An Enjoyable and Well-Performed Children’s Tale

4.25 out of 5 stars

Mouse Trax, penned by M. H. Dixon, is a delightful children’s audiobook that captivates both young minds and the adults who read or listen along. This enchanting tale revolves around “Another Mouse,” who resides in a library, reveling in the world of books. The story takes an exciting turn when Another Mouse embarks on an adventure, leading to his misplacement in an unfamiliar world.

The narrative presents a compelling story with a heartwarming and relatable message for families. Just like Dr. Seuss’s classic works, Mouse Trax weaves a rhyming and engaging story that harks back to the joy of bedtime storytelling. This quality makes it an ideal choice for parents and caregivers to share with children, creating cherished moments and encouraging a love for reading (which my dad did for me years ago).

One of the standout features of Mouse Trax is the distinct characterization of its diverse cast of characters, which adds an extra layer of fun and engagement, making the audiobook an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Another aspect that sets Mouse Trax apart is its subtle encouragement for children to cultivate a love for reading. Another Mouse’s journey, guided by the knowledge he acquired from the library, emphasizes the power of knowledge and literacy.

The narration, performed by Stu Hollowell, has an engaging and warm style. Hollowell’s performance adds an extra layer of charm, creating the sensation of a caring parent reading to their child. He was able to capture that feeling of being read to without overperforming it. The audiobook’s length and narrative depth may not make it an ideal choice for quick bedtime reads, but it is well-suited for longer sessions, like road trips or extended storytelling sessions before bedtime.

In a world often filled with darkness and complexity, Mouse Trax offers a much-needed respite, bringing a touch of warmth and wonder through its engaging story and engaging narration. While I may not have children of my own, I can appreciate the timeless appeal of this audiobook and can easily imagine sharing it with young listeners during memorable family moments. Mouse Trax is a heartwarming journey that resonates with the magic of storytelling and the joy of shared adventures.

Book Description:

Kindle Edition currently available for free with Kindle Unlimited

Mouse Trax is an award-winning (Global Book Awards 2022) humorous action-adventure novella for middle graders and up. While a novel in form, it contains about 50 rhyming verses, which make for an exceptionally entertaining audio presentation.

It is about a mouse who gets lost chasing a butterfly and just wants to go home but does not know his address or how to get there. He gets help from a more worldly-wise companion when confronted with some oddball, misfit, and human-like animal characters who either can’t help or want to eat him.

Mouse Trax by M.H. Dixon
Narrator: Stu Hollowell
Length: 2 hrs and 7 mins
Published by Self Published on January 26th 2023
Genres: Children's, General Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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