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Bled Dry: Oil Apocalypse #3 by Lou Cadle
Narrated by Cody Roberts

The enemies in nearby Payson have attacked. Now they’ll suffer retaliation.

Sierra’s tactical brainstorm leads the neighborhoods into a surprise attack. Sierra, Dev, and the others need to liberate those under the control of the brutal invaders from the valley to guarantee their own safety.

The numbers are against them. The stakes are high. And it has to be done now.

Impact by Andreas Christensen
Narrated by Stephen Bel Davies

In 2072 an object from outer space was discovered that threatened human civilization. A race against time began, and in 2080 the starship Exodus left Earth orbit, saving a small piece of humanity.

This is the story of those left behind.

Fire Storm: Zulu Virus Chronicles #3 by Steven Konkoly
Narrated by Charles Hubbell

Something merciless watches over the outbreak – guiding its course.

Having narrowly survived the Kill BoxHot Zone‘s hardened survivors and their Kill Box allies separate to pursue different objectives – outside of the Indianapolis quarantine zone.

For David Olson, that means bringing his son south to the safe haven of his parents’ home – far away from the infected cities. Eric Larsen takes him up on the offer to rest and heal at the house before departing on the long journey to find his family in Colorado.

For Rich and his secretive black ops team, that means transporting Dr. Chang and Dr. Hale to a secure facility out east, where they will join the nation’s few surviving bio-weapons researchers – with the hopes of pinpointing the source of the virus and possibly developing a vaccine.

Neither group will get very far before the true face of the evil controlling the Zulu Virus arrives – tempting them with irresistible opportunities.

Dangerous opportunities, with the potential to sweep them right into a lethal firestorm.

Survive: Live Free or Die #1 by Shawn Underhill
Narrated by Paul Costanzo

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.” -Benjamin Franklin in the Continental Congress before signing the Declaration of Independence

Set against the backdrop of the isolated forests north of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, while camping on family land, Tom and Lori Thornton (and their dog, Buck) find themselves in a sudden SHTF scenario.

No cellular service. Dangerous roads. Limited supplies. And far more questions than answers.

After the shocking murder of Tom’s uncle by a band of looters, the couple’s already faltering marriage reaches the breaking point amid the chaos. Trust and loyalties are challenged, old friendships are put to the test, and while immediate answers and solutions elude them, they must rely on raw instincts in order to survive.

Untangling The Black Web by T.F. Jacobs
Narrated by Chris Andrew Ciulla

When David’s wife dies at the hands of a corrupt medical system, David is out for justice. With his skills as a lawyer and his position inside the biggest health insurance company in America – American True Care – he plans to bring down the system, from the inside.

David begins to work his way up the company while recruiting a clandestine team to build a covert case against American True Care. But this is a dangerous game and the players have ties to the highest levels of government. Propped up by lobbyists, senators, congressmen, and even the White House, American True Care will do whatever it takes to keep hold of its power.

As the web of deception and danger tightens around David and his team, they begin to realize that to win they have to risk it all – even their lives.

Zombie Armageddon: Last Man Standing #1 by Max Lockwood
Narrated by Andrew B. Wehrlen

A virus was unleashed, leading to a zombie apocalypse.

No one thought that people would be able to turn into such horrible, violent creatures, even just in the metaphorical sense, let alone physically.

Matthew was a retired soldier who quit the army after seeing his friends die. It’s hard for him to trust anyone, but in this crisis full of zombies, he will need to trust the group he’s stuck with to survive.

Genevieve and Ellie are part of his group and are on a mission to find a cure to recover humanity.

Luckily, they aren’t alone in this new reality of zombies and having to fight for their lives. But will they be able to work together to survive?

Zombie Armageddon is book one of the Last Man Standing series.

Tainted World: Rememdium Series #4 by Ashely Fontainne
Narrated by Rebecca Roberts

The final installment of what happens when a miraculous cure ends up destroying the entire world.

When Dr. Everett Berning’s discovery of a permanent cure for drug addiction fell into the hands of Benito San Nicholas, head of the Alvarado cartel in El Salvador – the end result was the dead took over the world.

In less than 48 hours, narcotics tainted with fungal spores are deployed around the globe and mankind’s existence hangs in the balance. Nowhere is safe as the death toll mounts and the reanimated corpses aren’t the only threat.

The remaining members of Project Rememdium and the small contingent of survivors from Arkansas band together. The decision is made to flee to a safer location, yet Teresa Alvarado had other intentions. Once in the air, hell-bent on finding Benito San Nicholas and killing him for what he’s done, Teresa Alvarado forced the pilot to take them to her native El Salvador.

Will Teresa’s own personal vendetta actually offer hope to Dr. Berning and the rest of the world?

Or will the dangerous jungles of El Salvador be the place where all hope is lost and they take their final breaths?

The Culling by Ramona Finn
Narrated by Stacey Glemboski

In a solar system where The Authority decides who lives and who dies, only one of their own executioners can stop them.

Glade Io is a trained killer. Marked at a young age as an individual with violent tendencies, she was taken from her family and groomed to be a Datapoint-a biotech-enabled analyst who carries out the Culling. She is designed to identify and destroy any potential humans that threaten the colonies: those marked as lawbreakers, unproductive or sick. But when she’s kidnapped by rogue colonists known as the Ferrymen, everything Glade thinks she knows about the colonies, and The Authority that runs them, collapses into doubt.

Pulled between two opposing sides, and with her family’s lives hanging in the balance, Glade is unsure of who to trust-and time is running out.

EMP Survival Box Set: Seven Cows, Ugly and Gaunt – A Post-Apocalyptic Saga of America’s Worst Nightmare by Mark Goodwin
Narrated by Kevin Pierce

A prophetic dream. An emp attack. The ultimate contest for survival!

Danny and Alisa’s lives are turned upside-down when Danny begins having prophetic dreams about the judgment coming upon America. Through one of Danny’s dreams, they learn about the imminent threat of an EMP attack which will wipe out America’s electric grid, sending the country into a technological dark age.

Living in a nation where life-sustaining systems of support are completely dependent on electricity and computers, the odds for survival are dismal. Municipal water services, retail food distribution, police, fire, EMS, and emergency services will come to a screeching halt. Hunger, despair, and panic will push desperate people to commit unthinkable acts against their fellow human beings.

If they want to live through the most catastrophic period in American history, Danny and Alisa will have to race against time to get prepared, before the lights go out. Don’t miss this epic thrill ride. Get your copy and start this heart-stopping EMP saga today!

This is the complete, four-book box set containing book one: Behold Darkness and Sorrow, book two: Ichabod, book three: A Haunt for Jackals, and book four: Vengeance.

As with all books by Mark Goodwin, this audiobook contains no profanity and no embarrassing sex scenes. However, if you’re offended by conservative principles and biblical references, this might not be for you.

The Left Hand by Jordan Allen
Narrated by BJ Harrison

A city segregated by genetics.

A long-dormant terrorist group.

A life saved, a plot thwarted.

A cryptic message from a condemned man.

And now, Victor Wells is Marked for death.

When he saves the life of a controversial politician, Victor Wells is thrust into a world of outcasts and rebels, a place he has been taught to fear. Stripped of his elite status, he finds himself the target of a shadowy organization with a singular goal – his death. Aided by double-dealing Sinisters and friends he once left behind, Victor must unmask his enemies and uncover a truth that will shake the very foundations of society.


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