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Borderless by Eliot PeperBorderless by Eliot Peper
Narrated by Sarah Zimmerman
Brilliance Audio

Check out my review here!

Information is power, and whoever controls the feed rules the world in this all-too-plausible follow-up to the science fiction thriller Bandwidth.

Exiled from Washington after a covert operation gone wrong, Diana is building a new life as a freelance spy, though her obsessive secrecy is driving away the few friends and allies she can count on. When she’s hired to investigate the world’s leading techno capitalist, she unknowingly accepts an assignment with a dark ulterior purpose. Navigating a labyrinth of cutouts and false fronts, Diana discovers a plot to nationalize the global feed.

As tech and politics speed toward a catastrophic reckoning, Diana must reconcile the sins of her past with her dreams of tomorrow. How she deploys the secrets in her arsenal will shape the future of a planet on the brink of disaster. Doing the right thing means risking everything to change the rules of the game. But how much is freedom really worth?

Dark Winter by Anthony J. Tata
Narrated by Jonathan Davis
HighBridge, a division of Recorded Books

By the time anyone realizes what’s happening, it is too late. A dark network of hackers has infiltrated the computers of the US military, unleashing chaos across the globe. US missiles strike the wrong targets. Defense systems fail. Power grids shut down. Within hours, America’s enemies move in. Russian tanks plow through northern Europe. Iranian troops invade Iraq. North Korea destroys Seoul and fires missiles at Japan.

Phase 1 of ComWar is complete.

Enter Jake Mahegan and his team of highly trained operatives. Their mission is to locate the nerve center of ComWar – a.k.a. Computer Optimized Warfare – and to shut down the operation through any means necessary. Mahegan knows it’s a virtual suicide mission. There are three ComWar headquarters, each hidden deep underground in Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Splitting up the team is Mahegan’s only chance to prevent the next wave of cyber attacks. But even that won’t stop the sleeper cell agents – here in the United States….

When Phase 2 ends, World War III begins.

The Departing by Daniel GreeneThe Departing by Daniel Greene
Narrated by Keith Szarabajka
Blackstone Audio, Inc.

Check out my review of the first book in this series here.

Run, hide, or fight are your only options in this deadly game of apocalypse…but you can only run so far.

Steele and his followers retreat before the might of Colonel Jackson’s rogue military unit. Jackson is always two steps ahead in their apocalyptic war, and Steele’s back is against the ropes. He must find a way to outlast his opponent while holding his loose confederation of allies and former enemies together or face certain annihilation.

Back in her small hometown of Hacklebarney, Iowa, Gwen struggles to convince her cautious neighbors to provide refuge for Steele’s haggard forces. If she doesn’t succeed, Jackson’s noose will tighten, and her friends and loved ones will be crushed on the banks of the Mississippi River.

The remaining loyal United States military implements a daring plan to hold the nation’s eastern flank against the dead. Operation Homefront hinges on the successful training of the civilian population for war. Colonel Kinnick quickly finds that not everyone wants their help.

The dead and the living alike march in a struggle for the ashes of a nation. Like a game of chess, every move dictates who will live and who will die in this epic fourth book of the award-winning End Time saga.

Icequake by Crawford KilianIcequake by Crawford Kilian
Narrated by Tim Campbell
Podium Publishing

A group of 27 scientists and explorers are stranded in Antarctica.

Residing in a station known as Shackleton, they are studying the seismic activity of the region. An eruption of the nearby volcano, Mount Erebus, soon sends quakes throughout the continent with devastating results.

All radio communication has been disabled by the breakdown of the magnetic field. Evacuation is unlikely. No one knows whether they survived the icequake, and their station is now moving two kilometres north each day with the strong aftershocks. They are on their own, with limited food and resources.

Do they stay put and risk being caught in the next series of icequakes and avalanches? Or do they pack up and trek over dangerous territories to the neighbouring station?

Icequake is a gripping prophetic sci-fi disaster novel, full of excitement and danger in every chapter.

Do No Harm by Gregg HurwitzDo No Harm by Gregg Hurwitz
Narrated by Scott Brick
Brilliance Audio

Someone is stalking the UCLA Medical Center – a depraved madman who is preying upon the staff, particularly those who are young and female. No stranger to the terrible ravages of senseless violence, E.R. Chief Dr. David Spier must keep the emergency room running smoothly and efficiently, even as his terrified co-workers wonder who will be the next victim. But when the monster himself is dragged into the E.R. in handcuffs – hideously burned, suffering, and begging for mercy – the nightmare is far from over…it has only just begun. A single act of humanity is about to unleash a bloody wave of horror that threatens to engulf everyone and everything Dr. Spier cares about. His most sacred oath as a healer has become a death sentence – for David Spier…and for a city under siege.

Nothing Stays Buried by P. J. TracyNothing Stays Buried by P. J. Tracy
Narrated by Mel Foster
Dreamscape Media, LLC

When homicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are called to a crime scene in a heavily-wooded city park, the setting is all too familiar. And when they discover a playing card on the victim’s body, their worst fears are confirmed: There’s a serial killer operating in the city for the first time in years.

As the violence accelerates in Minneapolis, Magozzi and Rolseth soon realize their killer is planning to complete the deck, and they enlist Grace MacBride and her unconventional partners at Monkeewrench Software to help stop the rampage.

As a baffling tangle of evidence accumulates, the cops and Monkeewrench make unlikely connections between a farmer’s missing daughter, a serial killer, and a decades-old stabbing that bring them face-to-face with pure evil.

Deep Silence by Jonathan MaberryDeep Silence by Jonathan Maberry
Narrated by Ray Porter
Macmillan Audio

The 10th Joe Ledger audiobook in Jonathan Maberry’s New York Times best-selling series.

Terrorists-for-hire have created a weapon that can induce earthquakes and cause dormant volcanoes to erupt. One terrifying side effect of the weapon is that prior to the devastation, the vibrations drive ordinary people to suicide and violence. A wave of madness begins sweeping the country beginning with a mass shooting in Congress.

Joe Ledger and his team go on a wild hunt to stop the terrorists and uncover the global superpower secretly funding them. At every step, the stakes increase as it becomes clear the endgame of this campaign of terror is igniting the Yellowstone caldera, the supervolcano that could destroy America.

Whiskey & Roses by Bradley WrightWhiskey & Roses by Bradley Wright
Narrated by Adam Verner

The Navy SEALs trained him. The CIA wants him. America needs him. Start the journey with a man hell-bent on revenge, but destined for so much more….

Imagine Mitch Rapp meets James Bond.

The world knows him as a handsome, charismatic, and successful young businessman. The CIA knows Xander as the US military’s most legendary soldier, turned vigilante assassin, who sharpens his skills in the shadows until he can exact revenge on the monster that murdered his family. They have watched his double life go on long enough, and now the government wants their weapon back. Xander has different plans.

After a passionate night with Hollywood sweetheart Natalie Rockwell is violently interrupted by a surprise attack at Xander’s home, those plans are set in motion. Xander’s experts say it’s suicide, but with the CIA closing in, he must sidestep them and take the fight directly to his rival. With unlimited resources and unimaginable skills, Xander’s enemy will need an army to survive his wrath. Turns out, that’s precisely what he has. This is no longer just about revenge, this is war.

If you enjoy Brad Thor, Daniel Silva, David Baldacci, Lee Child, Tom Clancy, Stuart Woods, Nelson DeMille, Ken Follett, Vince Flynn, James Patterson, Tim Tigner, or Clive Cussler, my fans believe you’ll have a blast listening to my books as well.

Deranged by T.R. RaganDeranged by T.R. Ragan
Narrated by Kate Rudd
Brilliance Audio

Family man or deranged killer? It’s for fearless PI Jessie Cole to find out. At any cost.

Ever since a car accident left reporter Ben Morrison with amnesia, he’s been trying to rebuild a future as he puts together the pieces of his past. With the help of PI Jessie Cole, he’s getting closer. But few who remember Ben’s troubled childhood want to talk. And those who do – including his father, imprisoned for a shocking crime – are stirring disturbing memories given up for dead.

Then Jessie is sidetracked by a surveillance request from a suspicious husband. An ordinary case, until the cheating wife and lover are found murdered. They bear the trademark wounds of an elusive serial killer who’s now leading Jessie down a chilling path – one that’s about to put a dangerous twist in the search for Ben’s identity.

To discover the truth, Jessie must put more at risk than she ever feared. Because there are more secrets to Ben’s past, than she – or even Ben – ever imagined.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Narrated by Tatiana Maslany
Scholastic Audio

Emmy Award-winning actress Tatiana Maslany narrates a brand-new special edition recording of the first audiobook in the worldwide best-selling trilogy from Suzanne Collins!

In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by 12 outlying districts. The Capitol keeps the districts in line by forcing them all to send one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV.

Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen regards it as a death sentence when she steps forward to take her sister’s place in the Games. But Katniss has been close to death before – and survival, for her, is second nature. Still, if she is to win, she will have to start making choices that weigh survival against humanity and life against love.

This special edition audiobook includes a bonus track Q&A with Tatiana Maslany!


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  1. It will be interesting to hear the narrator for The Hunger Games! The last narrator made Katniss sound too old. It’s one of my all time favourite series and I was disappointed in the audio.
    Looking forward to listening to The Departing.

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