Lullaby Will Haunt Your Dreams

5 out of 5 stars

I had just finished a book, I knew I was going to be up for another hour so I perused my Audible Library on my phone.  I came across the Audible Original.  I think it was from October, but I knew I had to give it a try.  Paul Stokes (the Audiobook Reviewer) raves about Maberry’s work (especially the Joe Ledger series) so it didn’t take much to twist my arm to start this one.

I started it and obviously finished it in one sitting… right before bed.  This wasn’t the best idea because Maberry wrote a story that freaked me out just enough that I had to stay up even later to stop thinking about it.

It had adult themes and some cursing if I’m not mistaken – but it was just a gritty short story that freaked me out.  It reminded me a bit of the John W. Dennehy’s books I’ve read.  They make you think but also make you look around right before you shut off the lights for bed.

The imagery in Lullaby is perfect.  You feel like you are in the house with them as things start to happen.  You feel like you can see the rocking and see the arm. Maberry just crushes it with that.

And throw in Scott Brick’s performance and… goosebumps.  I loved it and it made this book jump off of my phone and right into my memory.

Book Description:

by Jonathan Maberry
Narrator: Scott Brick
Published by Audible Studios Also by this author: Mars One, Patient Zero, Rage

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