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Until Nothing Remains by C.A. RudolphUntil Nothing Remains by C.A. Rudolph
Narrated by Kevin Pierce

The United States has experienced its share of turmoil over the years. Although not particularly as war-torn or stricken with genocide and violent crime as other nations, over time, gun violence and terror attacks have become commonplace on American soil.

Never before has the United States been subjected to widespread coordinated terrorist attacks, devastating enough to bring the entire nation to its knees. Until now.

In this first volume of his Gun Play series, postapocalyptic author C.A. Rudolph will engage you with the tale of two families from wholly diverse walks of life: a husband and wife immersed in a clandestine existence of murder for hire, espionage, and intrigue, and a mainstream middle-class family of six.

Each will find themselves affected by an onslaught of terror attacks the likes of which the world has never seen. Each must learn to survive…or succumb.

A silent enemy lurks among them, and no one knows when they plan to strike. When they do, it will only be a matter of time Until Nothing Remains.

Implanted by Lauren C. TeffeauImplanted by Lauren C. Teffeau
Narrated by Lauren Ezzo
HighBridge, a division of Recorded Books

When college student Emery Driscoll is blackmailed into being a courier for a clandestine organization, she’s cut off from the neural implant community which binds the domed city of New Worth together. Her new employers exploit her rare condition which allows her to carry encoded data in her blood and train her to transport secrets throughout the troubled city.

New Worth is on the brink of Emergence – freedom from the dome – but not everyone wants to leave. Then a data drop goes bad, and Emery is caught between factions: those who want her blood, and those who just want her dead.

Agent G: Saboteur by C. T. PhippsAgent G: Saboteur by C. T. Phipps
Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
Amber Cove Publishing

From the best-selling author of the Supervillainy Saga comes the sequel to Agent G: Infiltrator.

Agent G has left the service of the International Refugee Society, the world’s biggest provider of murder for hire, in order to work for the US government. Unfortunately, they are sending him after his former employers, and they know him as well as he knows them.

The clock is ticking, though, until the Society’s remaining leadership starts eliminating their opponents and attempts to seize control of the presidency. A traitor is also providing them with all the information they need to survive until their puppet is in power.

Will G and his allies survive the purge?

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a cyborg spy.

AntiBio by Jake BibleAntiBio by Jake Bible
Narrated by Joel Richards
Tantor Audio

Antibiotics. They have failed. All that’s left are the Strains – bacteria so strong, they have brought the world to its knees. But humanity has fought on, carving out pockets of civilization in a wasteland known as the Sicklands, creating the super high-tech Clean Nation cities.

From the cities, GenSOF has been born – Genetic Special Forces Operations. An elite military branch of the government that enlists men and women with specific genetic anomalies that allow them to be hosts to bacteria that even the Strains cannot defeat. Under the watchful eye of Control, GenSOF protects the Clean Nation cities from the ever-encroaching Strains and the diseased inhabitants of the Sicklands.

But now, Control has other plans for GenSOF, and possibly the Clean Nation cities themselves, and it is up to the operators of GenSOF Zebra Squad, and their cloned Canine Units known as bug hounds, to find out what those plans are.

Or die trying.

The Mad Mick by Franklin HortonThe Mad Mick by Franklin Horton
Narrated by Kevin Pierce

Conor Maguire nearly lost his daughter Barb when she was three years old, injured by the drunk driver that killed his wife. When the justice system failed him, Conor – the son and grandson of IRA bombers – retaliated against the driver in dramatic and gruesome fashion. While an ironclad alibi prevented the police from pinning the murder on Conor, it did not prevent a covert agency within the US government from recruiting the talented young bomber and machinist.

For over 25 years, Conor designed and built custom weapons of death and destruction at his compound in the mountains of Virginia. Then a series of devastating terror attacks brought down the United States. Conor and Barb assumed they were safe in their secure compound. They had food and a water source. They were armed and highly-trained. Then Barb was kidnapped.

The kidnappers, needing slave labor for their farm, didn’t know why Conor was known as “The Mad Mick”. They didn’t know the fear and respect his name invoked in the shadowy world of covert operations. They didn’t know that when it came to protecting his family, he was without conscience, without compassion, and without equal.

But they would soon find out.

Red Moon by Kim Stanley RobinsonRed Moon by Kim Stanley Robinson
Narrated by Maxwell Hamilton, Joy Osmanski, Feodor Chin
Hachette Audio

Red Moon is a magnificent novel of space exploration and political revolution from New York Times best-selling author Kim Stanley Robinson.

It is 30 years from now, and we have colonized the moon.

American Fred Fredericks is making his first trip, his purpose to install a communications system for China’s Lunar Science Foundation. But hours after his arrival, he witnesses a murder and is forced into hiding.

It is also the first visit for celebrity travel reporter Ta Shu. He has contacts and influence, but he, too, will find the moon can be a perilous place for any traveler.

Finally, there is Chan Qi. She is the daughter of the minister of finance, and without doubt a person of interest to those in power. She is on the moon for reasons of her own, but when she attempts to return to China, in secret, the events that unfold will change everything – on the moon and on Earth.

For more from Kim Stanley Robinson, check out:

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Torment by W.J. LundyTorment by W.J. Lundy
Narrated by Andrew B. Wehrlen

From the author of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and the Invasion trilogy.

From the War on Terror, a world crippling bioweapon is released. The US scrambles teams of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control. America’s top field agents are tasked with collecting samples and developing a cure. In a national laboratory, scientists race against the clock searching for a cure. Borders are closed, martial law and soldiers deployed across the homeland.

Thus begins the greatest outbreak in the history of humankind; a disease so deadly it pushes humanity to the brink of extinction. Entire populations and regions of the US quickly wiped out, millions falling victim to the primal virus. In the wake of the fast-spreading pandemic, state and local governments, desperate for answers, rush to provide relief to the devastated and overwhelmed communities. Experts in biomedical research are desperately summoned to Atlanta and military facilities across the country.

On a cold morning, the men of India Company, Second Platoon, are alerted and rapid-deployed to Virginia. Their mission: to recover and escort experts in biomedicine, specifically in the development and production of vaccines. With faulty intelligence and half-truths, Second Platoon moves forward. What they find is worse than anyone could have predicted. What was a rescue mission turns into a struggle for their own survival.

Author’s note: Torment is a story I first began writing in 2014 shortly after WTF 5: Something to Fight For was completed. I wanted to tell the story of how things unfolded back in the States and have it be a stand-alone work from the rest of the series. Because of the popularity of the primary story line, I kept shelving Torment and driving on with the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot primary band of characters. But then came the Invasion trilogy, and then Donovan’s War. Torment fell further and further down the to-do list.

Eventually, I adapted some of the early chapters of Torment into a short story and released it with Amazon Publishing’s Kindle Worlds under the title Battle for Orchard Hill. That was a decision I immediately regretted because I knew then the story may never be completed. Then something happened, Kindle Worlds is gone, and with that, those chapters went back to the bench.

That motivated me to get back into the original manuscript and finish Torment, a story I always enjoyed and thought needed to be told. Torment is not a rewrite of the Kindle Worlds novella Battle for Orchard Hill. Torment is the original imagining and telling of that story the way I always intended it to be.

As always, thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoy.

The Fox by Frederick Forsyth
Narrated by David Rintoul
Penguin Audio

The number one New York Times best-selling master of international intrigue takes readers into the bleeding-edge world of technological espionage in a propulsive thriller that feels chillingly real.

Former chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service Adrian Weston is awoken in the middle of the night by a phone call from the prime minister. Her news is shocking: the Pentagon, the NSA, and the CIA have been hacked simultaneously, their seemingly impenetrable firewalls breached by an unknown enemy known only as “The Fox”. Even more surprisingly, the culprit is revealed to be a young British teenager, Luke Jennings. He has no agenda, no secrets, just a blisteringly brilliant mind. Extradition to the US seems likely – until Weston has another idea: If Luke can do this to us, what can he do to our enemies?

After conferring with both the American president and the prime minister, Weston is determined to use “The Fox” and his talents to the advantage of the two nations. But doing so places the boy on a geopolitical minefield. Adrian must stay one step ahead of multiple invisible enemies, all while finding a way to utilize the most powerful – and most unpredictable – weapon of all.

With his trademark research and deep knowledge of the rules and practices of international intrigue, Forsyth takes on tomorrow’s threats in this race-against-the-clock thriller.

The Tonkin Protocol: A Dan Roy Thriller by Mick BoseThe Tonkin Protocol: A Dan Roy Thriller by Mick Bose
Narrated by John McLain
Tantor Audio

In the steamy tropical jungles of Myanmar, Dan Roy will meet his match….

Dan has joined the backpacker trail in far South East Asia. He wants nothing but peace, and to relax. But trouble finds him soon enough. Kimberly Smith is a CIA agent. She is flown into Myanmar to help locate another CIA agent, missing in action.

When Dan saves Kim from an ambush, their fates become entwined. Ignoring the instant spark between them, Dan leaves her alone. But when Kim is attacked and abducted before his eyes, he defends her with all his might. They escape, but they are now pawns in a CIA operation that could bring the world’s two superpowers to a global conflict.

The stakes rise, and Kim and Dan run from one exotic location to another, chased by powerful forces bent on their destruction. Finally, they are forcibly separated, and Dan is left to die in the dense, remote jungles….

A terrifying secret is revealed inside the beautiful but rarely visited country of Myanmar. Its long border with China has always been under America’s watchful eyes. A covert operation, reaching up to the highest levels of power inside the CIA and Washington, is now in danger of being exposed. Dan Roy must lift himself up from his green grave and fight back in the only way he can. To save the world, and to get Kim back. She means more to him than his battle-hardened heart can understand. Once again, failure is not an option.

From Singapore to Langley, and Washington to Yangon, come ride with Dan Roy on an adrenaline-drenched, high octane, exotic adventure that will you leave you breathless and wanting more.

Reverse Transmission by Ben O’Brien, Param Anand Singh, Dani Montalvo, Alan Resnick
Audible Studios

Reverse Transmission is a darkly comedic story that combines elements of science fiction and dystopian thrillers, centering on a murder spree involving a self-driving car. Jay, a starving artist, gets the only day job she’s qualified for: “driver” of a self-driving car at the rideshare company Awooga. The job turns from hilariously awkward to intensely frightening when the car runs over a pedestrian and manipulates Jay into disposing the body.

Who or what is causing the car to kill? Could it be the CEO of Awooga? Has the car become sentient – and homicidal? Or is an anti-technology cult resisting artificial intelligence and augmented reality behind the violence?

Reverse Transmission was written by Param Anand Singh and directed by Ben O’Brien of Wham City Comedy, a collective known not only for their brilliant and unsettling sketches and performances but also for the “easter eggs” carefully placed within their works. Listeners will have as much fun unscrambling Reverse Transmission as fans did with some of their previous work.

Chapter 1: Dead Rider / When I’m in a Car
Chapter 2: Wild in the Streets
Chapter 3: Born Enemy
Chapter 4: Dream Baby Dream / Oscillations
Chapter 5: O Superman
Chapter 6: This Isn’t Heaven, This Sucks
Chapter 7: Stereo Sanctity / Got Soul, Need Body
Chapter 8: In C (Shanghai Film Orchestra)


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