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5 out of 5 stars

I waited a long time for this one to come out on audio and it was definitely worth the wait. Wow, Maberry did it again. This is another masterpiece all the way through. In every single book, he makes it seem so real, no matter how unbelievable it may seem.  From technology to space travel and anything in between. For fans of Maberry, they will definitely know what I am talking about. He studies until he is an expert on the subject and then puts pen to paper. I was hooked from the first line of this book.

Just when you think you know where he’s going with Mars One, there is a curveball and it makes the story even better. Outer space is so mysterious, dangerous, and unknown but what is awesome is what Maberry does with this. There is even some young love that he does a great job of not allowing it to consume the whole story, but there is enough of it to make you wonder if it will work out or not.

Mars One even has you laughing out loud at times. This story brings consumerism to a whole other level too. The characters are so real and flawed that I liked every single one of them and they make the story run like clockwork.

I really liked the multicultural cast Maberry has employed throughout the entire story. Plus if you love tattoos, like I do then you will get to hear about one of the coolest tattoos I have ever heard of. This cast of characters shows how wonderful the entire world is.

MacLeod Andrews kills it.  His performance was marvelous. As with the multicultural cast of characters comes a multicultural set of voices and accents and Andrews does a totally amazing job. He adds so much to this story and makes the listener feel the emotions the characters are displaying. Andrews has that swagger to his performance that will make you seek out other titles he narrates. This is not my first book performed by him and definitely not my last.

As for Maberry, he continues to produce works of art that readers/ listeners all over the world enjoy. An Awesome listening experience!!

Book Description:

Tristan has known that he and his family were going to be on the first mission to colonize Mars since he was 12 years old, and he has been training ever since. But knowing that he would be leaving for Mars with no plan to return didn’t stop him from falling in love with Izzy. Now, at age 16, it’s time to leave Earth, and he’s forced to face what he must leave behind in exchange for an uncertain future.

When the news hits that another ship is already headed to colonize Mars, and the Neo-Luddite terrorist group begins threatening the Mars One project, the mission’s purpose is called into question. Is this all worth it?

Mars One by Jonathan Maberry
Narrator: MacLeod Andrews
Length: 9 hrs and 23 mins
Published by Blackstone Audio on April 4th 2018
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller
Pages: 449
Format: Audiobook
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I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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  1. So one of the reasons I’ve hesitated to pick up this book is it looked like it might have a big more of a romance angle to it than I like.

    How’s that feature?

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