I Loved One Way, I Liked No Way Even More

5 out of 5 stars

No Way is the (slightly unexpected) sequel of One Way.  When I saw that this was coming out I was really excited to figure out what else was going to happen. I had absolutely no idea what I was in for and ended up enjoying this as much as the first book. Thankfully Morden and Hachette kept William Hope as the narrator – keeping the point of view and storytelling sounding the same.

I dove into this and was thankful that Morden did a bit of a “what happened” clean up so that I didn’t have to go back and re-read One Way.  He did it quickly and precisely without taking away from the book.  But it was also long enough that I greatly appreciated the ability to take a couple pages to get caught up.

This story was crazy from beginning to end.  And the good kind of crazy if that exists.  Morden wrote a story that I kept wanting to come back to.  I’d finish for the night and then sneak in another few minutes.  The character building and overall feel of the book were great.

I thought that Morden got everything right. From the way that the company reacts to things to the science and everything in between just felt right.  The reactions and actions of certain people depending on their circumstances is what made this book stand out to me.

Honestly, I can’t talk much about the book itself – but know that I loved it.  If you happened to read One Way and liked it – you’ll love this.  If you didn’t, I would suggest getting that book first but jumping right into No Way.  A definite for fans of The Martian (he talks a little about that book a few times which made me chuckle).

Book Description:

No Way by S.J. Morden (Narrated by William Hope)five-stars
No Way by S.J. Morden
Narrator: William Hope
Length: 13 hrs and 44 mins
Series: One Way #2
Published by Hachette Audio on February 26th 2019
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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In the sequel to the terrifying science fiction thriller, One Way, returning home from Mars may mean striking a deal with the very people who abandoned him.

They were sent to build a utopia, but all they found on Mars was death.

Frank Kitteridge has been abandoned. But XO, the greedy - and ultimately murderous - corporate architects of humanity's first Mars base made a costly mistake when they left him there: they left him alive. Using his skills and his wits, he's going to find a way back home even if it kills him.

Little does he know that Mars isn't completely empty. Just over the mountain, there's another XO base where things are going terribly, catastrophically wrong. And when the survivors of that mission find Frank, they're going to want to take even the little he has away from him.

If there's anything in Frank's favor, it's this: he's always been prepared to go to the extremes to get the job done. That's how he ended up on Mars in the first place. It just might be his ticket back.

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