The Messy Man

The Messy Man

Absolutely Creeped Me Out

5 out of 5 stars

Leave it to Chris to completely creep me out, and not in the way that even the other two books in this series did. It was a whole other level of “under my skin” type of scared. The funny part is to be able to explain why would likely give away most of the story, so I’ll try and talk around it a bit.

Basically, Sorensen wrote a story about a girl named Ellen who sees ghosts, not only does she see them, but they can talk and interact with her. Now, that by itself freaks me out, but it gets so much deeper. The story of Ellen, what she sees and does, and her overall journey trying to solve the mystery of her father’s death is one of those that tugged at my heartstrings one moment and had me wanting to run for the door the next.

The story does jump back and forth a bit too between two characters, which was unexpected but a welcome addition. These jumps and changes of scenery were welcomed at first because Ellen had a way of really creeping me out, but as the story progressed and these two timelines and stories converged, my feelings about that changed.

Throw in the introduction and especially the way that Chris outro’s the story and you have one of the most unique and creepy ghost stories I’ve read in a really long time. Sorensen does it again and this time really amps up the creepy level to a whole new area.

Book Description:

The Messy Man

Ellen Marx sees ghosts.

Her mother, Rita, just wants her to be a “normal” 11-year-old kid. But that’s tough to do when you receive a birthday card from your dead father.

Following a trail of breadcrumbs left by her dad, Ellen sets out on a journey to unravel the mystery surrounding her father’s disappearance and ends up unearthing secrets best left buried.

The third and final book in the haunting trilogy, The Messy Man brings to a close the story that began with The Nightmare Room and The Hungry Ones.

The Messy Man by Chris Sorensen
Narrator: Chris Sorensen
Length: 7 hrs and 42 mins
Series: Messy Man Series #3
Published by Tantor Audio on January 26th 2021
Genres: Horror
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Also by this author: The Nightmare Room, The Hungry Ones, The Mad Scientists of New Jersey: Volume 1
Also in this series: The Nightmare Room, The Hungry Ones


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