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4 out of 5 stars

Next In Line For Love isn’t my first book from Harper Bliss and it won’t be my last. The first was the ninth book in the Pink Bean Series and I really enjoyed that, even jumping in so late in the series. This time Bliss writes a workplace/age-gap romance that takes place at a high-profile brewery.

Ali Lennox is a 35-year-old kid at heart. She’s “dealt” with the loss of her sister and basically lives her life every day like she could die in a freak accident at any point. This makes her seem younger than her age and makes Jill seem older by comparison (their real age gap is 18 years – 35 to 53). They are obviously already 18 years old but I think that Bliss was writing Ali to seem younger so that you felt the age difference even more.

The story line in Next In Line For Love was interesting and cute. I love the brewery aspect of it and it felt like it wasn’t a craft brewery or anything but more of just an old entrenched family brewery (maybe similar to Yuengling). There were some funny lines early in the book where both Ali and Jill notice that no one is drinking their beer at any of the parties or events that they go to which made me chuckle.

I really enjoyed the dual narration here – it’s not something I’m used to in FF books but it was really nice. It allowed me to really focus on each person and not have to guess “is this Jill or Ali?” Their voices were different enough that you could tell who was who but similar enough to not be jarring.

The actual book is mostly introducing each character and sort of shows their worlds slowly coming together in slow motion. Towards the end of the book when things are escalating was impossible to put down. I really wanted to know what was going to happen and if this was truly going to be a happily ever after or not.

Book Description:

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Can the road to the top take you on a path to love?

After ten years abroad, Alexandra “Ali” Lennox’s father asks her to move back to Los Angeles to head the family company, Lennox Breweries.

The company’s COO, Jill Gold, has dedicated twenty years of her life to Lennox Breweries and is not amused when she’s asked to mentor Ali, who she considers to be nothing more than a privileged trust-fund brat.

Even though they don’t see eye to eye, Ali and Jill will have to learn to trust each other for the sake of the company—and each other.

Can Jill change her mind about Ali’s smug entitlement? And will Ali be able to come to terms with the past hurt that drove her away from LA in the first place?

Next In Line For Love by Harper Bliss
Narrator: Melissa Moran, Tanya Eby
Length: 5 hrs and 15 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on June 9th 2020
Genres: LesFic/Sapphic Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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