Each Books Storytelling Gets Better

4.75 out of 5 stars

The thing that jumped out to me in Nightstalkers was Spires storytelling. I think that each book has gotten stronger and it was a bit hard to jump from book two back to book one in terms of the way that he tells stories. But in Nightstalkers Spires takes a pretty big leap. He was able to explain in greater detail some of the backstories and a lot of what makes each character tick.

Another thing that was obvious in this one was the Spires is either a military man or knows a lot of them because a lot of the things that were covered in this one – especially during the “down” time are stories that I’ve heard from Veterans. He talks a lot about PTSD and similar issues that soldiers have once they don’t have a job to do anymore. It wasn’t overdone or even thrown in your face – but I can tell that he either has personal experience with this or knows people that do.

Overall, I thought that Nightstalkers was Spires’s strongest book yet and of course, the narration by Brown once again makes this story fly by. He’s able to bring the passion and the emotion that came with some of these scenes and make them believable.

Book Description:

35 years have passed since the horrible Gilbaglian gravity weapon was destroyed at the edge of their system, bringing a sudden end to the violent conflict between the Avians and Humanity. Destota Valentine and his Elite Special Operators are mothballed, and begin to suffer the effects of a lifetime of war and violence.

Pulled from retirement, Destota and his most trusted allies lead a mission to find out what happened that fateful day when the Gilbaglians deployed their horrific weapon of mass destruction against their home world.

But like their motto says…

…Death waits in the dark.

Nightstalkers by Jeremy Spires
Narrator: Garrett Michael Brown
Length: 6 hrs and 30 mins
Series: Ashes of Eternity #3
Published by Self Published on March 22nd 2021
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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