Thoroughly Enjoyed This Book

4 out of 5 stars

The Lost City of Z is thought to hold untold riches for whoever finds it, and Manuscript 512 is supposed to be a map of sorts to find it. Dr. Hunter Winslow, a disgraced historian who was fired for theft of rare documents, believes all of it and is determined to find the answers. The document is housed in Rio and Winslow knows he has to steal it in order to test it, and he does just that. Armed with the knowledge hidden within the document, Winslow enters the jungle on a journey that will change his life forever.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!! It starts off as a typical adventurous read, it has an Indiana Jones feel to it, then it takes a turn and becomes something out of nightmares! I was wondering where the spider on the cover came into it! I had shivers running down my spine at certain bits, and felt like things were crawling over me at another memorable moment, you’ll know which bit when you read it!

I liked Dr. Hunter Winslow even though he isn’t the most ethical man. He stole documents so other scholars couldn’t read them, and so he would become the only person to turn to about them. He even goes so far as to destroy a document to get answers. He is well written and developed! All of the characters are well developed and you can’t help but become involved in their story.

The plot moves at a steady pace and is easy to become lost in. I could picture the jungle and all that went on there! I was drawn into the story right from the start and it held my interest till the very end. I really hope the author intends on revisiting this world and the characters left! There are so many possibilities!

Book Description:

Manuscript 512 by Rick Chesler (Narrated by David Loving)four-stars
Manuscript 512 by Rick Chesler
Narrator: David Loving
Length: 8 hrs and 22 mins
Published by Self Published on November 16th 2018
Genres: Thriller

For centuries, would-be explorers have examined a document written in 1753 rumored to hold the key to locating the so-called Lost City of Z, a fortified settlement containing many treasures and built entirely of gold. Thought to be buried somewhere within the Mato Grosso region of the Amazon rain forest, the lure of the vanished riches has long proven deadly to treasure seekers who brave the forbidding wilderness and mysterious creatures in search of it.

Disgraced historian Dr. Hunter Winslow, fired from a lucrative professorship for stealing rare documents in order to gain a competitive edge over his colleagues, thinks the key to Manuscript 512 lies not in its words, but in its paper itself. The only problem is that to confirm his hypothesis means to destroy the document, something the Brazil National Library in Rio de Janeiro will never allow. But old habits die hard, and Hunter knows his way around a special collections room. After a brazen theft that triggers an international manhunt, the rogue historian is able to reveal the document’s secrets in a way no one else can or ever will be able to again - by using its physical properties to reveal missing sections that had supposedly been irreversibly damaged.

Armed with this new information, Hunter embarks on an expedition to the deepest Amazon to put to rest the mystery of the lost city once and for all. But while Hunter is looking for the fabled treasure, the long arm of the law is looking for him. Will they catch up to him before he can locate the treasure of a thousand lifetimes, or will he become as lost as the city he seeks?

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