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4.75 out of 5 stars

The Mayor’s Mission by Piper Huguley is a historical fiction masterpiece that left me genuinely excited and utterly captivated. Having read and enjoyed the first book in this series – I hoped going into this one that I was going to enjoy it as much (or more). Huguley skillfully weaves a tapestry of drama, romance, sorrow, and joy against the backdrop of the post-Civil War South, delivering a compelling narrative that explores the complexities of race, love, and progress.

At the heart of the story is the resilient African-American couple, Virgil and Amanda, who are navigating the challenging terrain of a changing society. Virgil, a former slave turned community leader, embodies strength and determination as he takes on multiple roles in his small, close-knit community. Meanwhile, Amanda’s education and Northern upbringing provide a sharp contrast to Virgil’s experiences. Together, they form a tender alliance, representing the aspirations of their community for education and civic participation amidst a world that remains resistant to change.

Huguley’s characters are richly drawn, and readers familiar with the Milford series will find Virgil and Mandy’s journey both heartwarming and thought-provoking. Their evolving relationship, deep faith, and unwavering love serve as pillars in the face of adversity. The novel expertly portrays the challenges they face, navigating a world that still clings to prejudice and injustice.

I found myself engrossed in the growing romance between Virgil and Mandy, cheered for the newcomers, and fumed at the old troublemakers. The emotional rollercoaster of loss and love was portrayed with such authenticity that I couldn’t help but shed tears at certain moments. Piper Huguley’s storytelling prowess shines in every chapter, leaving readers in awe of the characters and the town’s transformation.

Throw in the excellent narration from Shamaan Casey and you’ve got a great story, a great budding romance, mixed with the trials and tribulations of the post-Civil War South. Huguley’s ability to blend history, romance, and social commentary into a compelling narrative is truly commendable. Bravo, Piper!

Book Description:

Milford, GA 1868: Milford College is in trouble. The mission to create teachers and preachers for the recently freed populations is on a shaky course because of problems between the married founders.

Mayor Virgil Smithson has been away to the constitutional convention in the newly established state capitol in Atlanta for almost five months. He’s late in getting back home. Worried about her husband, Amanda Smithson manages the crowded and growing school by herself. How they will pay the taxes on the school property if Virgil doesn’t return from Atlanta?

More problems: The Milford daughters-in-law arrive in town, determined to wrest what they see as their rightful inheritance from the Smithsons.

Amanda has hired an old school chum from Oberlin to teach the older students. And he’s a tad too affectionate with Amanda for Virgil’s liking.

Just when it all seems impossible to resolve, the Smithsons must endure another crisis that threatens to tear them, and the dream of their school—apart.

When life becomes difficult, it will take all of God’s love and mercy for the Smithsons to come together to fight within the bonds of holy matrimony that united them less than two years before.

It will be the mission of the mayor, and his wife, to do what it takes to keep the new and coltish educational tradition that they began together going—to keep their love alive.

The Mayor's Mission by Piper Huguley
Narrator: Shamaan Casey
Length: 7 hrs and 8 mins
Series: Home to Milford College #2
Published by Self Published on August 14th 2023
Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance
Format: Audiobook
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