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Reap3r by Eliot Peper

Reap3r by Eliot Peper
Narrated by Eliot Peper
Self Published

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How far would you go to achieve your greatest ambition?

Nothing is what it seems in this speculative thriller about a quantum computer scientist, virologist, podcaster, venture capitalist, and assassin coming together to untangle a twisted enigma that will change the course of future history. Everyone has something to hide, and every transgression is a portal to discovery.

Taking you on a whirlwind journey from the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area to the distant shores of the Galápagos, Reap3r is a propulsive adventure that grapples with the price of progress and how technology shapes our lives and world.

The Marlagans: For Mars by Alton Bryant

The Marlagans: For Mars by Alton Bryant
Narrated by Rachael Endrizzi
Self Published

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

Humans live, work, and play throughout the solar system. Ferdinand Abernaum, born with multiple birth defects, is now a premiere coder who has augmented his abilities beyond general human capabilities. Now he is a member of an elite team of universal explorers, The Marlagans. He, Jim, Becca, Zin, and Rhoan accept their first mission since the recent death of their former crewmate, Dr. Banthira. Join us as the Marlagans face threats from every angle on their latest controversial and confidential mission.

Light Chaser by Peter F. Hamilton, Gareth L. Powell

Light Chaser by Peter F. Hamilton, Gareth L. Powell
Narrated by Imogen Church
Tantor Audio

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$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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In Peter F. Hamilton and Gareth L. Powell’s action-packed sci-fi adventure Light Chaser, a love powerful enough to transcend death can bring down an entire empire.

Amahle is a Light Chaser—one of a number of explorers, who travel the universe alone (except for their onboard AI), trading trinkets for life stories.

But when she listens to the stories sent down through the ages, she hears the same voice talking directly to her from different times and on different worlds. She comes to understand that something terrible is happening, and only she is in a position to do anything about it.

And it will cost everything to put it right.

Child Zero by Chris Holm

Child Zero by Chris Holm
Narrated by Robert Petkoff
Mulholland Books

From molecular biologist turned Anthony Award-winning author of The Killing Kind comes a fact-based thriller in the vein of Michael Crichton about our species’ next great existential threat.

It began four years ago with a worldwide uptick of bacterial infections: meningitis in Frankfurt, cholera in Johannesburg, tuberculosis in New Delhi. Although the outbreaks spread aggressively and proved impervious to our drugs of last resort, public health officials initially dismissed them as unrelated.

They were wrong. Antibiotic resistance soon roiled across the globe. Diseases long thought beaten came surging back. The death toll skyrocketed. Then New York City was ravaged by the most heinous act of bioterror the world had ever seen, perpetrated by a new brand of extremist bent on pushing humanity to extinction.

Detective Jacob Gibson, who lost his wife in the 8/17 attack, is home caring for his sick daughter when his partner summons him to a sprawling shantytown in Central Park, the apparent site of a mass murder. Jake is startled to discover that, despite a life of abject squalor, the victims died in perfect health—and his only hope of finding answers is a 12-year-old boy on the run from some very dangerous men.

2 A.M. in Little America by Ken Kalfus

2 A.M. in Little America by Ken Kalfus
Narrated by BJ Harrison

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

From “an important writer in every sense” (David Foster Wallace), a novel that imagines a future in which sweeping civil conflict has forced America’s young people to flee its borders, into an unwelcoming world.

One such American is Ron Patterson, who finds himself on distant shores, working as a repairman and sharing a room with other refugees. In an unnamed city wedged between ocean and lush mountainous forest, Ron can almost imagine a stable life for himself. Especially when he makes the first friend he has had in years—a mysterious migrant named Marlise, who bears a striking resemblance to a onetime classmate.

Nearly a decade later—after anti-migrant sentiment has put their whirlwind intimacy and asylum to an end—Ron is living in “Little America,” an enclave of migrants in one of the few countries still willing to accept them. Here, among reminders of his past life, he again begins to feel that he may have found a home. Ron adopts a dog, observes his neighbors, and lands a repairman job that allows him to move through the city quietly. But this newfound security is quickly jeopardized, as resurgent political divisions threaten the fabric of Little America. Tapped as an informant against the rise of militant gangs and contending with the appearance of a strangely familiar woman, Ron is suddenly on dangerous and uncertain ground.

Platformed by Kelsey Josund

Platformed by Kelsey Josund
Narrated by Ariel Carreno
All She Wrote Productions

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

In near-future Silicon Valley, a young unemployed software engineer joins a tech giant’s secretive community seeking shelter from the chaos of a failing world. But this ideal society is not, in fact, so perfect.

Silicon Valley in the 2030s is not so different from today, filled with vaguely sexist CEOs, contested inequality politics, and startups that are almost a joke. After she loses her job when her startup folds and loses her home to California’s annual wildfires, Sara joins the latest thing: an unnamed tech giant’s quasi-utopian community, floating above the drowned land that was once Monterey.

Alone on the inside with a thousand mysteriously chosen strangers, Sara is insulated by an all-powerful corporation from the turmoil of crumbling governments and a changing climate. Everyone around her seems incredibly thankful, rescued from gig work and student loans and bad news, but she can’t find her own gratitude. As she learns more about her new home, she begins to see the cracks in its perfect façade. She must choose between surveillance and lies from the anonymous algorithms that protect her or face a vulnerable life outside the system to which she has signed away her next five years. Leaving, she learns, may not even be an option.

The Quantum Contingent by Gregory R Simpson

The Quantum Contingent by Gregory R Simpson
Narrated by Stephen Carter
Self Published

The future…is here. Gregory Simpson brings you The Quantum Contingent, a globe-trotting, techno-spy thriller with pop-culture references and even its own Spotify playlist! This novel is set in richly detailed locations around the globe and features today’s technologies extrapolated for tomorrow, including cryptocurrency, drones, and SpaceX rocket ships.

In 2028, a mysterious group known as The Quantum Contingent has achieved true quantum computing capabilities. The Quantum Contingent have their sights set on achieving immortality for a select few who will chart humanity’s destiny. They are willing to hold the world’s governments hostage to achieve their goals.

Jack and Sarah are sibling spies who work with Quotient, a mysterious, independent spy agency whose secret advantage is also quantum-based. They find themselves taking on a desperate mission to race across the globe at a frenetic pace to stop this nefarious group and their anonymous founder!

The Pharmacist by Rachelle Atalla

The Pharmacist by Rachelle Atalla
Narrated by Amy Manson
Hodder & Stoughton Limited

$7.99 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

A beautifully written dystopian thriller set in an underground bunker.

The bunker is a place of safety.

Wolfe is the bunker’s resident pharmacist. While the inhabitants wait for the outside world to heal, she doles out ibuprofen, sanitary towels and Xanax—all under the watchful eye of the increasingly erratic and paranoid leader.

The bunker is a place of hope.

But when the leader starts to ask things of Wolfe, favours she can hardly say no to, her world is thrown off its axis once again. Forming an unlikely alliance with the young Doctor Stirling, her troubled assistant Levitt and Canavan—a tattooed giant of a man who’s purpose in the bunker is a mystery—Wolfe has to navigate the powder keg of life underground, knowing her every move is being watched.

The bunker is a place of survival.

It’s not long before Wolfe is forced to question the sacrifices she’s made for her own personal survival, and how much more she is willing to give to stay alive.

The bunker is a place of danger.

Dark Passage by L.T. Vargus, Tim McBain

Dark Passage by L.T. Vargus, Tim McBain
Narrated by Natalie Naudus
Self Published

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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The corpse juts from the heaping bulge of the landfill. Milky white flesh laid bare by the front loader’s blade. Naked. Female. Face down in the garbage.

When three bodies turn up in a landfill outside of Philadelphia, FBI profiler Violet Darger heads to Pennsylvania to investigate. Right away there’s a major complication. The emaciated corpses appear to have been starved to death. Darger arrives in time for the autopsies. As she watches the withered bodies laid out on the stainless steel slabs of the morgue, their faces crusted with sandy soil, skin pulled taut around knobby cheekbones, she thinks: what kind of a person could carry out such harsh acts? Figuring out the warped psychology might be the key to solving the case. Forensic evidence helps Darger trace the bodies to a particular dumpster in West Philadelphia. It’s the first step down the long, dark passage this case leads her through.

Because the city is full of deadly secrets—horrors waiting beneath the surface.

In her most shocking and bizarre case yet, darkness comes for Darger in a way it never had before. Surrounds her. Envelops her. Will she find her way back to the light?

This pulse-pounding thriller will have you holding your breath until the final word. Fans of Robert Dugoni, James Patterson, Michael Connelly, and Lisa Regan should check out the Violet Darger series. Scroll up and grab it now.

Friend of the Devil by Stephen Lloyd

Friend of the Devil by Stephen Lloyd
Narrated by Chris Ciulla
Penguin Audio

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High school can be hell. Literally.

A demonic detective novel best devoured in a single sitting–from acclaimed TV writer Stephen Lloyd.

Welcome to Danforth Putnam, boarding school for the elite, sprawled across its own private island off the coast of New England. Sam, a war vet who feels sure he’s seen it all, has been called here to find a stolen rare book. But as he corners D&D nerds, grills steroid-raging linemen, and interviews filthy-rich actresses, he soon senses that something far stranger—“witchy”, in fact—is afoot. When students start to meet mysterious and gruesome deaths, Sam realizes just how fast the clock is ticking.

After joining forces with plucky, epilepsy-defying school reporter Harriet, Sam ventures into increasingly dark territory, unravelling a supernatural mystery that will upend everything he thinks he knows about this school—and then shatter his own reality.

Toss Dracula into a blender, throw in a shot of hard-boiled detective fiction, splash in a couple drops of Stranger Things, and pour yourself a nice tall glass of Friend of the Devil.

Dying Breath

Dying Breath by Blake Banner
Narrated by Ray Porter
Right House Audio

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Sometimes conspiracy theories are real…

USA Today and Amazon 2-million copy best-selling author Blake Banner is back with a brand new gripping thriller series!

When your only training is as a first class killer, it can be hard to find a job on Main Street. Unless you work for Cobra, the secret agency that takes out the worst of the world’s trash. So when Harry Bauer left the Regiment, the toughest special ops outfit on the planet, Cobra offered him a job, taking out the trash.

Bauer had grown up fighting for survival on the streets of the Bronx. He knew everything there was to know about hard reality, and he didn’t buy into fantasies or conspiracy theories. Until, that is, one came knocking on his door….

There was nothing unreal about the job: a simple hit at Manhattan’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel, on two of China’s highest ranking biochemists, and two of the world’s most evil men. But when Cobra High Command asks Bauer to find out why Zhao Li and Yang Dizhou are in New York in the first place, things turn dark.

In a mission that will take him from New York to Casablanca, Algeria and Bangkok, Bauer will realize the hard way that sometimes conspiracy theories are real….


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