Revisiting My 2018 Bookish Resolutions/Goals

I posted this in January hoping that I would do most/some of them.  Let’s see how I’ve done so far!


1.  Read 150 Books.
I’ve read 85 book so far this year.  Goodreads tells me that I’m 10 books ahead of schedule.  So it looks like this one was a success (so far).

2. Comment more on other book blogs.
I’m definitely better at this – but I have not been as good as I’d hoped in January.

3. Try to post content every day.
I’m genuinely surprised that this has happened.  I’ve posted every day this year so far.  I’ve added some more reviewers to my blog to help me do this – and I have 2 weekly posts – but that’s still 5 reviews a week! 

4. Continue to post original content.
As I said above – I have 2 days that I do “original” content.  One is this post (top 10 tuesday) and the other is the “New & Notable” Audiobook post.  Nothing else has stuck that I was doing, but I might still bring some things back.

5. Figure out how to gain followers
Such a hard to measure goal.  I definitely have a solid following of people who check out the blog.  My numbers are in the right direction on posts read and visits to the site.  I’m chalking this up to a win.


So, it seems like I’ve done them all except commenting more.  It looks like I’ll need to work on that a bit – but overall, I’m definitely proud of myself.  I’ve had my personal ups and downs and so has the site.  Hopefully, you like my content! And if you don’t, please find another site that you do!



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