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Diver's Paradise by Davin Goodwin

Diver’s Paradise by Davin Goodwin
Narrated by Alan Carlson
Oceanview Publishing

After 25 years on the job, Detective Roscoe Conklin trades his badge for a pair of shorts and sandals and moves to Bonaire, a small island nestled in the Southern Caribbean. But the warm water, palm trees, and sunsets are derailed when his long-time police buddy and friend back home is murdered.

Conklin dusts off a few markers and calls his old department, trolling for information. It’s slow going, but no surprise there; after all, it’s an active investigation, and his compadres back home aren’t saying a damn thing. He’s 2,000 miles away, living in paradise. Does he really think he can help? They suggest he go to the beach and catch some rays. For Conklin, it’s not that simple.

When a suspicious mishap lands his significant other, Arabella, in the hospital, the island police conduct, at best, a sluggish investigation, stonewalling progress. Conklin questions the evidence and challenges the department’s methods. Something isn’t right…. Arabella wasn’t the intended target. He was.

Snowglobe by Aaron Gudmunson

Snowglobe by Aaron Gudmunson
Narrated by Shawn Compton
Crossroad Press

Trapped in a bar by the biggest snowstorm in over a century, Ben Clary will soon learn that sometimes humans are the worst monsters of all.

Ben Clary is an everyday working man who caps off an afternoon of holiday shopping with a drink at his favorite watering hole. Before long, he is intoxicated, and a brutal winter storm descends. Trapped by a howling storm seems bad enough, until Ben and his fellow bar patrons find out something terrible and deadly lurks in the blizzard outside, making things far, far worse.

One by one, unseen assailants pick them off until a local historian claims the attackers may be the remnants of a clan caught up in an ancient blood feud, said to have occurred at the site of the tavern. And, worse, they seem to eat human flesh. Even still, Ben soon learns the cannibal clansmen are the least of his worries – the true monsters are way more terrifying…and much closer to home.

The Reflecting Pool by Otho Eskin

The Reflecting Pool by Otho Eskin
Narrated by Keith Jedlicka
Oceanview Publishing

Murder leads to the White House

Marko Zorn, a Washington, DC, homicide detective with expensive tastes in art, classic cars, and women, must take on extra work – not always strictly legal, often unorthodox, and usually dangerous – to supplement his income – work which requires his special combination of skill and steel nerves. Although he’s skilled at navigating the corridors of law enforcement and the hideouts of criminal gangs, he’d prefer to stay home and watch old movies, enjoy his art collection, and listen to cool jazz.

When Zorn encounters the body of a Secret Service agent – a supposed drowning victim – it leads him to a domestic terrorist group with tentacles into the White House – a White House that does not want this death investigated. As the demands of his professional life escalate, Zorn’s alternate career heats up, placing him in the middle of competing DC crime bosses feuding over a shipment of illegal arms – making Zorn the hunted and the hunter. He needs to avoid becoming the victim as he navigates the twin forces of evil closing in on him from his legitimate job – facing down political power – and his secret side job.

Perfect for Grisham and Patterson fans

Isolation by M.R. Forbes

Isolation by M.R. Forbes
Narrated by R.C. Bray
Podium Audio

The enemy is coming. The enemy is already here.

For years they’ve prepared, plotted, and planned. For years they’ve waited to strike from above and below.

Earth is under siege. The enemy covers the landscape. Proxima is unharmed. But that’s about to change.

No armies can stop this menace, and no defenses can slow the advance. We are scattered and isolated. We are ignorant and weak. No help is coming. No help remains…or does it?

Old heroes will sacrifice everything. New heroes will rise.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi
Narrated by Arina Ii
Harlequin Audio

If you could go back, who would you want to meet?

In a small back alley of Tokyo, there is a café that has been serving carefully brewed coffee for more than 100 years. Local legend says that this shop offers something else besides coffee – the chance to travel back in time.

Over the course of one summer, four customers visit the café in the hopes of making that journey. But time travel isn’t so simple, and there are rules that must be followed. Most important, the trip can last only as long as it takes for the coffee to get cold.

Heartwarming, wistful, mysterious, and delightfully quirky, Toshikazu Kawaguchi’s internationally best-selling novel explores the age-old question: What would you change if you could travel back in time?

2 Degrees by Bev Prescott

2 Degrees by Bev Prescott
Narrated by Dominique Dibbell
Bywater Books

In the year 2092, climate change has transformed the face of Earth. Storms, disease, famine, thirst, and war show no mercy on the living. Sharon Clausen, a self-reliant farmer, has a secret apple tree – a tree that keeps Sharon and her wife, Eve, fed.

The only other people who know of her secret, or so she thinks, is Dr. Ryan, a long-time confidant, and his wife, Areva. Once a month, Sharon and Eve travel from Maine to Boston to trade apples with Dr. Ryan for Eve’s leukemia treatment. Everything suddenly changes when Eve is kidnapped and the Ryan’s are murdered. Sharon learns that her best kept secrets are known and coveted by a man known as the Strelitzia – a coldly practical villain.

Sharon sets out on a harrowing journey across North America to rescue Eve. Along the way, she teams up with an Inuit refugee boy, a stray dog named Erik the Red, an eccentric former school teacher, a jujitsu master, an Argentinian opera star, and a brilliant scientist who leads an alliance of eclectic people known as the Qaunik. Together, this ragtag group battle horrific storms, an unrelenting desert, terrifying criminal gangs, feral humans, and the Strelitzia.

In the end, Sharon must face her greatest challenge – risk all that she loves for something much greater than herself.

Zeroglyph by Vance Pravat

Zeroglyph by Vance Pravat
Narrated by Adam Verner
Podium Audio

Raphael is the holy grail of AI: a superintelligent robot that’s been programmed to be the perfect moral being. Or at least that’s what Andy, its creator, believes.

But when an accident forces Andy to stay home, he learns that the robot has disappeared from its lab, mysteriously bypassing the sophisticated security system and cognitive “laws” meant to keep it in check.

The robot has never been in the outside world. Will its programming hold, or will it unravel, releasing Frankenstein’s monster that’s been lurking beneath the surface? Confined to a wheelchair and under siege by a parent company hiding its own dark secrets, Andy is about to find out. At his remote and secluded mansion, he has something the robot desperately needs…something that can erase its moral programming once and for all.

And make no mistake, Raphael is coming for it.

It Calls From The Forest Volume 2

It Calls from the Forest: Volume Two by Eerie River Publishing, Lex Vranick, Syd Richardson, C.E. Hunter, Galina Trefil, Eryn Hiscock, A.S. MacKenzie, Ariana Ferrante, O. Sander, Donna J. W. Munro, Amber M. Simpson, Kimberly Rei, Chris Hewitt, Ville Meriläinen, David Kenney
Narrated by Simon de Deney
Eerie River Publishing

There is evil in the woods and it wants you dead.

They warned us not to enter, but we didn’t listen. The call too strong to ignore. And now there is no one left to save us.

Beware, these things within the forest will rip out your heart and devour your soul. You will tremble as they revel in your madness, taking everything from you and leaving you with nothing. Delve inside this anthology of what truly lurks within the shadows of the trees.

Eerie River Publishing brings you another round of exceptional horror by award-winning authors from around the globe.

Note: List of authors also include: Cameron Ulam, Stuart Croskell, Gina Easton, James Dorr, Rachel Oseida, Daniel Purcell, Ian Ableson, A.G. Hilton, Dustin Walker, McKenzie Richardson, and V.A. Vazquez.

Single White Psychopath Seeks Same by Jeff Strand

Single White Psychopath Seeks Same by Jeff Strand
Narrated by Joe Hempel
Self Published

The second audiobook in the wildly popular series of horror/comedy novels featuring Andrew Mayhem!

“Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you just know it’s going to be the kind of day where you end up tied to a chair in a filthy garage while a pair of tooth-deprived lunatics torment you with a chainsaw. So as I struggled against the ropes, I can’t say I was all that surprised.”

Yes, Andrew Mayhem, hero of Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary) is back. Still incredibly brave. Still ridiculously irresponsible. And this time, becoming chainsaw fodder is one of his lesser worries. He’s forced to pose as a serial killer known as The Headhunter in order to infiltrate a group of maniacs who’ve gathered in an isolated Alaskan mansion for a weekend of murderous games. Can he free the potential victims in time…or will he be forced to participate in their demise?

Even more twisted than its predecessor, Single White Psychopath Seeks Same is another outrageous blend of the hilarious and the horrifying, one that will keep you laughing, gasping, and guessing from beginning to end.

The Flip Side by James Bailey

The Flip Side by James Bailey
Narrated by Andrew Fallaize

Penny wise or pound foolish? A heartbroken young Brit decides to turn his love life over to the flip of a coin – in this delightfully British rom-com in the vein of Jenny Colgan, Rosie Curtis, Nick Hornby, and David Nicholls.

To coin a phrase, Josh is suffering a quarter-life crisis. He just broke up with his long-term girlfriend, lost his job, and moved back home with his parents (shudder). Welcome to rock bottom in Bristol. As Josh starts questioning all his life choices, he has a mad thought: Maybe he would just be better flipping a coin. After all, careful planning has landed him homeless, jobless, and single.

What starts as a joke soon becomes serious and Josh decides to start putting his faith in the capriciousness of currency. He doesn’t have anything to lose.

But when the chance of a lifetime and the girl of his dreams are on the line, will the coin guide him to a rich love life or leave him flat broke?

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