Good Character Building But It Gets Lost In Translation

3 out of 5 stars

Life After the Undead was an interesting take on this genre. It is taken from the viewpoint of a young teenage girl who watches her family parish in the zombie apocalypse. You aren’t taken through this dangerous new world on the back of a Special Forces team from Fort Bragg.

This world is seen through the eyes of an innocent young girl coming to grips with her family being lost, moving from different locations within the US and eventually meeting up with distant relatives. Overall, a good storyline with some good character development.

The downside to this is that while the story is told from a teenage girl’s point of view the writing is adult. The main character, when speaking, talks as if she is a much older adult. Unfortunately, the writing of her parts doesn’t match the character and at times it makes for a hard listen as you hear the Cheyenne speak her lines yet you can’t really envision the character.

Life After The Undead seems to get lost in translation.


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