So Darn Cute

5 out of 5 stars

This was an insanely cute story. I ended up finishing it in almost record time because I couldn’t put it down.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about Georgia Beers and I can see why now. This story was well written, insanely cute, and just the kind of story I needed to warm my heart.

One Walk In Winter tells the story of a hotel assistant manager and a spoiled brat – not really a brat, but a girl who used daddy’s money to enjoy herself for far too long. Hayley is cut off from her credit card by her father, the owner and CEO of Markham hotels and sent to basically hotel purgatory (or so he thinks).  One beautiful winter morning Hayley and Olivia collide and things will never be the same.

The story itself is full of lots of cute moments, a lot of “this can’t be happening” moments and “oh no, I can’t stop how I feel”. The two main characters Hayley and Olivia were both adorable and were both trying to fight it.

There were a few moments where drama insued but it was needed to make this story more believable. No one goes through no trouble to find the person of their dreams and the same was true about this story – though the moments weren’t too bad. The story ended in such a cute way I had happy tears rolling down my face as it ended. I really wanted to know what was going to happen and would gladly take a second book to look back into Hayley and Olivia’s life in a year or two.

Book Description:

Nothing’s ever been handed to Olivia Santini, and she’s proud of her work ethic. After seven years as the assistant manager of the Evergreen Resort and Spa, she has ideas to improve the bottom line and increase reservations. When her manager resigns, Olivia puts in her résumé and waits for the interview. The job is practically hers – all she needs is the paperwork.

Hayley Boyd Markham is the youngest Markham, the only girl, and the most spoiled. An artistic soul in a family of business-minded type, as she’s always felt like a bit of a screwup. After an embarrassing party situation, her father puts a hold on her allowance and gives her an ultimatum: Spend the winter as manager of the Evergreen Resort and Spa and show him it can turn a profit. Only then will he reconsider her future (and her inheritance).

A chance encounter in the woods is filled with chemistry and promise, and though neither Olivia nor Hayley is looking for love, they both feel the possibility. Until they get to work….

One Walk In Winter by Georgia Beers
Narrator: Lori Prince
Length: 9 hrs and 9 mins
Published by Bold Strokes Books on October 15th 2019
Genres: LesFic/Sapphic Fiction, LGBTQ+, Romance
Format: Audiobook
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