How hard would you fight to save 90% of the worlds population?

5 out of 5 stars

The book mainly follows a Harvard doctoral student who has unknowingly helped create the worlds most deadly virus.  He thought he was working on a vaccination for a simple virus.  Once his eyes are opened, he is thrown into a world of deceit and death… lots and lots of death.  Follow him on his journey to try and fix what he didn’t know he had helped create.

This story wasn’t the fastest start, but that was because Lucian was setting up all of the characters.  I was trying to figure out how all of these people were going to interconnect when I started.  But after I realized this is what he was doing, I couldn’t wait to see where they were going.

The main character is really interesting.  He’s not your typical hero per say, but he does everything he can to make up for what he has already unknowingly done.   The DHS agent was my favorite other character.  She was a great addition and incredibly needed for this story.

Overall, I really enjoyed this.  It is a bio-thriller through and through.  There are parts where they are talking about the virus and what it has done and can do.  And then there were shoot outs and people chasing others.  I loved the mix of action and science.  Along with the “terror” plot that was playing out throughout the book.

I highly recommend this if you enjoy a good thriller, bio-thriller, or conspiracy tale.  I’ve now added the other Lucian books to my wishlist to read soon!





From the author of Conspiracy: Russian Assassins in America, comes a thriller that will leave you wondering not only what is possible, but also who is responsible for stopping it.

Eastern Sub-Saharan Africa–a doctor discovers a young woman has a natural immunity to a strain of the Ebola virus.

Virginia–a billionaire hires his top mercenary to retrieve the doctor and a blood sample.

Harvard University–the head of the Genetics Department is part of a secret society of anti-populationists who will use the blood sample to reshape the future of humanity.

The Professor’s top PHD student will do whatever it takes to stop them.

Can the student stop the greatest catastrophe in human history? Or will the anti-populationists have a “great purge” and set the human race on a new course of their choosing?

Find out in the thriller, Conspiracy: Population Elimination.



Lucian isn’t comfortable opening up about himself in public. (Writing about himself in the third person, however, is clearly not beneath him.)

Lucian is currently writing a Conspiracy series. Each book is its own individual story and they can be read in any order.

One conspiracy is personal. Another is historic. A couple are on an epic, global scale. Two more are, more or less, ripped from the headlines with endings that are fictionalized based on a kind of cynical inevitability that Lucian seems to have. And then there are the political and technological subplot conspiracies that permeate more than one book.

That’s Lucian.


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