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Unprepared by Tom Abrahams

Unprepared by Tom Abrahams
Narrated by Kevin Pierce
Piton Press LLC

A mutating plague is spreading. It’s killing two of every three people on Earth. And Mike Crenshaw is totally unprepared.

From the world of The Traveler Series comes a new cast of characters, new obstacles, and the same devastating, world-altering virus which plunges society into the depth of a dystopian hell.

Unprepared begins in the hours before The Scourge takes hold. As if ripped from today’s headlines, governments react too slowly and the disease spreads too fast. Quarantines don’t work. Infrastructure fails. People die.

Follow Mike and his friends as they try to survive this new landscape and find out how the world in which The Traveler Series was set came into being. It’s a thrill ride that will keep you up at night with the lights on and the doors locked.

The Girl Beneath the Sea by Andrew Mayne

The Girl Beneath the Sea by Andrew Mayne
Narrated by Susannah Jones
Brilliance Publishing

For a Florida police diver, danger rises to the surface in an adventurous thriller by the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Naturalist.

Coming from scandalous Florida treasure hunters and drug smugglers, Sloan McPherson is forging her own path, for herself and for her daughter, out from under her family’s shadow. An auxiliary officer for Lauderdale Shores PD, she’s the go-to diver for evidence recovery. Then Sloan finds a fresh kill floating in a canal–a woman whose murky history collides with Sloan’s. Their troubling ties are making Sloan less a potential witness than a suspect. And her colleagues aren’t the only ones following every move she makes. So is the killer.

Stalked by an assassin, pitted against a ruthless cartel searching for a lost fortune, and under watch within her ranks, Sloan has only one ally: the legendary DEA agent who put Sloan’s uncle behind bars. He knows just how deep corruption runs–and the kind of danger Sloan is in. To stay alive, Sloan must stay one step ahead of her enemies–both known and unknown–and a growing conspiracy designed to pull her under.

What We Forgot to Bury by Marin Montgomery

What We Forgot to Bury by Marin Montgomery
Narrated by Samara Naeymi, Jess Nahikian
Brilliance Publishing

Truth and deceit blur as one woman’s desperation twists into another’s desire for revenge in this mind-bending psychological novel.

Charlotte Coburn has a tragically dark past. But she’s safe now. She lives in a gated community, protected from danger. When teenager Elle knocks at her door looking for shelter during a particularly severe storm, the woman can’t help but think how lucky Elle’s been to have found someone as friendly as her. Except Elle chose her door on purpose…

She knows all about Charlotte’s secrets because they ruined her family and her life. And it is time that everyone else knew. But Charlotte’s past has left a dark void in her life, so she is concocting her own vicious plan, convinced that Elle can help fill that void.

As events unfold, the truth unravels and pulls both women into a dangerous game that will leave you wondering, Who’s the villain?

Ruins of the Galaxy by J.N. Chaney, Christopher Hopper

Ruins of the Galaxy by J.N. Chaney, Christopher Hopper
Narrated by R.C. Bray
Podium Publishing

The mission is simple. Escort an emissary to an intergalactic peace summit. Try not to get in the way.

Lt. Magnus and his 79th Recon Team have certainly handled worse, after all.

But when an explosion rocks the tower and sends everyone into a panic, Magnus and his asset find themselves cut off from the rest of the team.

Worse still, a dying alien chieftain gives them a priceless drive of intel, marking them for death.

The mission has officially changed.

With enemies on all sides, Magnus must do everything in his power to protect the emissary and escape the tower. There is no backup. There is no chance for failure.

The fate of the entire galaxy now lies in the hands of a Republic Marine and a diplomat.

All they have to do is survive.

Experience the beginning of this sprawling galactic tale in this first entry to the Ruins of the Galaxy series. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, Galaxy’s Edge, or Battlestar Galactica, you’ll love this military sci-fi epic.

Includes bonus Ruins of the Galaxy stories “The Night of Fire” and “Demons at War”.

Contact Front by Rick Partlow

Contact Front by Rick Partlow
Narrated by James Patrick Cronin
Aethon Audio

Go to war or go to jail.

For small-time street hustler Cam Alvarez, the choice is simple. He has no family, no friends, no place in the world…nothing to lose. When his latest con results in the death of a cartel hitman, Cam opts to join the Marines and leave Earth to fight a vicious alien enemy.

Drafted into the Marine Drop-Troopers, Cam discovers there’s one thing he’s even better at than running street-con games, and that’s killing the enemy. Wrapped in an armored battlesuit, Cam finds purpose amidst the horror and destruction of the war, and the opportunity for a new sort of friends and family…if he can break the habits of a life spent alone, trusting no one.

And, if he can survive….

Rick Partlow returns with another kickass military sci-fi epic. It’s perfect for fans of Jay Allan, Jasper T. Scott, and Scott Bartlett.

Star Fighter Charlie by Scott Baron

Star Fighter Charlie by Scott Baron
Narrated by Gary Bennett
Self Published

A magic wielding astronaut fighting off an alien invasion with his dragon friend? Charlie thought they might actually pull it off… that is, if Lady Luck decided to play nice for a change. Unfortunately, knowing his fortunes, the odds of that were slim to none.

Could a magic wielding astronaut fight off an alien invasion with just his vampire assassin and space dragon friends? Amazingly, Charlie thought they might actually pull it off… that is if Lady Luck decided to play nice for a change. Unfortunately, knowing his fortunes, the odds of that were slim to none.

The aliens were coming, that much was certain. What they could do to stop them, however, remained up in the air. Having joined forces with the mighty AIs overseeing the planet and its defenses, at least their toys had been upgraded accordingly. The magic users now had big guns. But against a magical enemy they couldn’t see coming?

All the weapons in the system would not be of any use. They were screwed. That is, unless they could somehow harness their own magic. That, or perhaps bring to bear something entirely new, spawned not in a distant galaxy, but rather in their own realm.

Portal Thief Charlie by Scott Baron

Portal Thief Charlie by Scott Baron
Narrated by Gary Bennett
Self Published

Charlie had a constant companion everywhere he went. Unfortunately, its name was trouble.

Space portals to another galaxy were just the beginning of the worries piled high on Charlie’s plate. Not only was he facing a hostile band of alien mercenaries, hell-bent on capturing his home and enslaving his people, but now, it seemed, there was something more afoot.

With his homeworld, solar system, and even the entire galaxy at risk, Charlie and the great AI minds of Earth had to make a decision. Would they wait for the alien aggressors to make their next move, or would they step up and take the fight to them? Whatever the decision, Charlie knew he and his friends would be in for the fight of their lives. And against an anemy more powerful than any they’d ever imagined.

Daisy’s Gambit by Scott Baron
Narrated by Vivienne Leheny
Self Published

Her moment of triumph was finally at hand. Or at least that’s what Daisy thought before everything flipped on its axis and went to straight to hell. But that was par for the course in Daisy’s life, and she was becoming somewhat accustomed to expecting the unexpected. This, however, took it to a whole different level. One far worse than she would ever have thought possible.

With her home in jeopardy, her loved ones in harm’s way, and her plans for all of their survival in doubt, Daisy once more found herself forced to step up and take charge, fighting the hard battle she so desperately wanted nothing to do with.

Unfortunately, the alien forces that had devastated her planet seemed to be much more of a threat than she had ever realized, and if she didn’t move quickly, whatever fleeting victories she had achieved in the past would soon be negated by her losses in the near future.

With a rag-tag team of scrappy survivors, Daisy reluctantly set out on what was her most difficult and audacious effort yet. But if she somehow succeeded, she might just save not only her own world, but others’ worlds as well.

A Girl from Nowhere by James Maxwell

A Girl from Nowhere by James Maxwell
Narrated by Simon Vance
Brilliance Publishing

Surrounded by fire, a girl with mysterious powers and a young warrior search for safety.

Life in the wasteland is a constant struggle. No one knows it better than Taimin. Crippled, and with only his indomitable aunt to protect him, Taimin must learn to survive in a world scorched by two suns and frequented by raiders.

But when Taimin discovers his homestead ransacked and his aunt killed, he sets off with one mission: to seek revenge against those who stole everything. With nowhere to call home, his hunt soon takes a turn when he meets a mystic, Selena, who convinces him to join her search for the fabled white city. Taimin and Selena both need refuge, and the white city is a place where Taimin may find someone to heal his childhood injury.

As they avoid relentless danger, Taimin and Selena attempt to reach the one place that promises salvation. And they can only hope that the city is the haven they need it to be….

Crash by David Hagberg, Lawrence Light

Crash by David Hagberg, Lawrence Light
Narrated by Graham Winton
Recorded Books

The second Great Depression is coming. The world’s economies are groaning under too much debt. If one thing goes wrong, the entire rickety system collapses. Now, acclaimed award-winning New York Times best-selling novelist David Hagberg and renowned financial reporter Lawrence Light have combined forces to dramatize – hour by hour – how this all-too-real catastrophe could go down in Crash.

With debt-burdened governments and businesses worldwide about to go bust, a cabal of Wall Street big shots plot to destroy the globe’s stock exchanges. To provide that one thing that goes wrong. In 24 hours, a powerful computer worm will smash the exchanges and spark an international panic, pushing a debt-laden world into the abyss. The Wall Street gang’s investment bank will be the last one standing, able to make a killing amid the ruins.

But one person, who works for their bank as a computer expert, spots the worm embedded deep in its network. Cassy Levin invents a program to destroy the cyber-intruder. Angered by Cassy’s discovery, her bosses order her kidnapping.

Her boyfriend, a former Navy SEAL, is alarmed at Cassy’s disappearance and unravels the plot. Ben Whalen only has until the next morning to save the woman he loves and prevent the economic apocalypse.

This story is based on the genuine threat posed by towering debt, which will make the 2008 financial crisis look puny.

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