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The Last Love Song by Kalie Holford

The Last Love Song by Kalie Holford
Narrated by Taylor Meskimen, Amanda Dolan
Blackstone Publishing

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“A lyrical and moving debut…A magical book that feels like your favorite song playing on the radio.”—Rachael Lippincott, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Five Feet Apart

A queer YA Mamma Mia! with a dash of Maureen Johnson, The Last Love Song celebrates the music of an uncertain heart—perfect for fans of Nina LaCour, Laura Taylor Namey, and Emma Lord.

After high school graduation, Mia Peters faces a summer full of painful goodbyes. Songwriting is her only solace. Everyone she knows is moving on, including Britt, her biggest supporter … and kind-of-sort-of girlfriend. Britt keeps pushing Mia to go bigger and do better than their small town, but Mia can’t imagine a life beyond Sunset Cove. Besides, she refuses to follow in the footsteps of her late mother—country music star Tori Rose—who abandoned her family to pursue her dream, leaving Mia and her two grandmothers alone.

Desperate for a sign of what might lie ahead, Mia finds the opposite—a mysterious letter from the past, addressed to her in her mother’s handwriting. It turns out to be the first of many. One by one, they lead Mia on a wild scavenger hunt through a Sunset Cove she never knew, buried under the memorializing that has frozen her mother in time. Each new discovery brings Mia closer to the real Tori Rose, but with the clock ticking on Britt’s departure, Mia knows she is running out of time.

With the summer winding down, Mia must decide if she is ready to face the present, confront her feelings, and forge the destiny she truly wants. A dazzlingly soulful debut, The Last Love Song is perfect for anyone who’s ever tried to decode the clues in the lead-up to a new Taylor Swift album.

Cory Sloan Is Swearing by Jamey Moody

Cory Sloan Is Swearing by Jamey Moody
Narrated by Jennifer Griffin
Sloan Sisters Sapphic Romance #2

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When rivals become teammates, possibilities are endless.

Cory Sloan was the proud owner of The Liquor Box in the brand new Sloan Sisters Shopping Extravaganza. When a rival salesperson threatens the success of Cory’s new business she has to find a way to calm the impending storm, so she uses her best asset: her charm.

Vi Valdez is simply trying to open a few new accounts on the path to her imminent promotion as Vice President of Sales of the largest spirits chain in the state. When a new liquor store opens in the area Vi is working, she takes it as a purposeful threat to her career goals.

Cory finds a way for them to avoid competing for the same accounts and Vi is suddenly able to express the feelings which may have started as animosity but had quickly become more than friendly. Could these two rivals end up on the same team and find love? Or possibly forever?Come along on this rocky romantic adventure and find out if Cory will be swearing at Vi Valdez or will she be swearing her love forever?

Catchpenny by Charlie Huston

Catchpenny by Charlie Huston
Narrated by Pete Cross
Random House Audio

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A thief who can travel through mirrors, a video game that threatens to spill out of the virtual world, a doomsday cult on a collision course with destiny, and a missing teenager at the center of it all. With the world on the brink of every kind of apocalypse, humanity needs a hero. What it gets is Sid Catchpenny.

“I absolutely loved it. Catchpenny is a brilliant book, full of heart and the language is pitch-perfect. If Elmore Leonard had ever written a fantasy novel, this would be it.”—Stephen King

Sidney Catchpenny has had a bad run. Laid low by a years-long bout of debilitating depression, he’s all but squandered his reputation as one of the most uniquely talented thieves in LA. There aren’t many who can do what Sid does. He’s a sly, a special kind of crook with the uncanny ability to move through mirrors. And the spoils he’s after are equally unusual. Forget jewels and cold cash—Sid steals curiosities—items imbued with powerful mojo, a magical essence gleaned from the accumulated emotion that seeps into interesting, though often banal objects. That spot on the carpet where your old dog used to lay at your feet? The passed-down family heirloom nobody wants but everybody refuses to throw away? These curiosities are full of mojo, which is both the currency of the criminal underground and the secret source of magic in the world.

When a friend from Sid’s past comes looking for his help with an important client, and the chance to pay off old debts presents itself, Sid seizes the opportunity … as best he can. But the case he stumbles into is more complicated than it seems, and it portends a seismic shift in the world, one that will leave no one untouched. As the fog of his depression begins to lift, Sid sees connections everywhere he looks, and the once disparate threads of the case—a missing teenage girl, an entire bedroom saturated with mojo, and Sid’s own long-dead wife—begin to coalesce.

The Work Retreat by JE Rowney

The Work Retreat by JE Rowney
Narrated by Duncan Galloway
Self Published

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What could be worse than being stranded on an island?

Try being there with six coworkers that you hate.

Jonathan Jackson and Mark Thompson are the very definition of workplace toxicity.

As their bickering and infighting threatens to destroy the company, the CEO has no alternative but to send them and their colleagues to a team-building retreat.

When the plane crashes en route, the coworkers find themselves stranded on a deserted island with only each other to rely on for survival. With tensions high and psychological demons threatening to overwhelm them, surviving the island may prove easier than surviving each other.

If you love domestic thrillers, and are looking for a book with a storyline that’s not set in the usual neighbourhood, family or friendship circle, this unique and fresh thriller is for you. Think ‘The Office’ meets ‘Lord of the Flies’ with a dash of ‘Lost’.

SUBLIME: Initial Recruits by Mark White

SUBLIME: Initial Recruits by Mark White
Narrated by Mallory Fuccella
Self Published

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

SUBLIME examines the journey of two couples who find themselves inside a planned utopian community on the cusp of society’s implosion. Newly engaged Cole and Carly are just setting forth on a getaway when they’re abducted by SUBLIME—an underground group seeking Cole’s engineering skills. Mindy and Kacee, the parents of young children, are also kidnapped while embarking on a weekend camping trip. They’re knowledgeable in the realm of health and fitness, another set of skills desperately needed by SUBLIME.

As the story progresses, it’s revealed that there are twelve underground communities situated around the world, all under the care of the Founder—the mysterious, fabulously rich leader—and his AI assistant, the Analyst. Together, the Founder and the Analyst have created a machine-enriched world free of crime, suffering, and want, at least in their hidden bases, known to but a select few.

The two couples find their every need anticipated, and a personal staff is on hand to prepare their meals, care for their bodies, and free up their minds for the most challenging creative undertakings. Both entertainment and work are VR-enhanced (using advanced simulations and euphoric states produced by drugs and hypnosis). Everything that happens inside SUBLIME is meticulously scheduled and surveilled. Moreover, everyone in SUBLIME serves a critical purpose. Yet, efficiency notwithstanding, there exists a dark side to this domain.

With the onset of the Event, a world economic crash is prompted by evil forces intent on capturing global power. The New World Order is orchestrated by a disturbed dictator named Mr. Chen, who’s hellbent on reducing the population and forcing mass compliance. As such, SUBLIME must remain hidden to prevent a confrontation, but there are still countless people to help escape the demonic Dictator.

The Vacancy in Room 10 by Seraphina Nova Glass

The Vacancy in Room 10 by Seraphina Nova Glass
Narrated by Brittany Pressley, Stacey Glemboski
Harlequin Audio

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The Most Anticipated 2024 Book Releases by Nerd Daily

Most Anticipated Crime Fiction Novels of 2024 by Novel Suspects

“[An] entertaining thriller [that] maintain[s] tension and intrigue through to the satisfying end. The author’s fans will devour this.” —Publishers Weekly

The Paris Apartment meets The Wrong Family in this thrilling tale of crime, passion and murder set in a run-down apartment complex packed with shady characters willing to go to deadly lengths to keep their darkest secrets from the stranger in their midst.

When Anna Hartley’s husband, Henry, calls her with a terrible, guilty confession, she can’t believe what she hears. It has to be a bad joke—the mild, predictable artist she married would never hurt a fly, let alone commit murder. But her confusion turns to horror when police find his body washed up on the banks of the Rio Grande.

Desperate for answers to the millions of questions his untimely death has raised, Anna checks in to The Sycamores, the run-down motel turned apartment Henry rented as an art studio. As she absorbs every bit of gossip the eclectic mix of residents are willing to share about her husband and each other, she begins to piece together a picture of a very different man than the one she married, and the life he led behind her back. The more she learns, and the less sense things seem to make, she finds herself wondering: Did she ever really know Henry at all?

But Henry’s secrets aren’t the only ones; as Anna’s search for clues expands, Cass, the mysterious, jaded motel manager, seems more and more determined to keep Anna in the dark. And when threatening letters start appearing at her door, Anna has to decide what’s more important—the truth, or her own safety.

The Rising Order by Claire Isenthal

The Rising Order by Claire Isenthal
Narrated by Sam Christian
Greenleaf Book Group

Flynn faces an impossible choice—save her family and friends or save the lives of thousands of innocent people.

Flynn Zarytsky, recruiter for the Chicago mega-tech company Magnetic, comes face-to-face with true terror amid a horrific mass shooting by homegrown terrorist organization REDS. Wolf, a REDS soldier, has her in his sights, then decides to spare her life. But in doing so, he may have ensnared her in a fate worse than death.

REDS’ master plan is to make society pay for its greed and to establish a new order. Wolf sees manipulating Flynn in her role at Magnetic as the perfect way to infiltrate the tech company and use its reach to unleash catastrophic devastation on the city of Chicago and topple civilization. He never expected Flynn could chip away at his resolve and question REDS’ mission. And she never dreamed she’d be a pawn in a dangerous game that forces her to leave the citizens of Chicago vulnerable to slaughter so that her loved ones can live.

The Rising Order is a gripping listen for fans of Homeland and the Divergent series looking for an adult take on the lead-up to a dystopian society.

5 Minutes to Die by R.J. Patterson

5 Minutes to Die by R.J. Patterson
Narrated by Gary Bennett
Garrett Knox #1
Recorded Books

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The deadliest enemies are the ones we cannot see.

When Army Ranger Garrett Knox left behind his military career to lead wilderness expeditions, he thought he’d escaped the life-threatening missions forever. But his quiet world in the Montana mountains explodes one evening, forcing him to accept a persistent government agent’s dangerous mission: Hunt down Knox’s former military buddy accused of treason and the murder of nearly their entire platoon.

Knox’s globe-spanning pursuit of answers soon places him in the crosshairs of a covert operation testing bioweapons on innocent civilians. As the body count rises, Knox assembles his own skilled team to expose the truth and topple the corrupt power-players behind the deadly conspiracy.

Racing from the halls of Washington D.C. to the unforgiving jungles of the Amazon and the hinterlands of Africa, Knox and his team find themselves in a do-or-die race to gather evidence and stop the devious masterminds before their sinister plans can infect the entire nation.

With adrenaline-charged action, stunning betrayals, and a final confrontation that will leave Knox and his country changed forever, this gritty thriller by bestseller RJ Patterson (Titus Black series) will keep you breathless until the last shocking secret is revealed.

This action thriller is perfect for fans of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp, Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, or Stephen Hunter’s Bob Lee Swagger!

Origin by Matt Conant, Lauren Cipollo

Origin by Matt Conant, Lauren Cipollo
Narrated by Amy Hutchins
Parallax #1
Aethon Audio

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Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

A conspiracy threatens everyone in the colonized worlds. Only they can stop it.

In a distant future where advancements in cybernetics and gene-splicing have resulted in a dozen different variants of humanity, three individuals find themselves entangled in a conspiracy that could doom everyone in the colonized worlds.

Paige Angstrom, a fierce and loyal Peacekeeper, yearns to shield her sister Volara from a life of corporate-indentured servitude.

Hemlocke Shaw, a gene-spliced engineer, tirelessly searches for his missing eco-activist wife.

And Emrald Re, a no-nonsense bounty hunter, embarks on a mission to find a vanished wastelander named Lewis DuCane.

Amidst deadly power outages, vanishing civilians, and stalled terraforming projects, the trio unearths a cover-up of epic proportions. The revelation sends shockwaves through their lives, forcing them to confront their own identities and become unlikely heroes in the struggle against the very architects of the Terran race.

From debut authors Matt Conant and Lauren Cipollo, the Parallax series will transport you to a universe teeming with adventure, where ordinary individuals become beacons of hope in the face of oppression.

Friends of the Devil: A Jerry Snyder Novel by Wayne Stinnett, Stewart Matthews

Friends of the Devil: A Jerry Snyder Novel by Wayne Stinnett, Stewart Matthews
Narrated by Nick Sullivan
Jerry Snyder: Caribbean Mystery Series #3
Down Island Press

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After watching his yacht burn to the waterline in a fiery explosion, Jerry Snyder is forced to make a deal with the only devil who can help track down a lead—his estranged, mob-connected father figure, Arlen Burkhart.

The investigation starts on unsure footing, and Jerry’s deal with Arlen goes from bad to worse when, at a funeral held on a private Caribbean island where the uber-wealthy have met to pay respects to one of their own, bodies begin to wash up at Jerry’s feet like fish on a red tide.

In this luxurious tropical paradise, murder, blackmail, and deceit are the name of the game, and secrets are as abundant as sins. Before Jerry can determine who is trying to kill the funeral attendees, he’ll not only have to risk his life, but he’ll also have to confront a past which threatens to claim his very soul.

Storm by Shaun Harbinger

Storm by Shaun Harbinger
Narrated by John Keating
Undead Rain #2
Tantor Audio

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Alex Harley wasn’t cut out to be a survivor in a zombie apocalypse. And now he may have made a fatal mistake.

Going ashore to find news of his brother and parents, Alex is attacked by feral survivors. When he gets back to the harbor, he finds his boat . . . and Lucy . . . gone.

Stranded on the mainland, alone and vulnerable, he seeks shelter from the shambling zombies and the roaming army patrols. He meets a group of survivors who seem to be on a mission. They have found a way to get a message to the survivors in the camps. Alex joins them, intent on getting a message to Lucy if she is still alive.

But like every mission, this one could be deadly. It means the group must move inland and stay alive long enough to achieve their objective.

With power-hungry soldiers and flesh-craving zombies everywhere, that isn’t going to be easy . . .


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