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The Damage Done by Michael Landweber

The Damage Done by Michael Landweber
Narrated by Anna Caputo, Gary Bennett, Senn Annis, Raymond J. Lee, Cary Hite, J. D. Jackson, Dominique Franceschi-Cybulski, Zac Aleman
Dreamscape Media

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Imagine a world devoid of violence – a world where fists can’t hit, guns don’t kill, and bombs can’t destroy. In this tantalizing novel of possibility, this has – suddenly and inexplicably – become our new reality. The US president must find a new way to wage war. The pope ponders whether the Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is still relevant.

A dictator takes his own life after realizing that the violence he used to control his people is no longer an option. In the first days after the change, seven people who have experienced violence struggle to adapt to this radical new paradigm: Dab, a bullied middle-schooler; Marcus, a high school student whose brother is the last victim of gun violence in America; Ann, a social worker stuck in an abusive marriage; Richard, a professor whose past makes him expect the worst in the present; Gabriela, who is making a dangerous border crossing into the US; the Empty Shell, a dissident writer waiting to be tortured in a notorious prison; and Julian, a white supremacist plotting a horrific massacre. As their fates intertwine, the promise and perils of this new world begin to take shape. Although violence is no longer possible, mindless cruelty is still alive and well – and those bent on destruction still seek the means to achieve it.

For fans of Ben Winters and Sarah Pinsker, this mind-bending and thought-provoking novel pushes the limits of fiction, questioning the violence sewn into our DNA.

Sam Gunn Jr. by Ben Bova

Sam Gunn Jr. by Ben Bova
Narrated by Stefan Rudnicki
Blackstone Audio

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The final completed novel by Ben Bova

Intergalactic explorer, venture capitalist, and Casanova Sam Gunn may be gone, but his legacy lives on in his son, Sam Gunn Jr.

In his first-ever adventure, Sam Gunn Jr. sets off to fulfill his father’s left-behind mission of interplanetary enterprising. He soon learns his father’s shoes are tough to fill, but he is up for the task. Junior takes a journey through the stars, falling in love with beautiful women and leaving his unique mark everywhere he ventures. Soon, however, this trip through the universe takes a dangerous turn when Junior lands on Saturn and learns about a recent scientific discovery that will change everything, possibly forever.

Will he be able to save the universe and live up to his father’s name? Take an unforgettable ride through space in master sci-fi author Ben Bova’s exciting novel!

The Primal Hunter by Zogarth

The Primal Hunter by Zogarth
Narrated by Travis Baldree
Aethon Audio

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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On just another average day, Jake finds himself in a forest filled with monsters, dangers, and opportunity….

It was a day like any other when suddenly the world changed. The universe reached a threshold humanity didn’t even know existed, and it was time to finally be integrated into the vast multiverse. A place where power is the only thing anyone can truly rely on.

Jake, a seemingly average office worker, finds himself thrust into this new world. Into a tutorial filled with dangers and opportunities.

His new reality should breed fear and concern. His fellow coworkers falter at every turn. Jake, however, finds himself thriving.

Perhaps… This is the world Jake was meant to be born in.

Don’t miss the start of this hit LitRPG fantasy series with millions of views on Royal Road. Grab your copy of Primal Hunter today on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, or Audible (narrated by Travis Baldree).

About the Series: Experience an apocalypse LitRPG with levels, classes, professions, skills, dungeons, loot, and all of the great traits of progression fantasy and LitRPG that you’ve come to expect. Follow Jake as he explores this new vast multiverse filled with challenges and opportunities. As he grows in power and slowly transforms from a bored office worker to a true apex hunter.

Kellen’s Moment by Robin Alexander
Narrated by Lori Prince
Tantor Audio

Read my review of Kellen’s Moment here

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Lori Prince

Kellen McLin has been waiting for her moment for a long time. She says when two people who are meant to be together find each other, they know it instantly. Kellen believes her moment girl has finally arrived, but there’s one big problem – she’s a Sealy. The McLins and the Sealys are South Louisiana’s version of the Hatfields and the McCoys.

Stevie Sealy left Louisiana for college and didn’t return except for holiday visits with her family. After a breakup with her boyfriend, she decides to move back to the town of Sealy temporarily. She never really understood or wanted to be involved in the family feud with the McLins, but she finds herself right in the middle of it when Kellen McLin walks into her life and changes everything.

In this romantic comedy, Robin Alexander weaves a tale about how fast love can happen and how inconvenient it can be.

Contains mature themes.

Worthy of Love by Quinn Ivins
Narrated by Anastasia Watley
Tantor Audio

Review Coming Soon

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Anastasia Watley

Nadine Bayani was at the top of her game. The brilliant, ruthless lawyer was in line to be White House chief of staff – until she confessed to campaign finance crimes that cost her party the election.

Now Nadine’s out of prison, broke, hated by millions, and stuck doing a menial retail job in rural Virginia where she barely earns enough to survive.

Bella Clarke has worked at Overstock Oasis since she flunked college. She wants to go back to school but secretly doubts she’s smart enough. At least she’s not as clueless as her boss, who just accidentally hired the woman responsible for a national scandal.

However, Nadine seems to be nothing like the crook portrayed in the media, and Bella is drawn to her troubled, standoffish coworker. As they grow closer, Nadine introduces Bella to the delights of Filipino food and opens Bella’s eyes to her own possibilities.

Before long, about the only thing harder to make sense of than Nadine’s past is their powerful chemistry together. Is Bella really falling for a woman who caused so much harm? And even if she is, how can two such different people ever be a match?

Contains mature themes.

Hopes and Dreams by PJ Trebelhorn

Hopes and Dreams by PJ Trebelhorn
Narrated by Lula Larkin
Bold Strokes Books

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

Riley Warren has spent her entire life in the same small town, in Upstate New York. There aren’t many prospects for true love, but she keeps hoping she will find it somehow. She dreams of owning the small movie theater she manages, but that takes money, which is hard to get when you live paycheck to paycheck.

Victoria Thayer has fallen for a woman more interested in her money than her heart, for the last time. When she runs into Riley, the first girl she ever had a crush on, at their high school reunion, she’s hoping there might just be a chance for the kind of relationship she’s always wanted. But Victoria can’t help wondering if Riley, too, is only after her money; and Riley can’t seem to forgive the fact that Victoria was part of a group of kids who used to bully her.

When hopes and dreams are on the line, will true love find a way?

The Suite Spot by Trish Doller

The Suite Spot by Trish Doller
Narrated by Sarah Naughton
Macmillan Audio

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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“Reading The Suite Spot is like wearing bunny slippers and drinking cocoa in a blanket fort (with a really hot guy) – the ultimate comfort read to escape into when you need a break from the world.” (Roni Loren, New York Times best-selling author of What If You & Me)

We stand there on the brink of something we both feel but neither of us is ready to identify, and the little half grin he shoots me is nearly as devastating as his full-blown smile….

One of the few bright lights in Rachel Beck’s life is her job at a Miami Beach luxury hotel – until she’s fired for something she didn’t do. As a single mom, Rachel knows she needs stability, and fast. On impulse, Rachel inquires about a position at a brewery hotel on a tiny island in Lake Erie called Kelleys Island. When she’s offered the job, not even the grumpy voice on the line can dissuade her from packing up her whole life and making the move.

What she finds on Kelleys Island is Mason, a handsome, reclusive man who knows everything about brewing beer and nothing about running a hotel. Especially one that’s barely more than foundation and studs. It’s not the job Rachel was looking for, but Mason offers her a chance to help build a hotel – and rebuild her life – from the ground up.

Trish Doller’s The Suite Spot is about taking a chance on a new life and a new love.

Stuck with You by Ali Hazelwood

Stuck with You by Ali Hazelwood
Narrated by Meg Sylvan
Penguin Audio

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From the New York Times best-selling author of The Love Hypothesis comes a new steamy, STEMinist novella….

Nothing like a little rivalry between scientists to take love to the next level.

Mara, Sadie, and Hannah are friends first, scientists always. Though their fields of study might take them to different corners of the world, they can all agree on this universal truth: When it comes to love and science, opposites attract and rivals make you burn….

Logically, Sadie knows that civil engineers are supposed to build bridges. However, as a woman of STEM she also understands that variables can change, and when you are stuck for hours in a tiny New York elevator with the man who broke your heart, you earn the right to burn that brawny, blond bridge to the ground. Erik can apologize all he wants, but to quote her rebel leader – she’d just as soon kiss a Wookiee.

Not even the most sophisticated of Sadie’s superstitious rituals could have predicted such a disastrous reunion. But while she refuses to acknowledge the siren call of Erik’s steely forearms or the way his voice softens when he offers her his sweater, Sadie can’t help but wonder if there might be more layers to her cold-hearted nemesis than meet the eye. Maybe, possibly, even burned bridges can still be crossed….

To listen to Mara and Hannah’s stories look for the novellas Under One Roof, available now, and Below Zero, coming soon – available first on audio!

The Last Birthday Party by Gary Goldstein

The Last Birthday Party by Gary Goldstein
Narrated by Gary Bennett
Tantor Audio

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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There’s nothing fabulous about 50 for LA film critic Jeremy Lerner, who loses his marriage, his job, and the use of his right arm just days after the birthday party he begged his now ex-wife not to throw him. But fate is a sly devil.

Jeremy’s string of calamities leads to a game-changing emotional and creative rebirth after he meets the intoxicating Annabelle, a beguiling widow who comes to his rescue – and Jeremy to hers.

If only their baggage didn’t match quite so well.

With the added support of his wise and spirited mom, Joyce, his capricious and big-hearted son, Matty, and Matty’s steadfast new boyfriend, Gabe, Jeremy begins to change in ways that surprise, inspire, and galvanize him. All of this while his career makes a head-spinning leap. The thing is, can it last?

The Last Birthday Party combines wry observation with an everyday wistfulness for a warm, propulsive, humanly funny tale of second chances set against the alluring nuttiness of Hollywood.

ODIN by Blake Banner, David Archer

ODIN by Blake Banner, David Archer
Narrated by Adam Grupper
Right House Audio

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

ODIN is about as secret as a government agency can get….

Multiple-time USA Today and Amazon five-million-copy best-selling authors David Archer and Blake Banner have combined forces to create one hell of a thriller series!

Nobody has ever heard of ODIN.

ODIN is about as secret as a government agency can get.

Because within ODIN there is General Operations, which speaks for itself; ODIN 5i, which deals with intelligence gathering; and then there is ODIN 1i, which deals in operations so sensitive not even the CIA can touch them. All three are run with an iron first by The Chief, a giant with a gigantic IQ. His top agent is Alex Mason, hard and cool – he’s a law unto himself.

But when an ODIN 5i agent based at the US Embassy in Manila goes missing and his encrypted laptop disappears with him, the whole ODIN structure is put in peril. Then the agents he was managing start to disappear one by one, and things start to look ugly.

So Alex Mason is sent to Manila, and what he finds there is the growing shadow of Chinese imperialism threatening not only America’s presence in the Pacific, but the security of the whole Western world….

This is a job for ODIN 1i…and for Alex Mason.

Last Exit by Max Gladstone

Last Exit by Max Gladstone
Narrated by Natalie Naudus
Recorded Books

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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American Gods meets The Dark Tower in a dark, contemporary fantasy of the open road, alternate realities, and self-discovery, from a Locus-nominated and Hugo and Nebula Award-winning writer.

Ten years ago, Zelda led a band of merry adventurers whose knacks let them travel to alternate realities and battle the black rot that threatened to unmake each world. Zelda was the warrior; Ish could locate people anywhere; Ramon always knew what path to take; Sarah could turn catastrophe aside. Keeping them all connected: Sal, Zelda’s lover and the group’s heart.

Until their final, failed mission, when Sal was lost. When they all fell apart.

Ten years on, Ish, Ramon, and Sarah are happy and successful. Zelda is alone, always traveling, destroying rot throughout the US.

When it boils through the crack in the Liberty Bell, the rot gives Zelda proof that Sal is alive, trapped somewhere in the alts. Zelda’s getting the band back together – plus Sal’s young cousin June, who has a knack none of them have ever seen before.

As relationships rekindle, the friends begin to believe they can find Sal and heal all the worlds. It’s not going to be easy, but they’ve faced worse before.

But things have changed, out there in the alts. And in everyone’s hearts.

Fresh from winning the Hugo and Nebula Awards, Max Gladstone weaves elements of American myth – the muscle car, the open road, the white-hatted cowboy – into a deeply emotional tale where his characters must find their own truths if they are to survive.

Redemption by Phil M. Williams

Redemption by Phil M. Williams
Narrated by Tristan Wright, Mia Valyn, GraceWright Productions
Self Published

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

Do you really trust your husband?

That’s what I had to decide. I had it all. At least that’s what people told me. Beauty, brains, and a rich husband. I deserved it too. My fiancé had cheated on me with my best friend. But, I won in the end, or at least I thought I had.

Until Christmas of 1999. My ex-fiancé, Danny, showed up at my parents’ house, wanting to talk to my father. Danny’s a police officer, and my father’s a retired officer. A six-year-old girl had disappeared without a trace, resembling a case my father had worked on years earlier.

My parents still loved Danny, the gregarious local cop. A man’s man with manners. What’s not to love? My introverted and awkward husband, Jason, couldn’t compete. My parents weren’t impressed by his money. Jason’s job in finance was too abstract. He made money from other people’s money, like a banker or a loan shark.

I think this made it easier for my family to blame Jason. They were right to blame him. He was alone with her. It was his DNA. It was an impossible choice for me though. My family or my husband. I suppose we all made our choices. We were never the same after that. We all suffered from his terrible crime.

Twenty years later, I had a happy life and a happy family. I wanted to forget the past, but it all came back, forcing me to choose all over again. This time we couldn’t bury the secrets. Jason. Danny. My parents. My daughter. All those missing girls. Never in a million years could I have seen it coming.

Get Redemption today if you enjoy pause-resisting domestic thrillers that will keep you listening late into the night.

Note: This audiobook contains adult language and sexual content.

The Patient’s Secret by Loreth Anne White
Narrated by Brittany Pressley
Brilliance Audio.

$1.99 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Brittany Pressley

Secrets worth dying – and killing – for, in a novel of suspense inspired by a horrific true crime by Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestselling author Loreth Anne White.

When the battered body of a female jogger is found beneath the cliffs of an idyllic coastal community, these perfect neighbors suddenly don’t seem so perfect…

Lily Bradley is a respected psychotherapist married to a distinguished professor. They live in a dream house with their two children in close-knit Story Cove. Lily lives a well-ordered life. Or so it seems. As a therapist, she knows everyone keeps things hidden. Even her.

Then sensual and free-spirited Arwen Harper rolls into town in her hand-painted VW van, her sixteen-year-old son riding shotgun. Overnight, Story Cove’s secrets are no longer safe. Because Arwen might know her new neighbors better than they know themselves.

Now someone is dead, and it looks like murder. Brutal and personal. The death invites the shrewd eye of Detective Rue Duval. Rue’s job is to expose secrets. But she’s also an expert at keeping them.

As the lives of three women become inexorably entwined, one thing is clear: when it comes to survival, ordinary people can do the most terrible things.

Run, Rose, Run by James Patterson, Dolly Parton
Narrated by Dolly Parton, Kelsea Ballerini, James Fouhey, Kevin T. Collins, Peter Ganim, Luis Moreno, Soneela Nankani, Ronald Peet, Robert Petkoff, Ella Turenne, Emily Woo Zeller
Little, Brown & Company

$12.99 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Kevin T. Collins
Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Soneela Nankani
Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Emily Woo Zeller

From America’s most beloved superstar and its greatest storyteller – a thriller about a young singer-songwriter on the rise and on the run, and determined to do whatever it takes to survive.

Every song tells a story.

She’s a star on the rise, singing about the hard life behind her.

She’s also on the run. Find a future; lose a past.

Nashville is where she’s come to claim her destiny. It’s also where the darkness she’s fled might find her. And destroy her.

Run, Rose, Run is a novel glittering with danger and desire – a story that only America’s number one beloved entertainer and its number one best-selling author could have created.

Audiobook edition read by Dolly Parton, Kelsea Ballerini, James Fouhey, Kevin T. Collins, Peter Ganim, Luis Moreno, Soneela Nankani, Ronald Peet, Robert Petkoff, Ella Turenne, and Emily Woo Zeller.


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