I, Sergeant

A chilling tale of war, AI, and the “human” spirit.

5 out of 5

Nick Thacker is quickly becoming my favorite new author.  His views and insights into both the human mind and into what may come of artificial intelligence is incredible.  He really knows how to get you to fall for a character (even in his short stories).

This short story is no different.  It is very short — grab a coffee or your favorite morning beverage and you should be able to blow through this before you finish you drink.  But don’t think just because it is short that it doesn’t have complex thoughts and details in it.  Granted, Thacker could have written a whole book on this topic (giving a much more detailed description of the war and how it started). But, at the same time — the heart of the story was what was written in these few pages.

Nick Thacker has a brilliant way of making you fall for the main character — even when there are twists and turns that you didn’t expect.  And that is all I’m going to say about that.

This book definitely has an Asimov-ian feel to it, especially with the AI/robots in it.  The point of view is great and believable. And the ending will catch you off guard.

A great blazing quick read for the end of summer that is quickly approaching.  Please check out this new author, and if you enjoyed this book — check out his other books (at the time of publishing this he is currently giving away 3 books on his website — I believe the link is in the end of this short story).




My name is Renfro. Sergeant Renfro, or just Sergeant…

Yes, Sergeant is my first name and it happens to be my rank as well. I was born into and because of this war… but that’s another story. My particular interest in the military hovered near zero for most of my life, but like everyone else in my generation we were drafted into service.

There was never a time during the war that I didn’t want to stay alive, either, so I fought. At first I fought selfishly for my own life, and then for my squad and platoon, and finally for the individuals I served with. It was a circuitous route, and probably just a little self-centered, but it led me here.”

Fans of Isaac Asimov and H.G. Wells, start reading I, Sergeant today!


Nick is a writer, but you already knew that, so he won’t waste your time.
If he were to describe his work (which is exactly what he’s trying to do here), he would say it’s a mashup between Jurassic Park, National Treasure, The Da Vinci Code, all of James Rollins’ stuff, some of Clive Cussler’s stuff, a little of Michael Crichton’s stuff, with a side of adrenaline, testosterone, and the good parts of the Michael Bay movies (but only the GOOD PARTS).

His soon-to-be-written Wikipedia page says that he lives in a cabin on a mountain in Colorado with his wife and daughter, and enjoys being terrorized by the three dogs and tortoise that share his life and do nothing but eat food and cost him money.

He would love for you to hang out with him on Twitter or on his website, www.nickthacker.com.

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