What would you do to protect someone you just met?

4 out of 5 stars

In Tankbread by Paul Mannering zombies are everywhere.  Or EVLO’s – extremely violent lucid organisms (or evols) as they are called in this book. They are kept at bay by being fed “Tankbread”. One man is hired to deliver something and ends up getting in way over his head into a world he didn’t even know existed.
The narration in this, done by Rupert Degas was good. His narration really helped this story. The slight Australian accent was a wonderful touch without being hard to understand. I genuinely believe that his narration helped me enjoy this book more.

Tankbread was one of those books that meandered seeming to go on without a plot (much like the characters in the book). Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the book. But I think that this could have used some more direction.

I like to check reviews out to see what others think of something, especially when I like it (when I absolutely love something I write my review, post it and then read other reviews). This one surprised me. Yes, the book is violent. Yes, it’s vulgar. No, it didn’t need to be – but to leave a bad review based solely on that is insulting to the author.

Now, with that said this book is extremely graphic. With both violence and sex (rape and consensual). There is vulgar language, and I actually found it as comic relief throughout this downer of a book.  Else was wonderful. Her usage of foul language never ceased to make me laugh.
Needless to say, this book was interesting. It was a new take on a zombie book. The zombies wet different. The story was different (if a bit random). I want to compare this to a movie but it will give away a pretty big part of the story (so I won’t).

With what I said earlier. If violence, sex, and extremely bad language isn’t your cup of tea – you probably won’t enjoy this. If you don’t mind these things it was a great read.

Though I personally own this book, the review was originally written and posted to AudiobookReviewer.  

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