Missing in the Keys Nicholas Harvey, Douglas Pratt

Harvey and Pratt At The Top of Their Games

5 out of 5 stars

I went into this one really excited and that excitement didn’t stop until the book ended. I’ve been really enjoying Nicholas Harvey’s books lately and when I saw that he and Douglas Pratt were writing this together I knew I had to check it out. It’s weird going into a book with high hopes, I usually go into them just looking for some enjoyment. But I was pumped for this one and it did not disappoint.

Missing in the Keys was such an interesting story that two adults realized that they had both been lied to by their mother and father. It was such an interesting premise and the realization that they could potentially be long-lost siblings added such a fun element to it.

I applaud Harvey and Pratt for making both characters have some big flaws that they both needed to work on (and ones that made them both lose their perspective law enforcement careers). I think it sets up such an interesting character arc for both of them (which already started in this book). I like when there is a flawed main character or characters because it humanizes them to me much faster allowing me to fall in love with new characters and want more from them. That happened quickly with Missing in the Keys. I think it was just after the funeral scene that I thought “I hope they write more of these”. That doesn’t happen often to me, but I already wanted it to be a series before the ending.

Overall, I don’t think I need to explain more, but I loved it. Harvey and Pratt are at the top of their game with this one. And throw in the excellent performance by Ray Montecalvo, who I thought absolutely nailed this. And you’ve got a great thriller series that sets the stage for these two long-lost siblings to work together in the future. I’m not sure if it’ll be against more of these rogue government agents/enemies or something else, but I’m here for it.

Book Description:

Missing in the Keys Nicholas Harvey, Douglas Pratt

Kindle Edition currently available for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Charlie Greene’s life is unraveling…. Dismissed from Scotland Yard, she’s jobless, aimless, and living with her father in London. But as she struggles to get her life in order, he mysteriously disappears while on a business trip to Florida.

With nothing more than a duffel bag and an uneasy feeling, Charlie flies to Miami and quickly discovers… someone has their sights set on her too.

Reluctantly joined by Grant Wolfe, another former cop with problems of his own, they begin a frantic search for answers…and reveal more about their pasts than either of them could have imagined.

Two best-selling authors bring their unique styles together for an action adventure thrill ride kicking off the Greene Wolfe Thriller series.

Missing in the Keys by Nicholas Harvey, Douglas Pratt
Narrator: Ray Montecalvo
Length: 7 hrs and 25 mins
Series: Greene Wolfe #1
Published by Self Published on November 17th 2023
Also by this author: Angels of the Deep, Graceless, Deadly Sommer, Solomon's Well, Shameless

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