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Hell Divers IV: Wolves by Nicholas Sansbury SmithHell Divers IV: Wolves by Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Narrated by R. C. Bray
Blackstone Audio, Inc.

Read my review here.

They dive so humanity survives. Now they take to the sea.

In the fourth installment of the award-winning and USA Today best-selling Hell Divers series, the Sea Wolf sets out to search for the Metal Islands. Leading the expedition is legendary Hell Diver Xavier Rodriguez. After enduring for a decade on the poisoned surface, his survival skills will be put to the test on the dangerous open seas.

But storms, sea monsters, and the cannibalistic Cazadores aren’t the only threat to X and his small crew. Their mission will uncover hard truths about the history of the war that left humankind stranded in the air for centuries. The fate of those still living on the airships might very well rest on this fragile and perilous journey to find a new home.

Requiem by J. B. TurnerRequiem by J. B. Turner
Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
Brilliance Audio

Nothing and no one can stop assassin Nathan Stone.

When black-ops asset Nathan Stone took out the heads of the Commission, a secret deep-state organization, he thought he’d destroyed them for good. Now he’s gone off the grid, trying to get as far away from his past as possible. But the Commission isn’t done with him yet.

Lying low in a Miami bar, Stone knows something’s up when an alluring actress strikes up a conversation with him. His suspicions are correct. The Commission is hot on his trail, and Stone is soon forced to run deep into the heart of the Everglades with the terrified woman as his hostage. He’s the Commission’s number one target – and this time nothing will stop them from eliminating him.

But Nathan Stone is no ordinary target. The crew of mercenary assassins on his heels have no idea what’s in store for them on the River of Grass. Because the hunt is on, and they picked the wrong prey.

Kill Switch by William HertlingKill Switch by William Hertling
Narrated by Jane Cramer
William Hertling

Igloo and Angie are the co-founders of a new social network, Tapestry, based on the principles of privacy and data ownership. Two years later, with Tapestry poised to become the world’s largest social network, their rapid growth puts them under government scrutiny.

Tapestry’s privacy and security is so effective that it impedes the government’s ability to monitor routine communications. Fearing Tapestry will spread to encompass the whole of the Internet, threatening America’s surveillance abilities around the globe, the government swoops in to stop Angie and company – by any means possible.

Under the constant threat of exposure – of Angie’s criminal past, of Igloo’s secret life in the underground kink scene, and of their actions to subvert a FISA court order – they must hatch a plan to ensure the success of Tapestry no matter what pressures the government brings to bear.

Not knowing whom to trust, or if they can even trust each other, Igloo and Angie must risk everything in the ultimate battle for control of the Internet.

Black Sun: A Thriller by Graham BrownBlack Sun: A Thriller by Graham Brown
Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
Tantor Audio

From Graham Brown, co-author of the New York Times best-selling thriller Devil’s Gate with Clive Cussler, comes Black Sun…

In the heart of the Amazon, NRI operative Danielle Laidlaw makes an incredible discovery: a translucent Mayan stone generating massive waves of energy while counting down toward the infamous apocalyptic date: December 21, 2012. And somewhere, there are three more just like it.

What power will be unleashed if all four stones come together? Who created them – and who has them now? Using a cryptic Mayan map and a prophecy that points to the end of the world, Danielle and her team race toward answers. But one staggering question remains: Were these artifacts meant to save us – or to destroy us once and for all?

Michaelmas by Algis BudrysMichaelmas by Algis Budrys
Narrated by Grover Gardner
Blackstone Audio, Inc.

One of the world’s wealthiest and most influential men, journalist Laurent Michaelmas lives in a penthouse overlooking New York City’s Central Park with his superintelligent computer, Domino. He attained his fame and power after hacking into the worldwide computer network. He then went on to use his unique gifts to create a version of the UN that would ensure global peace. In short, he and Domino secretly run the world. But now, he has reason for concern.

A Swiss doctor has cured an astronaut believed to have vaporized in a shuttle explosion during an expedition to the outer planets of the solar system. Suspecting that something extraterrestrial is behind this miraculous recovery, Michaelmas uses his immense influence to launch an international investigation.

Are there really aliens in their midst? Is the resurrection of a dead man an attempt to cancel history and destroy the world’s precarious balance of power?

Published less than a decade into the Internet era, this remarkable science-fiction novel foreshadows many of the world’s technological advances.

Hunted by Darcy CoatesHunted by Darcy Coates
Narrated by Angela Dawe
Black Owl Books

She went off the trail for only a moment….

Twenty-two-year-old Eileen goes missing while hiking in the remote Ashlough Forest. Five days later, her camera is discovered washed downriver, containing bizarre photos taken after her disappearance.

Chris wants to believe Eileen is still alive. When the police search is abandoned, he and four of his friends create their own search party to scour the mountain range. As they stray farther from the hiking trails and the unsettling discoveries mount, they begin to believe they’re not alone in the forest…and that Eileen’s disappearance wasn’t an accident.

By that point, it’s too late to escape.

Parasitic by M.L. BannerParasitic by M.L. Banner
Narrated by Gary Tiedemann
Toes in the Water Publishing, LLC

It wasn’t just the animals…. People were going mad, too. Passengers and crew of the transatlantic cruise ship Intrepid had hoped the threat of animal attacks and volcanic catastrophes had passed and that their world of luxury and normalcy would return.

Ted and TJ just wanted to relax after helping the ship’s crew and guests avert disaster. But something far worse loomed ahead of them and their ship.

The disease they feared now affects humans. Without warning, the person you love could become a beast dead set upon your violent murder.

No one is safe! There’s nowhere to hide! And if your loved one has become parasitic, there’s only one thing you can do: run!

The apocalyptic horror trilogy known as the Madness Chronicles:

Madness: Madness Chronicles I
Parasitic: Madness Chronicles II
Symptomatic: Madness Chronicles III

Webcam by J.A. KonrathWebcam by J.A. Konrath
Narrated by Bob Walkenhorst
Joe Konrath Books LTD

Someone is stalking webcam models. He lurks in the untouchable recesses of the black web. He’s watching you. Right now. When watching is no longer enough, he comes calling. He’s the last thing you’ll ever see before the blood gets in your eyes.

Chicago homicide Detective Tom Mankowski (The List, Haunted House) is no stranger to homicidal maniacs. But this one is the worst he’s ever chased, with an agenda that will make even the most die-hard horror listener turn on all their lights and switch off all Internet, wifi, computers, and electronic devices.

Jack Kilborn reaches down into the depths of depravity and drags the terror novel kicking and cyber-screaming into the 21st century.


I’m texting you from inside your closet. Wanna play? 🙂

About the Konrath Horror Collective: The Konrath Horror Collective is not a series. It’s an ongoing collection of horror and technothriller novels that can each be listened to as a stand-alone. Some feature characters appear in more than one story.

If you are a more sensitive (or adventurous) listener, the Konrath scale rates specific categories from one (lowest) to 10 (highest) to give you some idea if this is your kind of book.

Webcam by JA Konrath:

Scary: eight

Violent: seven

Funny: four

Sexy: five

Crossover: Characters from Webcam appear in The List and Haunted House.

This audiobook was previously published under the pen name Jack Kilborn.

Man on Ice by Humphrey HawksleyMan on Ice by Humphrey Hawksley
Narrated by Jeff Harding
Black Thorn

Special agent Rake Ozenna watches as a fleet of Russian military helicopters head straight for his home. His tiny Alaskan island, with a population of just 80. What he doesn’t know yet is why.

Russia is playing a dangerous political game, reclaiming Rake’s island as their own, even if it antagonises the US. Caught in the crosshairs of sabre-rattling big powers, Rake is determined to save his people and his island, even if it costs him his life.

Open Primary by A.C. FullerOpen Primary by A.C. Fuller
Narrated by Annie Ellicott, Jeff Hays
Spoken Realms

Anyone can run…. The American people vote online…. The winner receives instant fame and a campaign war chest to battle the Democrats and Republicans in 2020.

Welcome to Ameritocracy, the new political series people are calling “The West Wing meets Survivor” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington for the social media age.”

After a lifetime of political disillusionment, Mia Rhodes created an alternative to the two-party system: Ameritocracy. Part American Idol, part Iowa Caucus, her online political competition promises to find the most popular independent candidate in America and give them a genuine shot to win the presidency.

But her project flounders until Mia catches the eye of eccentric tech billionaire Peter Colton. With Mia’s vision and Peter’s money, Ameritocracy moves rapidly from punchline to possibility. As the site grows, the stakes rise crisis by crisis, and Mia must learn that ending politics as we know it means saying good-bye to the Mia Rhodes she has always known.

Soundbooth Theater is proud to work together with AC Fuller yet again in presenting the audio version of this thought-provoking and timely political drama that questions the current state of our democratic system and proposes a new way for technology to shape our government going forward. Annie Ellicott delivers a masterful performance as the charming, principled, and innovative Mia Rhodes, and we look forward to presenting the rest of this clever and poignant series to you very soon!

The Soundbooth Theater team for this production:

Annie Ellicott – narration
Jeff Hays – Peter Colton, Halon Dixon, and the rest of the male cast
Dalton Lynne – editing and proofing
Griffin Malnar – editing and mastering

Watermelon Snow by William A. LiggettWatermelon Snow by William A. Liggett
Narrated by Erin Bennett
Podium Publishing

Deep within the melting Blue Glacier in the Washington wilderness, climate scientist Dr. Kate Landry makes a remarkable discovery. Needing to conceal it from colleagues too eager to steal her work, she must distract the behavioral scientist NASA sends to study her team.

From the moment he sets foot on the ice, Dr. Grant Poole finds himself in a strange world of unexpected beauty but fraught with extreme dangers he has tried his whole life to avoid. Greeted with suspicion, he soon realizes Kate is hiding something.

When a mysterious illness strikes her crew and an intense storm engulfs their tiny research station, Kate can no longer shield the truth from Grant. Thrown together in a struggle to survive, they are trapped between keeping Kate’s secret and protecting the lives of thousands, even millions.

Time is running out. Can they find a way to save everyone and still preserve Kate’s discovery?

Includes special bonus note read by the author.

The Zulu Virus Chronicles Boxset (Books 1-3): A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller by Steven KonkolyThe Zulu Virus Chronicles Boxset (Books 1-3): A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller by Steven Konkoly
Narrated by Charles Hubbell
Stribling Media

This audiobook includes the entire Zulu Virus Chronicles series in one boxset. Tons of chilling, post-apocalyptic thriller action and suspense.

Something insidious has arrived – right in the heartland of our nation, turning neighbor against neighbor!.

Dr. Lauren Hale, a new hospital resident, is nearly killed by a raving mad emergency room patient, in a senseless, unprovoked attack.

Officer David Olson, veteran cop and former Marine, returns from a father-son camping trip to discover that his ex-wife has vanished under bizarre circumstances, and his police department is on the verge of collapse.

Jack and Emma Harper, a young, upwardly mobile couple, find their hip city neighborhood rapidly descending into madness.

Dr. Eugene Chang, a research scientist for a major pharmaceutical company, makes a shocking discovery that might explain the spreading wave of illness and violence gripping the city. Eric Larsen, leader of a top-secret, rapid-response unit, circles high above the Midwest, in an unmarked military transport. Mission still unknown, his team waits to parachute into the night.

Within 24 hours, complete strangers from different walks of life will be forced to join together to survive the living nightmare that has been unleashed on their city – and their country.

This is their story.

Welcome to the Zulu Virus Chronicles!

Resistant: A Novel by Rachael SparksResistant: A Novel by Rachael Sparks
Narrated by Rachael Sparks

In the final battle with drug-resistant bacteria, one woman’s blood holds a secret weapon.

Rory and her father have survived the antibiotic crisis that has killed millions, including Rory’s mother – but ingenuity and perseverance aren’t their only advantages.

When a stoic and scarred young military veteran enters their quiet life, Rory is drawn to him against her better judgment…until he exposes the secrets her mother and father kept from her, including the fact that her own blood may hold the cure the world needs, and she is the target of groups fighting to reach it first.

As the government pursues Rory, aiming to use her for a cure it can sell to the highest bidder, she’s forced to flee with her father and their new protector. But can she find the new path of human evolution before the government finds her?


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