Here are the books that were released the week of July 19th that I think are new and notable including books from Nicholas Sansbury Smith, ML Banner, and Nick Thacker. Featuring Narrations by R.C. Bray, Joe Hempel, and Kevin Pierce.

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Hell Divers II: Ghosts: The Hell Divers Trilogy, Book 2 by Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Narrated by R.C. Bray

Ten years ago, Hell Diver Xavier “X” Rodriguez fell to Earth. Those he left behind went on without him aboard the airship he once called home.

Michael Everheart—the boy once known as Tin—has grown into a man and the commander of Hell Diver Raptor Team. While Michael dives to help keep the Hive in the air, Captain Leon Jordan rules with an iron fist at the helm of the ship. But unrest stirs under his strict leadership as a prophecy of hope sweeps the lower decks.

When a mysterious distress signal calls the Hell Divers to the surface, Michael and his loyal team begin to uncover long-buried truths and the secrets Captain Jordan will do anything to keep. They dive so humanity survives … but will they survive the ultimate betrayal?

USA Today and Audible bestselling author Nicholas Sansbury Smith delivers another heart-pounding thriller in Hell Divers 2: Ghosts, the second book in the acclaimed science fiction series.

Hell’s Requiem by M.L. Banner
Narrated by Kevin Pierce

His world was about to go to hell

His son died, and his wife left him.
Then the world ended.

It was about to get much worse.

Tom was already prepared for society’s collapse when the nonstop solar storms arrived. He just hadn’t planned on the loneliness.

When a woman and a little boy show up, they bring with them much more than Tom had bargained for. He’ll not only have to battle for his life; he’ll need to fight for a reason to live, as he recalls the painful memories and the songs linked to them in HELL’S REQUIEM.

Ascend Online by Luke Chmilenko
Narrated by Luke Daniels

Whispersync Deal

Diving into a revolutionary new video game, Marcus and his friends escape a stagnant society, entering into a world that defies their wildest imaginations. But from the moment that he logs in, Marcus finds himself separated from his friends and thrown into remote village under attack by a horde of goblins.

Forced into battle, Marcus rallies the beleaguered villagers and with their help, manages to drive off the invading creatures. With the village in ruins and their supplies spoiled, the survivors desperately turn to Marcus for help in rebuilding the village.

Realizing that this game is nothing like he’s ever played before, Marcus is swept up into a whirlwind of adventure as he struggles to defend his new home, quickly finding that marauding goblins are the least of his problems.

Warning:This Book Contains Profanity

The Memory Agent by Matthew BJ Delaney
Narrated by James Patrick Cronin & James Foster

Whispersync Deal ($1.99 at time of posting)

Crime never changes. Punishment does.

In a time when prisons no longer contain inmates behind concrete and steel, the convicted serve their time while asleep, rehabilitating in virtual reality while blissfully unaware of their crimes.

Roger Parker is a professional prison breaker, skilled at navigating these strange penal dream worlds and extracting those imprisoned there—for a price. Parker wants out of the game, but a powerful senator, desperate to save his son, convinces Parker to pull one last job. The clincher? An opportunity for Parker to find his wife, herself interned, lost somewhere in a treacherous, time-shifting Manhattan cyberscape.

As Parker and his team make their hallucinatory journey between worlds, memory and motive lose coherence and integrity, and the clock begins to run out: internal security detects the breaker, and sets out to remove him—permanently.

Unable to rely on his perceptions, unsure of the truth or even his very identity, will Parker break out…or be broken?

Hard Tide: Florida Coast Adventures, Book 1 by Johnny Asa
Narrated by Joe Hempel

When his father disappears in a freak boating accident, something smells fishy to former marine Billy Ryder. Now, after two decades away, Billy has come back to Pleasantville, Florida, a town whose surf is only rivaled by its share of sun.

Only Pleasantville isn’t how he remembers it. A local gang has taken over the small fishing village and has scared the locals into submission, and worse, they just may have killed his dad for trying to stop them.

Now, if Billy wants to bring them to justice, he’ll have to do something he hasn’t done since his mother died. Step back on a boat.

That’s okay though because after six tours in Iraq, Billy is really good at rooting out evil. And Pleasantville has a whole lot of evil.

(Author’s Note:If you’re looking for a lazy slice of life Florida book don’t buy this. If you want guns, guts, and action in the vein of Clive Cussler that takes place along the Florida Coast, buy this book.)

Relics: Three: Relics Singularity Series, Book 3 by Nick Thacker
Narrated by David S Dear

In the end, the System will win. That is the belief shared by the humans who fight for the sentient computer system that controls them. That is the belief shared by those who want to keep the System in power.

But there will still be an end.

There are others – Unders, Relics, and other rebels who want nothing more than to bring the System to its knees, as impossible as that may seem. This is the end.

Join Myers Asher, Jonathan Rand, Ravi and Ary, and others as they race to beat the assembling army of System-controlled humans to the ICPL. It is believed to be impossible, yet impossible things are usually worth dying for.

Megatooth: A Deep Sea Thriller by Viktor Zarkov
Narrated by Sean Leanhart

When the death rate of sperm whales rises dramatically, a well-respected environmental activist puts together a ragtag team to hit the high seas to investigate the matter. They suspect that the deaths are due to poachers and they are all driven by a need for justice.

Elsewhere, an experimental government vessel is enhancing deep sea mining equipment. They see one of these dead whales up close and personal…and are fairly certain that it wasn’t poachers that killed it.

Both of these teams are about to discover that poachers are the least of their worries. There is something hunting the whales…

Something big

Something prehistoric.

Something terrifying.


As the Ash Fell by AJ Powers
Narrated by Aaron Cleveland

Life in the frozen wastelands of Texas is anything but easy, but for Clay Whitaker there is always more at stake than mere survival.

It’s been seven years since the ash billowed into the atmosphere, triggering some of the harshest winters in recorded history. Populations are thinning. Food is scarce. Despair overwhelming. With no way to sustain order, societies collapsed, leaving people to fend for themselves.

Clay and his sister Megan have taken a handful of orphaned children into their home—a home soaring sixteen stories into the sky. With roughly six short months a year to gather enough food and supplies to last the long, brutal winter, Clay must spend most of his time away from his family to scavenge, hunt, and barter.

When Clay rescues a young woman named Kelsey from a group of Screamers, his life is catapulted into a new direction, forcing him to make decisions he never thought he would have to make.

Now, with winter rolling in earlier than ever, Clay’s divided attention is putting him, and his family, at risk

The Compatibility Code by Tyler Dahl & Curtis Lee
Narrated by Don Abad

In 2020, the human race perfects biomechanical engineering to transform the body into a superior specimen. The body has increased muscular strength, is capable of molecular rejuvenation and leveraging nerves to transport information. Since then, they have referred to themselves as the Biom race and have been plagued with solving one major flaw in their design: genetic compatibility.

Over the next six decades, the families of Pilife Nichols and Joseph Reid, descendants of the original Biom architects, have battled to take credit for the creation of the Biom race. This boils to a breaking point when Pilife uses the resources of his family’s company to solve the compatibility code. The results of his actions are catastrophic.

As luck has it, Joseph stumbles upon a clue that takes him on a thrilling and twisted journey to reverse the damage that Pilife has caused but just how far will he need to go to save the world?


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