Here are the books that were released the week of July 5th that I think are new and notable including books from Craig Alanson, Greig Beck, and Christopher Brookmyre. Featuring Narrations by R.C. Bray, Kevin Pierce, and Luke Daniels.

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Dark Retreat (EMP Lodge Series Book 1) by Grace Hamilton
Narrated by Andrew Tell

Three months after life as she knows it was decimated, Megan Wolford has only one goal: protect her daughter, Caitlin, at any cost. When a mysterious illness strikes Caitlin down, Megan is forced to forage for medical supplies at a remote lodge. The last thing she wants is help from her fellow survivors when so many in her life have let her down – but soon she’ll find herself with no other option.

Ex-Navy SEAL Wyatt Morris is doing everything he can to hold his family together after the tragic death of his prepper Dad. So when Megan enters their lands, he is mistrustful at first, despite feeling drawn to her. He won’t turn away an ill child though – no matter how deadly the world has become. But the arrival of another stranger named Kyle soon gives them all a new reason to be suspicious.

Wyatt knows he’ll have to forge alliances in order to keep his family safe, but trusting the wrong person could be a deadly mistake. When Megan and Wyatt discover her daughter’s illness may be linked to Kyle’s arrival, it sets off a race to discover the truth before it’s too late to save Caitlin – and the rest of the Morris clan. Can they work together for survival…and something more?

The Last Hack by Christopher Brookmyre
Narrated by Angus King & Avita Jay

Whispersync Deal

Published in the UK as Want You Gone

There are no women on the Internet. It is one of the cardinal rules of hacking, and not since Lisbeth Salander famously violated it in Stieg Larsson’s Millenium series has the maxim been so compellingly broken as in The Last Hack, the new Jack Parlabane thriller from one of the smartest minds in crime fiction, Christopher Brookmyre.

Sam Morpeth has had to grow up way too fast. Left to fend for a younger sister with learning difficulties when their mother goes to prison, she is forced to watch her dreams of university evaporate. But Sam learns what it is to be truly powerless when a stranger begins to blackmail her online. Meanwhile, reporter Jack Parlabane seems to have finally gotten his career back on track with a job at a flashy online news start-up, but his success has left him indebted to a volatile source on the wrong side of the law. Now that debt is being called in, and it could cost him everything. Thrown together by a common enemy, Sam and Jack are about to discover they have more in common than they realize—and might be each other’s only hope.

The Immortality Curse by Greig Beck
Narrated by Sean Mangan

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What would you give for eternal life?

An impossibly old man, a family gruesomely murdered and a woman whose collection of mythological artefacts defies belief: Professor Matt Kearns knows they are connected. These ancient clues bring Matt out of his self-imposed solitude to seek the fabled Fountain of Youth.

This brings on a perilous odyssey across deserts, oceans and into the heart of a mountain, Matt must overcome horrifying adversaries, creatures of legend, and also unravel a 5000-year-old mystery that will tear at his very sanity.

In a hidden place, Matt finds that some gifts have a terrible price, and some are not gifts at all, but curses that can last for an eternity.

Orbital: Station Breaker Series, Book 2 by Andrew Mayne
Narrated by Kyle McCarley

Whispersync Deal
For astronaut David Dixon, sneaking aboard a Russian space station and stealing a nuclear bomb was the easy part – now he has to survive re-entry on an untested inflatable heat shield and then deal with the aftermath of being the most wanted man on Earth.

When a clandestine intelligence agency offers David the chance to return to space and probably not get killed – he finds himself in a world of intrigue when a secret mission takes an unexpected turn as he goes undercover on an orbiting science platform in order to track down the spymaster known as Silverback.

Orbital is a fast-paced blend of space action and mystery thriller set in the fast-emerging aerospace age.

The God Complex by Michael Suskind
Narrated by Luke Daniels

In 2021, a worldwide Competition of seven billion people — every man, woman and child on earth — begins. In strange…often comic…sometimes frightening…ultimately lethal Events, participants battle against each other.

M would love to give up. After 300 years of desperately trying to survive the crazy, always surreal Events, he is finally done.
The only thing that has sustained him until now is the dream of being reunited with his beloved wife and two young children, whom he hasn’t seen since the Competition unexpectedly began. But slowly he has come to realize this is pure fantasy.

Now in his 45th Q&A Event, he is ready to give the wrong answer to the random, obscure question and take a dive.

But then Jonathan appears. A stranger, who’s really not a stranger at all, prevents M’s fatal exit from the Competition.

Jonathan’s relationship to M began long before the start of the Competition, something that only he knows. It is this deeply personal connection to M that becomes the driving force in Jonathan’s quest to reunite M with his wife and children.

Ache: Nanocaust, Book 1 by Kelvin Myers
Narrated by Levi Jacobs

Money won’t make you happy. But can it design machines that will?

In the energy-scarce landscape of the former US, society has turned to mood-altering nanomachines to brighten its grim reality. Like many, Lance Mireles walks the line between use and abuse, all too aware of the hypocrisy that says the difference is who can afford their nanos. Falling on the wrong side of the line, but desperate to keep ties with his straight-edge younger brother Andro, he pushes his luck once too often, and ends up disowned from family and city-state, exiled to the political outlands. Determined to make things right, but still struggling with his addiction, he stumbles on an isolated addict commune with a mysterious source of nanomachines. It looks like a second chance—but hypocrisy has found its way here too…

Meanwhile Mariela Amorgera realizes all is not well in the city: someone is manipulating the nanomachines’ programming to influence behavior. Along with Lance’s straight-edge brother Andro she mounts a desperate attempt to save her home and family from being enslaved to its own dependence—too late. With the entire city hostage to their nanos and society falling apart, Lance must summon his outlaw community to save his family and home—if he can first save himself.

Chasing Enigma by John Kurrle
Narrated by Spencer Cannon

Whispersync Deal
The assassination of a congresswoman on the streets of Washington, DC brings FBI agent Ray Nicholson to the scene. Quickly, more inexplicable assassinations pop up all across the country. Baffled by the killer’s victims, bedeviled by his motives, foiled at every turn by his cunning and meticulous planning, Ray doggedly tracks the mysterious assassin.

Making matters worse, Ray finds himself a pawn in an interagency game of chess. All the while, his boss’s words ring in his ears, “Remember, a pawn that becomes inconvenient gets sacrificed.”

As political pressure builds and bodies continue to aggressively stack up, Ray scrambles to solve the mystery and catch the enigmatic killer before he strikes again.

The Parting of Ways (Dustfall, Book 2) by Glynn James & J. Thorn
Narrated by Kevin Pierce

Whispersync Deal
“With every light comes a shadow.” – Dustfall

The saga continues…

When Gaston splits the tribe and convinces Seren to join him, Jonah must lead the remaining Elk despite the constant threats on the road to Eliz. But all is not what it seems in the land of the winter ruins. Invaders from the north have secretly traveled south as well, forcing Jonah to risk everything to save his clan and his family.

Colossus and the Crab by DF Jones
Narrated by PJ Ochlan

Whispersync Deal

The 22nd Century.

Dr. Charles Forbin is Earth’s most powerful man. As mediator between Colossus, the Super Computer, and the rest of humanity, Forbin holds the key to Earth’s fate.

When Colossus, an awe-inspiring technological creation suddenly became self-aware and took upon itself the task of righting humanity’s wrongs with no regard for humans themselves, Forbin intervened.

He took the decision to turn off his great machine – but could not do it alone.

Forbin called upon invaders from Mars.

The Martians did their fastidious work, shutting down Colossus.

The Earth descended into chaos. Rival factions sparred for supremacy, with only Forbin to control the populace and maintain order.

But now, the Martians have returned. And they want compensation.

A race so technologically advanced, towering in scope and innovation … What could they possibly want from Earth?

Only one thing: its oxygen.

The Martians are in need of Earth’s most natural resource, after radiation from the Crab Nebula threatens to eradicate all of their stores.

Forbin is asked to design a super Collector in order to solidify the Earth’s supply of oxygen – or, a large proportion of it – to be handed over to the Martians.

But to do so would condemn the lives of hundreds of millions of Earth’s inhabitants.

There is only one entity on Earth with the power to stop the Martians…

Colossus must return.

The supercomputer is the only chance Earth has to defend itself…

Trouble on Paradise: Expeditionary Force, Book 3.5 by Craig Alanson
Narrated by R.C. Bray

Whispersync DealBook ‘3.5’ in the ExForce series: While the crew of the UN Expeditionary Force’s pirate starship Flying Dutchman

Book ‘3.5’ in the ExForce series: While the crew of the UN Expeditionary Force’s pirate starship Flying Dutchman are enjoying a luxury vacation cruise (not!), UNEF troops are still stranded on an alien-controlled planet. Major Emily Perkins and her team are busy picking up the pieces, and it’s not easy, because there is trouble on Paradise…

But can Forbin reactivate his creation in time?

Or will Colossus, once tyrant, now potential saviour, turn to dust, along with the rest of humankind?

COLOSSUS AND THE CRAB is the final instalment of D. F. Jones’ enthralling science fiction COLOSSUS series.

From bestselling authors J. Thorn and Glynn James comes Dustfall, a new post-apocalyptic series chronicling one man’s challenge and his epic quest to save what remains of humanity. The Parting of Ways, the second book in the Dustfall series—available for pre-order now!


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