Lust in the Stacks by Natalie Falkenwrath Cover

A Cute Story

4 out of 5 stars

I went into this one without really thinking too much about it. I needed a book that was going to be cute and made me smile. This one succeeded on both counts there. Lust in the Stacks was one of those books that was cute and easy reading and just had a really nice feeling throughout.

Lust in the Stacks tells the story of Alex who works for Cowling University in their IT department.  Her boss doesn’t really like her and “banishes” her to the “saddest little library” as the synopsis says.  She feels like she’s being punished and she mopes around. She tries to talk to her girlfriend about it but she’s not having any of it. And on top of that her girlfriend drops a bombshell on her.  Trying to figure out life while also trying to get the librarians to get onboard with the new system and backups she was sent to install she meets Cait, a bombshell of a librarian but to Alex, she’s still a librarian.

I flew through this one, Lust in the Stacks was one of those books that even though I knew how it was going to end, the ending still surprised me a bit. I like a good HEA book and thankfully this was one of those. Even the “there’s going to be an eventual issue they’re going to run into” that all books like this have – this one wasn’t long or drawn out.  Alex and Cait had an issue and it was resolved semi-quickly. It still added to the tension of the book and caused some other things to be discussed but it wasn’t unneccesarily long for no reason (other than word count). 

Overall, Lust in the Stacks was an enjoyable audiobook that was exactly what the doctor ordered. Cute, funny, and overall a fun and enjoyable book. If you enjoy HEA LesFic books with interesting characters – this is definitely for you.

Book Description:

Lust in the Stacks by Natalie Falkenwrath Small CoverIn this library, the books aren’t the only thing worth checking out…. Alex has a job she likes, doing tech support at Cowling University, and a beautiful – if difficult – girlfriend, Jasmine. Life is good. That is until Alex’s boss reassigns her to work in the university’s saddest little library. Alex feels like she’s been banished to a stuffy, quiet hell. Then Alex meets Cait, a living definition of “sexy librarian”. She’s hot, smart, and her accent is to die for. But Alex has a girlfriend she loves and a job to get done. When the library pushes back on the system updates Alex was sent to implement, Alex must work closely with Cait to find a solution. Can Alex stay professional and maintain her relationship with Jasmine while working side-by-side with the alluring librarian?

Lust in the Stacks by Natalie Falkenwrath
Narrator: Lessa Lamb
Length: 5 hrs and 20 mins
Published by Benton House Publishing on March 13th 2020
Genres: LesFic/Sapphic Fiction, LGBTQ+, Romance
Format: Audiobook


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