Never Say Never Audiobook Cover

Never Say Never Audiobook Cover

Really Damn Cute

5 out of 5 stars

I love when the opening of the synopsis talks about a boss who “ends in a puddle of melted ice queen”. I don’t know if I can describe this book any better and I’m jealous of whoever thought of that. Never Say Never was a super cute story about two women in very different parts of their lives coming together to realize that they were starting to rely on each other more and more as the employee-employer relationship continued.

Camila was the perfect character for this one. She was driven and successful. Sommers made her the “ice queen” of the story since it makes sense succeeding in a world live television would require you to be ruthless. Emily was so fresh-faced and young. She was likable from the opening chapter and really made me fall in love with her almost right away. She just had this way about her that even made Camilia stop and take notice. But, I hate to say this, even though this entire story was about two women whose lives were deeply revolving around each other – the star of the show was Camila’s son. He was the cutest and a few times the things that he would say would break my heart. And other times it would make me cry from happiness. He was perfectly written and had the exact innocence that a child should have at that age.

Overall, I loved Never Say Never. This age gap romance mixed with the thawing of the ice queen was the perfect mix. Sommer does a wonderful job flirting with the “will they?” so many times that I honestly wasn’t even sure if they would in the end.

Lori Prince, as I’ve stated numerous times before – is a narrator that I seek out. Her portrayal of each character always shines through and takes good books and makes them great. Never Say Never was no different. She crushes the narration and really nails the narration of Camila’s son. His scenes stole the show and really had me smiling ear-to-ear.

Book Description:

Never Say Never Audiobook Cover

An age-gap, opposites-attract lesbian romance between a nanny and her career-climbing boss that ends in a puddle of melted ice queen.

Ambitious corporate shark Camila Evans might have just lost her marriage but she decides she doesn’t need love to build a television empire and raise her young son alone. What she does need is a nanny, but the incompetent idiots sent her way make her lose faith in ever finding anyone useful.

Enter Emily Walker – fresh out of college, bright, a little naive, and new to New York City. Emily is everything Camila is not and frankly it’s a little unsettling how innocent and gentle the young woman is.

That’s not all that’s unsettling. Camila’s growing feelings for Emily are making it hard to maintain a professional distance. Surely she can’t possibly be falling for the nanny? God, it’s such a mid-life crisis cliche. But would it be too impossible?

As time goes on, Camila starts to wonder if maybe even she can get her happy ending after all.

Never Say Never by Rachael Sommers
Narrator: Lori Prince
Length: 7 hrs and 52 mins
Published by Tantor Audio Genres: Age Gap
Format: Audiobook
Buy from Audible
Also by this author: Fool For Love


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