The Mad Scientists of New Jersey: Volume 1 Audiobook Cover

The Mad Scientists of New Jersey: Volume 1 Audiobook Cover

Excellent YA/MG Story

5 out of 5 stars

I’m familiar with the other stories that Sorensen wrote. They could give me that bone-chilling fear without making me completely unable to go to bed. So, when I saw that he had a YA-themed book coming out, I knew I had to check it out.

The Mad Scientists of New Jersey was so much more than just a journey about one kid figuring out his place in the world. It was about friendships, loyalty, learning new things, finding long-lost family, and on and on. Sorensen packed it into this relatively short story without leaving anything behind.

I really enjoyed the story once it got going. I was sitting here late one-night listening and had to finish the book. I’d read around half of it earlier in the day, but that night – the final 50% – Sorensen just sprinted towards the end. There was so much going on that I had to know how it would end.

Overall, this was great. I tweeted about the cover on the audiobook edition. It goes HARD, and I love it. I think Sorensen nails the grittiness of the book, and the typeface used seems to, in my humble opinion, fit certain aspects of the story that, if I mentioned, would spoil it for others. It’s a nice nod to what’s to come.

Book Description:

The Mad Scientists of New Jersey: Volume 1 Audiobook CoverEver since his father went missing, Eddie Edison has suspected that Lake Mohawk held dark secrets. But when he and his friends fish a strange mechanical device from its murky depths, Eddie’s suspicions are confirmed. Pursuing the device’s origin, Eddie stumbles upon a mysterious, fantastical stranger who might have answers about his father’s disappearance, as well as his own remarkable connection to the long-lost Mad Scientists of New Jersey. With the imagination of Rick Riordan and the zaniness of Roal Dahl, this tale is sure to please.

The Mad Scientists of New Jersey: Volume 1 by Chris Sorensen
Narrator: Chris Sorensen
Length: 4 hrs and 21 mins
Series: The Mad Scientists of New Jersey #1
Published by Self Published on September 8th 2022
Genres: Short Story, Speculative Fiction, YA
Format: Audiobook
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