A New Twist on a Space Murder Mystery

4.5 out of 5 stars

One Way has been on my radar for some time – I ended up picking this book up to read (non-requested review) which I have very little time for anymore.  My wife and I started another book on a drive home from DC and we just couldn’t get into it.  We put One Way on and were instantly hooked.  Literally the first 3 minutes were more intriguing than the hour we had given another book.

Morden knows how to build both suspense and intrigue as he builds the world, the characters, and the mistrust throughout.  You follow one main character but are introduced to numerous others.  Frank is one of those characters that in the beginning you don’t know if he is going to be a good or a bad guy – and you’re told right away that he’s a convict.  You’re also told pretty early on why he’s a convict.  While I’m not a parent – I could completely understand the crime that Frank committed.

Once the Earth part of the story was over – this entire book read like the synopsis said.  It combines And Then There Was One and The Martian.  And it references and I think pays a little homage to The Martian a couple times (there was at least one scene where duct tape was mentioned.  I thought for sure one of them was going to mention Mark but they didn’t.  I kept thinking to myself that this could have honestly been the prequel to The Martian.  It was built in such a way that the convicts sounded like they were building the HAB that the characters in The Martian were going to live and work in.  While I understand that the science and technology needed to power a Martian base would be the same – it felt so similar.

So, that bodes well for fans of The Martian.  And if you like a good “whodunit” murder-mystery an are looking for something set in a new and unique environment you should check out One Way.

Overall, I thought that One Way was a well thought out and paced combination of a science fiction and murder mystery book.  It has elements that a lot of people would enjoy and will have me thinking about it when it comes time to vote for my best books of 2018.

Book Description:

Eight astronauts. One killer. No way home.

Andy Weir’s The Martian meets Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None in this edge-of-your-seat science fiction thriller about one man’s fight for survival on a planet where everyone’s a killer.

Frank Kittridge is serving life for murdering his son’s drug dealer, so when he’s offered a deal by Xenosystems Operations – the corporation that owns the prison – he takes it. He’s been selected to help build the first permanent base on Mars. Unfortunately, his crewmates are just as guilty of their crimes as he is.

As the convicts set to work on the frozen wastes of Mars, the accidents multiply.

Until Frank begins to suspect they might not be accidents at all . . .

Dr. S. J. Morden trained as a rocket scientist before becoming the author of razor-sharp, award-winning science fiction. Perfect for fans of Andy Weir’s The Martian and Richard Morgan, One Way takes off like a rocket, pulling us along on a terrifying, epic ride with only one way out.

One Way by S.J. Morden
Narrator: William Hope
Length: 12 hrs and 3 mins
Published by Hachette Audio on April 10th 2018
Genres: Mystery, Science Fiction
Pages: 358
Format: Audiobook
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