No Strings Audiobook Cover

No Strings Audiobook Cover

Love, Puppets, and More

5 out of 5 stars

Another book on Twitter, I saw a lot of hype around it. I knew I was going to have to pick this one up, and I’m glad that I did. No Strings was one of those books that, from the opening, I knew I was going to like.

No Strings tells a story about Elise, the creator and main character (well, her puppet) of a children’s show that is doing well and is struggling. The company she works for doesn’t seem to appreciate her, and she’s ready to walk. In comes Jones, and from there, the story just takes off. I don’t want to ruin anything or spoil some of the scenes, but they had chemistry right away. And it was a blast to read about their struggles and concerns as things progressed.

I’ve been saying this quite a bit about books lately, but No Strings just flew by. I couldn’t believe it when I looked down, and I was nearly done with this one. Bexley wrote a story that made me smile throughout, and every time there was a hiccup or issue, I was genuinely concerned like Jones and Elsie were real humans and not characters in a book.

Abby Craden is another name I look for with WLW books. I know if she’s narrating it, I will likely enjoy it. No Strings was another one of those books, and I’m glad that her performance in it matches the energy that the book had. I particularly enjoyed hearing her act out the scenes with Elsie and Jones’ little brother. Those scenes were precious and easily some of the most memorable ones from the story.

Book Description:

No Strings Audiobook Cover

Tangled Up in You

Fun is the one thing Elsie Webb takes seriously. Though she’d be having a lot more of it if Haelstrom Media paid her enough to actually get out of debt. She’s determined to hold out on contract negotiations for her kids’ television show Fangley Heights until she gets what she deserves. There’s only one problem, the head of the network just died and left her future more uncertain than ever.

Forty-eight hours and one funeral—that’s all Jones Haelstrom has to get through before she can return to her life in LA that’s as ordered and sparse as an IKEA showroom. When she steps in as CEO of her father’s media company, Elsie Webb is her first problem to deal with. Elsie ends up challenging Jones in ways she never could have predicted, starting with an attraction neither can avoid.

As their attraction teeters on the edge of something more both agree to keep it casual. A no-strings agreement and disclosure to HR should be enough to keep things between Jones and Elsie from getting tangled, right?

Contains mature themes.

No Strings by Lucy Bexley
Narrator: Abby Craden
Length: 9 hrs and 32 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on May 31st 2022
Genres: Enemies to Lovers, LesFic/Sapphic Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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