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Playing for Keeps by Jennifer Dugan

Playing for Keeps by Jennifer Dugan
Narrated by Daisy Guevara, Bailey Carr
Listening Library

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From the author of Some Girls Do comes another heartfelt YA sapphic romance—starring a baseball pitcher and a student umpire who are definitely not supposed to fall for one another.

“Sapphic sports romance perfection. Swoony and romantic, but unafraid to tackle grief, family expectations, and fighting for your dreams, this is a home run of a book.”—Rachael Lippincott, coauthor of the #1 New York Times Bestsellers Five Feet Apart and She Gets the Girl

June is the star pitcher of her elite club baseball team—with an ego to match—and she’s a shoo-in to be recruited at the college level, like her parents have always envisioned. That is, if she can play through an overuse injury that has recently gone from bad to worse.

Ivy isn’t just reffing to pay off her athletic fees or make some extra cash on the side. She wants to someday officiate at the professional level, even if her parents would rather she go to college instead.

The first time they cross paths, Ivy throws June out of a game for grandstanding. Still, they quickly grow from enemies to begrudging friends . . . and then something more. But the rules state that players and umpires are prohibited from dating.

As June’s shoulder worsens, and a rival discovers the girls’ secret and threatens to expose them, everything the two have worked so hard for is at risk. Now both must choose: follow their dreams . . . or follow their hearts?

Aperture by Steffanie Blais

Aperture by Steffanie Blais
Narrated by Allie Martina, Oliver Highpoint, JD Tomlinson
Self Published

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Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

They say you fall in love when you least expect it.

As the warmer days of summer gave way to the shortened, crisp days of fall, my life changed in the most unexpected of ways.

I met two men and was not prepared for either of them.

Theo was warm, generous, and easygoing; whereas, Wyatt was intense, serious, and protective.

They share a past that neither one are honest about. Whatever happened all those years ago has created an undeniable rift between them.

Augmenting the charged and confounding emotions of new love, our city has been terrorized by a serial killer, and I can feel someone watching me.

Theo and Wyatt both claim to be trying to protect me.

I’ve learned that first impressions are not accurate and neither man is who he seems to be. Dishonesty and darkness often share more than the same past.

Not all love stories come in a perfect, tidy package with a pristine bow on top. Some are born from places so black that only the love itself escapes the darkness unscathed.

This is our story.

Wrath by J.R. Tate

Wrath by J.R. Tate
Narrated by John E. Broussard
Self Published

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
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As the world succumbs to the chaos of a stormy apocalypse, Gavin, Avery, and Sarah forge a challenging journey back to Texas. Having narrowly escaped the watery abyss that consumed their valley near Santa Fe, they now face a different kind of threat—unforgiving terrain with one eye on the ominous skies, and the other on looters like Will, who still might be chasing them.

Their mission is clear—return to their weather lab, the epicenter of a desperate plan to manipulate the weather without technology or airplanes. Their goal is to thwart Mother Nature’s wrath and save the few remaining lives from the imminent threat of extinction. With the destruction of every town near them, gathering needed supplies is impossible, creating the question of whether it’s possible to carry out their ideas without resources. Time is running out, and the survival of those left in the wake of disaster hinges on their ability to manipulate the weather.

Meanwhile, James finds himself at a crossroads in Maryland, torn between forging a new life with Bridget and her son, or embarking on a hazardous journey back to Texas to try and find his team, despite his fears that they are dead. Ellie, fueled by a mother’s desperation, sets out on a relentless quest to find her missing children.

Separated by miles and circumstance, these survivors are united by a common goal—to reunite and unlock the secrets that threaten to extinguish what remains of humanity. As the clock ticks down, will they succeed in time, or is the final storm inevitable?

The Seed by Jeff Shiring

The Seed by Jeff Shiring
Narrated by Michael Ortego
Mascot Books

With a virus ravaging the globe and pushing the worlds’ governments and America’s institutions past the breaking point, outgoing Senate Majority Leader John Angelbaum recruits his protégé, Chase Porter, to run for his seat. But the idealistic young district attorney soon comes to realize that the two have very different ideas about duty to country—and that what Angelbaum needs most from him is blind loyalty to a soon-to-be-discovered plan to establish a radical new world order.

Meanwhile, Angelbaum’s daughter Briana, a lobbyist for the pharmaceutical company leading the race for a vaccine, pushes the already-sinking government for more and more funding. But when brilliant autistic microbiologist Melana Hope discovers that the virus may have been engineered—and Briana discovers that her father may be in on the plot for world supremacy—loyalties are pushed to their very limits.

All the while, the Trinity—a team of international power players whose ambition knows no limits—watches the crumbling of governments basic tenets with great satisfaction. The weaker the nations of the world become, the more powerful the Trinity becomes—and the closer they get to the realization of their terrifying dream.

In book one of the End of Times trilogy, world regimes are on a collision course, and humanity is about to learn that there are far worse things than war.

South of Heaven by Ali Spooner

South of Heaven by Ali Spooner
Narrated by Susan Knight
Affinity Rainbow Publications

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Kendra Drake thinks her life is complete. She has taken over as Captain of her father’s shrimp boat. As a favor to her father, Kendra has agreed to give fellow shrimper Lindsey Bowen a chance to work on the boat.

Fleeing a personal scandal, Lindsey hopes a summer spent shrimping will allow the situation to fade into history. But first, she must prove herself to Kendra and her crew.

Kendra is fighting against mother nature, the open waters, and herself. Still, Lindsey finds a way into Kendra’s heart.

Will it only last for the summer?

Mere Mortal by AJ Stevens

Mere Mortal by AJ Stevens
Narrated by Rachel V. White
Splinter Press


The immortals have taken Mila’s sister.

Mila is determined to save her, despite the risks to the only life she’s ever known. She’ll have to face her fears, her insecurities, and her stupid crush on the boy who friend-zoned her before they overwhelm her.

Because if Mila can’t save her sister and the secrets she carries, the Immortals will take her tribe, her family, and everything it means to be human.

Here for the Cake by Jennifer Millikin

Here for the Cake by Jennifer Millikin
Narrated by Hannah Chiclana, Aaron Donahue
Self Published

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

A spicy, sassy, and swoony fake dating romantic comedy from Amazon Charts bestselling author Jennifer Millikin.

A week on an island sounds like the stuff of beach dreams, but for Paisley Royce, it’s a nightmare. Her little sister is marrying her ex-college sweetheart, and Paisley is serving as maid of honor. To add insult to injury, nobody will let Paisley forget she’s single.

Bachelorette weekend changes everything when she runs into her old college frenemy, Klein Madigan.

Klein is still intelligent and funny, and somehow time has only made him more attractive.

Paisley is Klein’s one that got away, not that he’d ever admit it to her. A colossal misstep (and one terrible kiss) in college sealed their fate.

Or so they thought.

Klein’s an aspiring author allergic to social media. Paisley owns a digital marketing agency.

A brilliant plan is hatched: A trip across the country for a week of faking out her family in exchange for her firm marketing his work.

One hastily scrawled and signed contract on a bar napkin later, Paisley and Klein embark on a journey of tension, only one bed, and fake dating shenanigans.

Paisleys goal is to survive the week.

Klein’s plan is to enjoy the sun, sand, and wedding cake.

But then there’s a scorching kiss to make up for that bad one in college.

And another kiss in a lighthouse during a thunderstorm. A gentle palm on Paisleys lower back, and a reassuring hand squeeze under the table.

Everyone is convinced Klein and Paisley are the real deal, but as the week wears on, they begin to wonder if the only people they’re kidding are themselves.

Bloodline by Jenn Alexander

Bloodline by Jenn Alexander
Narrated by Quinn Riley
Tantor Audio

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Jenn Alexander introduces listeners to a different kind of romance—think Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a coffee shop with lesbians, vampires, and a wide selection of coffinated beverages.

Still reeling from the unexpected loss of her parents, Edie McLean doesn’t have time to grieve. She’s the fourth-generation owner of the McLean Family Coffee Shop, her family’s legacy. Unfortunately, this legacy is littered with decades worth of bad business, regrettable purchases, and massive debt. The McLean family motto was always that “good coffee is in our blood,” but the shop has become an eyesore and its small, loyal customer base isn’t enough to keep it afloat—and if Edie doesn’t find a way to turn business around quickly, the family’s legacy will end with her.

As Edie tries to pull all the pieces of her life together, she finds herself drawn to an alluring night-shift nurse who stops by for coffee every evening after sunset, while contending with a quirky new roommate who sleeps in an honest-to-God coffin. When all three worlds collide spectacularly, Edie’s eyes are opened to a new and untapped market that just may be the key to saving her family’s coffee shop. However, when her Draculattes and Cold Blood Cold Brews begin to raise more alarm than sales, suddenly the stakes involved appear to be of the wooden variety.

Broken Parts Included by Alyson Root

Broken Parts Included by Alyson Root
Narrated by Lillia Green
Self Published

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

For as long as Lydia Archer can remember, her life has been a balancing act between a tireless battle with her health and the tireless search for “the one.” She’s put herself out there time and again, yet still, has found nobody prepared for the rollercoaster of her mystery ailment. Persistent pain and dismissive doctors are Lydia’s constant shadow.

Just as Lydia begins to think that her beloved pup Monty is the only one who can handle her brokenness, her sister’s best friend, Halle, steps in to save her health and quite possibly, her heart. Just as Lydia is on the mend, the unexpected arrival of love threatens to throw everything off balance. And to top it off, as a friendship blossoms between Lydia and Halle, Lydia’s sister Fe finds herself grappling with her own whirlwind of emotions. Throw in the delightful chaos of Lydia’s “niblings,” Fe’s mischievous triplets, and this sapphic romance weaves a tale of healing and love, reminding us that sometimes both can be found in the most unexpected places.

Lydia’s journey is one of resilience, family, self-discovery, and the promise that true love accepts us for the whole—broken parts included—because love has a way of piecing things back together.

Honor of Cyborgs by Scott Moon

Honor of Cyborgs by Scott Moon
Narrated by Paul Heitsch
The Cyborg Option #1
Aethon Audio

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
Check out my reviews of other titles written by Scott Moon
Check out my reviews of other titles narrated by Paul Heitsch

Follow commands or save his renegade family… He must choose.

No one defies the Protectorate.

They’ve got relentless cyborg assassins who never quit and never fail to take out their targets.

Until one defies them by becoming a parent.

Camden 1192, and ninety-nine other killers, are assigned to locate and capture the traitor. Orders specify taking the child alive, if possible. Only, there’s one problem. The traitor happens to be Camden’s sister, and the child, his nephew.

At the end of the day, everyone knows the Protectorate’s Cyborgs are only good at one thing—ending the lives of anyone daring to disobey. But it’s family… Blood versus duty.

Can one man win the most unwinnable scenario in the galaxy?

Fans of The Last Reaper, John Wick, and the Expanse will love The Cyborg Option, a new Military Science Fiction Series by Scott Moon, bestselling author of The Last Reaper and Homeworld Lost.

All Secrets Die by Andrew Watts, Dale Nelson

All Secrets Die by Andrew Watts, Dale Nelson
Narrated by Michael Wolfe
The Firewall Spies #5
Severn River Publishing

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Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

When a techno-terrorist group threatens to break encryptions on a global scale, a CIA officer must take matters into his own hands to save a world held hostage.

A massive security breach in China. CIA operations compromised in Turkey. Undercover ops breaking down the world over. A techno-terrorist group dubbed “Archon” has unleashed a terrifying new technology that can break any encryption. Humanity’s secrets are about to be laid bare, and global order tilts toward chaos.

Up against a doomsday clock, CIA officer Colt McShane hatches a desperate plan: infiltrate Archon, capture one of the terrorist group’s leaders, and force them to divulge the kill switch. But when Colt arrives just in time to see his target assassinated, he realizes that the stakes have been raised. Someone else is killing the terrorists and targeting their technology. And the question is: are they friends, or a new, and even more dangerous, enemy?

Aided by the beautiful and mysterious Ava Klein—an operator in a covert organization known only as Trinity—Colt must stay one step ahead of all who want him dead: international terrorists, government agents, police. Even those he once called friends can no longer be trusted.

Because in a world where power is built on a foundation of secrets, unlimited truth is the most destructive force of all…

USA Today Bestselling author Andrew Watts teams up with Dale M. Nelson to bring you another chapter in The Firewall Spies, a technothriller series that mixes the political espionage of Jason Matthews with the thrills and adventure of Mark Greaney.

Gray After Dark by Noelle West Ihli

Gray After Dark by Noelle West Ihli
Narrated by Megan Tusing, Will Damron
Podium Audio

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Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

A merciless wilderness. A harrowing attack. A desperate escape.

When a tragic accident sidelines Miley’s dreams of Olympic gold, she takes a summer job at a mountain guest lodge. The Frank Church Wilderness is remote, but it’s the perfect place to train and recover.

Local lore about a staffer who died years ago doesn’t scare her. But it should.

Miley’s plans take a terrifying detour when she’s abducted during a morning run. Held captive in a desolate off-grid cabin, she’ll have to use her athletic prowess, cunning mind, and courage to survive. As the nightmare at the cabin escalates, Miley is forced to form an unlikely alliance and attempt a risky escape.

Can she outwit her captors and survive the wilderness before it’s too late?

Inspired by true events, Gray After Dark is a pulse-pounding psychological thriller with a finale that will leave you breathless.


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