourself for a journey that leaps from star system to star system, in a space opera filled to the brim with nail-biting suspense throughout.


Luis SamwaysBestselling author of 25 books in five different genres.

A thriller writer from England, writing since he was eight years old, Luis has released nearly twenty books in three years. His prolific writing is the result of too much caffeine and not enough friends!

Samways is known for writing violent thrillers with twisted plots and depraved baddies. But in real life he’s a softy that enjoys watching films and playing video games. He has a wife that he loves very much. He tries to make her read his books, but she gave up after book number fifteen. Apparently “she has a life” and can’t keep up with all his releases.

She promises to catch up on them soon, but he doubts it very much!

Samways has had number one bestsellers in the Murder Mystery charts, the Hard Boiled charts, the Thriller charts, the Police Procedural charts and the Alternative History charts. He’s also been number one in the USA kindle charts, the UK kindle charts, Japan, Canada, Australia and Germany.

Luis has two cats, one of them behaves like a dog, whilst the other just smells like one.

He lives in England where he dreams of hot weather and beaches, but he’ll settle for cows and grass.

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