Neptune's Wall by Nicholas Harvey

AJ Bailey and Her Periless Adventures

4.5 out of 5 stars

This week I had the pleasure of finishing Neptune’s Wall by Nicholas Harvey. It’s the eighth book in the AJ Bailey series, so I’m quite familiar with Harvey’s writing style and AJ’s tendency to get caught up in absolutely crazy investigations and situations. This book was no different, and while it still had its own surprises, it was precisely the sort of book I needed this week.

The story in this one seemed to flip back and forth between timelines more than usual because there was the original “The chest was lost to the sea” timeline. Another timeline in the 80s turned this one into a new and unique story. As always, the star of these stories is the diving adventures, and there was a lot of diving in this one. Bailey and her team/friends went on multiple dives to try and figure out what was going on – each dive getting dicier and dicier.

Overall, Neptune’s Wall was one of those books that kept and held my attention throughout. The peril-filled scenes were intense, and the storytelling around it was superb. This book is a must-read for fans of the AJ Bailey series and those who enjoy a good diving adventure. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an engaging, suspenseful, and unique story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

(Slight spoiler alert here, I’m sorry, I try REALLY hard not to give them, but this has to be talked about). One thing that made this book stand out for me was the lack of a “satisfying” style ending (they get the bad guy, discover a body, etc.) that I was okay with. Not every story needs an ending that wraps everything up in a bow. However, as I said, I wanted to make sure that people know that going in. It can be a turn-off for some. I didn’t think that it took away from this story at all. I like that Harvey sprinkled the ending in there in a way that the reader could understand what happened, but AJ and the team did not.

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Book Description:

Neptune's Wall by Nicholas Harvey

An earthquake in the depths of the Caribbean Sea shakes the little island of Grand Cayman, revealing sinkholes in the roads—and ghosts from the past.

When AJ Bailey discovers a long hidden cavern in the reef, she may have found clues to a 34-year-old unsolved police case. But the dangerous dives to unearth the answers could either solve the mystery—or turn AJ into the next victim.

A famous 16th century explorer and treasure hunters from the 1980s all collide in AJ Bailey’s undersea world on Grand Cayman. Book eight in a mystery adventure with an intriguing plot, a sprinkling of humor, and the action you’ve come to expect from this thrilling series.

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Neptune's Wall by Nicholas Harvey
Narrator: Kim Bretton
Length: 7 hrs and 19 mins
Series: AJ Bailey #8
Published by Self Published on March 21st 2023
Genres: Mystery, Sea Adventure
Format: Audiobook
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